The tax free air sea train delivery mainly for wholesalers who need ship from China to EU and USA warehouse. Starts from 50kg, the product name categories better within 5. Double customs clearance, door to door delivery and tax free.

Shipping countries:

Train ship from China to EU countries, air ship from China to EU countris, North America and Australia, Sea shipping from China to North Amercia, Australia.


  • None FBA address or busniess address will be charged additional delivery fee; Remote area will be charged additional fee;
  • 1 shipment atmostly 5 product names, will be charged extra product names fees if exceeds 5;
  • sea shipping package weight do not exceed 22kg and do not less than 12kg; air and train shipping package weight do not exceed 30kg;
  • Volume weight length<120cm, width<75cm, length+(width+height)>330cm will be charged extra large volume fee;
  • Beauty equipment, glasses, ski goggles, magnifying glass, microscope, (need magnetic inspection, commodity inspection, FDA declaration, super product name, etc.) color pens (ballpoint pens, pencils rejected), paper products, some wood-containing crafts (log products rejected), Children’s toys, jewelry (except children’s imitation jewelry), VR glasses, kitchen supplies, silicone molds, alcohol-based cotton products. (Tax rate above 25%) Textiles, leather products, shoes, bags, hats, belts, wigs, card holders, computer protective cases, mobile phone cases, chargers, data cables, mice, keyboards, set-top boxes, keychains, barbecue tools , Hooks, cables, tripods, projectors, cameras, floor lamps, LED lights, can openers, bathroom hangers, clothes storage boxes, plastic boxes, silicone placemats, hole punches, notebooks, plastic decorations, head covers, cushions charges extra fee;
  • Medical supplies that require FDA certification (such as blood pressure monitors, stethoscopes, dental scales, body fat meters, adult products, etc.); products with high tax rates (additional tax), (tax rates 15%-24.99%) ceramic crafts, sanitary ware, photo frames , Picture frames, mirror frames, wallpapers and similar products, paper products, walking sticks, whips, artificial flowers and leaves, artificial eyebrows, watch glass and lenses, iron products, steel nails, knife products (regulated knives are rejected), locks, files Cabinets, file boxes, staplers, hair dryers, hair curlers, electric irons, solid state storage hard drives, tapes, records, monitors, radio sets, motor vehicle parts, stationery, toiletry and cosmetics, fishing supplies, wind instruments, spectacle frames, glass tube charges extra fee;

Although the air sea train tax free delivery from China are cheaper than courier, it has more strict requirements on products, volume and weight, you are welcome to inquire ShipAnt the lates air sea train shipping rates with product name, weight, volume, shipping countries and post code as well as your requirements in details.