The biggest advantages of 4PX and Yunexpress are the shipping delivery time from China to EU countries and USA around 7 to 15 days(pandamic period might delay), they ship packages 2 to 6 times per week from China to different countries then deliver via local courier service, the shipping rates slightly higher than ePacket but more stable and faster. Thus 4PX and Yunexpress are the most popular way for dropshipping packages shipping from China.

Shipping countries

4PX and Yunexpress are available for small packages ship from China to the following countries:

North America: United States, Canada

Europe: United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Ireland, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania,  Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Austria, Denmark, Greece, Switzerland, Norway, Russia

Oceania:Australia, New Zealand

Africa: South Africa

South America: Brazil, Mexico

Middle East: UAE,  Bahrain, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Qatar, Saudi Arabia

South East: Singapore, Malaysia


  • Shipping weight: compare package weight and its volume weight and select the bigger one as shipping weight. volume weight=length*width*height/8000, some countries are 6000.
  • Shipping arrange: USA doesnt include remote areas such as Alaska and Hawaii, and overseas addresses such as Puerto Rico and Guam; APO/FPO military addresses; Europe countries with islands can’t deliver.
  • Package value: USA not exceed 600 usd, Canada not exceed 20 CAD, EU countries not exceed 22 EUR, UK and Australia charge tax for all packages, other countries not exceed 50 usd. Package might being charged tax from China to overseas based on different countries customs policy.
  • Product restrictions: general goods and builtin batteries goods only.  Foods, liquids, brands without authorization files, drugs, powder, flammable and explosive products will be rejected.
  • Package volume: min size no less than 10cm*10cm, longest side no longer than 60cm, length+width+height less than 90cm.
  • Package weight: 0.05kg to 5kg, better under 2kg.
  • Return and redelivery service: all packages ship from China cannot be returned back, they will be destroyed if delivery failed after 15 days. USA and EU countries Redelivery charge starts from 50 yuan/shipment, the higher weight the higher redelivery fee, shipping address cannot being modified after the package shipped from China. Thus we suggest all the orders shipped via 4PX Yunexpress need phone number to reduce redelivery.
  • Compensation: package lost during international shipping will compensate 100 yuan+ shipping fee.

4PX Yunexpress shipping rates

The international shipping rates changed frequently due to the airline quantities restriction especially the hotsale season from September to December each year, we update the shipping rates on monthly basis for you as a reference, please inquire ShipAnt if you need real time shipping rates.

Sensitive goods shipping rates

Country delivery time Weight Shipping fee Yuan/KG register fee Yuan/shipment
United States 7-12 working days 0<W≤2KG(Minimum 50g) 110 20
2<W≤5KG 95 15
United Kingdom 6-8 working days 0<W≤5KG 65 20
France 8-10 working days 0<W≤2KG 75 20
2<W≤5KG 65 20
Germany 8-12 working days 0<W≤5KG 66 22
Italy 6-10 working days 0<W≤5KG 65 25
Spain 6-12 working days 0<W≤3KG 60 20
Netherlands 8-12 working days 0<W≤2KG 85 24
2<W≤5KG 80 24
Belgium 8-12 working days 0<W≤5KG 80 25
Luxembourg 8-15 working days 0<W≤2KG 80 25
Ireland 8-15 working days 0<W≤5KG 85 28
Bulgaria 8-15 working days 0<W≤5KG 80 20
Hungary 8-12 working days 0<W≤2KG 80 24
Poland 8-12 working days 0<W≤5KG 60 18
Portugal 8-15 working days 0<W≤5KG 70 22
Sweden 8-12 working days 0<W≤5KG 88 22
Austria 8-12 working days 0<W≤5KG 65 25
Australia 8-12 working days 0<W≤5KG 80 28
Canada 10-20 working days 0<W≤2KG 120 30
2<W≤5KG 110 30
Greece 8-15 working days 0<W≤5KG 78 20
South Africa 8-12 working days 0<W≤2KG 150 30
Norway 10-12 working days 0<W≤5KG 116 22
Mexico 10-15 working days 0<W≤5KG 98 25
Croatia 10-15 working days 0<W≤5KG 85 30
Czech Republic 10-15 working days 0<W≤5KG 80 24
Estonia 10-15 working days 0<W≤5KG 90 30
Finland 10-15 working days 0<W≤5KG 100 35
Latvia 10-15 working days 0<W≤5KG 95 30
Lithuania 10-15 working days 0<W≤5KG 100 25
Malta 10-15 working days 0<W≤5KG 120 30
Romania 10-15 working days 0<W≤5KG 85 22
Slovakia 10-15 working days 0<W≤5KG 80 24
Slovenia 10-15 working days 0<W≤5KG 95 30
Brazil 10-15 working days 0<W≤5KG 105 50
Viatnam 6-8 working days 0<W≤5KG 35 12
Philipines 5-10 working days 0<W≤5KG 85 28
Chile 10-17 working days 0<W≤0.5KG 130 30
0.5<W≤5KG 130 35
Columbia 11-19 working days 0<W≤5KG 150 45
Israel 6-10 working days 0<W≤5KG 85 25
Cyprus 0<W≤5KG 105 32

Sensitive goods refers to builtin batteries, cosmetics, liquids(under 100ml), chips etc. under 2kg weight and volume. If exceed 2kg you may inquire HK DHL, FedEx shipping rates or divide into small packages under 2kg. If you are unsure about the products are sensitive or not, please send us the product photo or link to confirm with ShipAnt.

For packages shipping from China to EU countries you may need to provide IOSS code, if you cannot provide IOSS number and still need to ship to EU clients you may need to apply ShipAnt prepaid tax service which is 30% of the declared value of the packages (include VAT and handling fee, we usually declare under 20 usd). You can check EU countries VAT rates for more details.