In addition to Shopify order fulfillment service, Shipant also offers Amazon FBA and FBM service to help purchase and ship from China to Amazon FBA or overseas warehouse or clients directly.

Amazon FBA FBM service

Shipant Amazon FBA service include sourcing, purchasing, QC, repacking, Consolidate and shipping from China to Amazon FBA warehouse.

Sourcing/purchasing. If you have reliable suppliers in China we can help you order from supplier directly. If you need sourcing product supplier, we can help you source based on your requirements and budget;

QC. We can help you quality check the products to ensure they can be shipped in good condition, the flaw products will be returned for exchange;

Consolidate. If you have multiple suppliers from different areas in China, we can help you consolidate them together to save international shipping cost;

Shipping. Amazon FBA mainly ship via courier, air delivery and sea delivery. FBM mainly ship via small package line like 4PX or Yunexpress from China to clients directly.

Amazon FBA Addon service

A. Print Amazon label: Print the corresponding label of each product in accordance with Amazon FBA barcode content requirements;

B. Labeling: In accordance with Amazon FBA storage requirements, each product is labeled with a corresponding barcode;

C. According to the type and quantity requirements of Amazon FBA storage products, sorting and packing according to the box;

Goods restrictions:

  • Charged and magnetic goods, high-priced items, glasses, safety hammers/pure batteries, priced jewelry, mobile power supplies, mechanical watches, aluminum profiles, pure aluminum products, cosmetics, electronic cigarettes, toner cartridges, ink cartridges, vacuum packaging (compressed packages) goods, children All products (cushions, water guns, balloons, children’s swimming rings, children’s bowls, inflatable cushions, etc.), bamboo charcoal bags, pellet products, diamond paintings, lighters, hair dryers with unqualified plugs, table tennis, mosquito repellent products (Mosquito repellent, cat and dog repellent), air box, bath products (bath salt, human body contact), eyebrow tattoo pen, mole spot pen, electric blanket, flammable materials, solar panels, drug paraphernalia, liquid, powder , Food, etc., products that don’t come in contact with people’s mouth or eyes. Such as: spoons, pacifiers, toothbrushes, cups, appliances with substandard plugs will be rejected.


  • Single shipment Goods name quantities cannot exceed 5, else each will be charged extra fee;

Weight & volume restrictions(ai r and sea shipping have different volume weight standards):

  • Box weight cannot exceed 30kg and cannot less than 12kg; One shipment could ship multiple boxes;
  • box length+(width+height)*2<=260cm, there will be extra fee if the volume exceeded;
  • volume weight: courier volume length*width*height/5000; air & sea length*width*height/6000.


Amazon FBA minimum weight per shipment 30kg, Amazon FBM minimum orders 100 per month.

Shipping methods:

Amazon FBA: air, sea and courier, EU countries train;

Amazon FBM: ePacket, 4PX, Yunexpress and DHL, FedEx.

Delivery time:

Courier: 5 t0 8 days;

Air delivery: 10 to 15 days;

Sea delivery: 40 to 50 days;

Train delivery: 35 to 35 days.

You are welcome to inquire Shipant Amazon FBA&FBM service, when you inquire Amazon FBA service, please provide product name, photos, weight and volume as well as the shipping address, we will quote as soon as possible.