FedEx DHL UPS is very good supplement paid shipping for those clients who need fast shipping delivery service, 3 to 5 days worldwide delivery for general goods, ship directly from Guangzhou and Shenzhen to worldwide countries. Sensitive goods like battery goods, PPE goods etc. will need to ship from HongKong which takes usually 7 to 10 days.

Shipping countries districts:

worldwide countries and districts.


  • General goods only ship from China mainland; Sensitive goods ship from HongKong;
  • Shipping weight: calculate both package weight and volume weight and select the bigger one as the shipping weight. Volume weight=length*width*height/5000;
  • Package weight under 20.5kg will be charged per 0.5kg, above 20.5kg will be charged per 1kg;
  • Volume weight restriction: package longest side cannot exceed 150cm, length+(width+height)*2<=330cm; single package weight cannot exceed 32kg, total package weight cannot exceed 1000kg per shipment;
  • Personal address will charge 30 yuan/shipment fee extra; remote area fee will be 5 yuan/kg, minimum 240 yuan per shipment; change delivery address charges 120 yuan extra;
  • over weight over length package need to inquiry ShipAnt customer service;
  • Prepaid tax will charge 200 yuan service fee and 25% of goods value, then we will notice the actual tax after delivered;
  • Package value exceed 5000 yuan need to declare officially;
  • Package lost compenstation: Max 100 usd+ shipping fee;

Shipping rates:

Please inquire ShipAnt for the latest DHL FedEx UPS shipping rates with product name, weight, volume and shipping countries.