Private label and branding have lots of advantages for dropshipping business, it helps gradually increase user loyalty, reduce competition and maximize profits.

However, Mostly 1688 Aliexpress dropshipping suppliers do not willing to private private label and branding for dropshipping business without big sales volume. ShipAnt private label service is more flexible to help dropshipper label and brand products shipping from China.

The private label branding material includes:

  • Clothing label
  • Paper tags wash tags
  • Pin and lanyard
  • Poly bag
  • Bubble foam bag
  • Carton box cardboard box

Of course those material have higher moq and extra costs. For beginners ShipAnt alsos offer cheaper branding solutions:

  • Sticker
  • Thanks card coupon card
  • Thanks letter envelope

When you plan to apply private label branding service, you will need to provide design file with material, size information so ShipAnt could quote based on your requirements.