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Can you import product from 1688 Taobao to Shopify Etsy2023-06-19T07:09:56+00:00

There are many dropshippers want to dropship from 1688 Taobao instead of Aliexpress, however, it takes time to import product info and description from 1688 taobao to Shopify Etsy directly, thus there are many inquiries asked how to import products from 1688 Taobao to Shopify Etsy, can you offer 1688 Taobao API to export the goods info, how to import products info from 1688 taobao automatially etc.

The answer is no, since the import app plugin on Shopify app store are registered in different countries, which Ali group will definitely not authorize the API info due to the security concern, however, is there another other ways? Acutally mostly Shopify dropshippers select products and import products info from Alibaba Aliexpress via Oberlo, Importify and other apps then source on 1688 Taobao, it is more easier and time saving to import product info.

Do you have tracking number for each order? How to track them?2023-02-18T01:26:56+00:00

All of the packages fulfilled by ShipAnt have tracking numbers as all the packages shipping from China via register mail service, the package can be tracked after it left from ShipAnt warehouse. There are usually 2 ways to track the package.

The first one is courier official website. For example, if we help you fulfill orders from China to USA via YTexpress, the tracking number will be synced to your Shopify store right after we fulfilled, you can track the package on YTexpress website;

The second one is tracking website. You can also track via the global tracking websites like 17track, trackingmore, aftership etc.

The whole forwarding process can be tracked, if tracking havent update for long time you can contact ShipAnt to help you confirm.

Can you dropship from China to EU USA within 7 days2023-02-17T09:29:14+00:00

Can you dropship from China to EU USA in 5 to 7 days? The answer is yes but the cost might be high. 5  to 7 days delivery are usually shipped by courier service like dhl, fedex or ups which usually used for high value goods dropshipping, small package line is also possible for some packages deliver within 5 to 7 days, based on our statistics, 5 to 7 days delivery packages only around 10%.

Let’s take packages shipping from China to USA for example. The whole dropshipping procedure include: 2 to 4 days from supplier to ShipAnt warehouse since dropshipping usually no stock inventory, 1 to 2 days processing, 1 to 2 days forwarding to airport, 1 to 3 days flight to USA airport and clean customs and send to forwarding warehouse, 2 to 4 days shipping from warehouse to clients via usps. Thus the packages usually take 7 to 15 days shipping from China to USA, average delivery time is 10 days, and 12 days in the hotsale season.

How to dropship from China to EU USA within 7 days?

With standard small package line it isnt possible for all packages deliver within 7 days, but there are 3 tips for you to reduce shipping delivery time.

  1. Choose prior small package line. Compare to 7 to 15 days standard small package line, the prior shipping line is more stable and faster, but it also cost higher, if the clients willing to pay for prior shipping, it could be a good choice for packages shipping from China to USA and EU, compared to courier service it is cheaper;
  2. Stock best seller products. If you have stable sales in your store, you can stock the most popular products in Chinese dropshipping agent warehouse, it could help you save both product and shipping delivery time;
  3. Select EU USA supplier who have stock inventory. If you need 5 to 7 days delivery time, the best choice is to select supplier in EU USA or Chinese supplier who has invenotory in EU USA warehouse, but the price might be much higher than China.
Can you dropship kichen knife from China?2022-09-26T07:15:49+00:00

Yes ShipAnt could help you dropship kichen knife  from China to USA and EU countries. However, the kichen knife belongs to sensitive goods which is hard to pass the air security check via the X-ray machine.

In order to improve the sucessful shipping rates, if you dropship kichen knives from China we are highly suggest the blade less than 15cm, the whole knife length less than 25cm. Meanwhile, we suggest the packaging box has kichen knife and manual inside. Which is more easier to pass the security check.

If you need to bulk ship kichen knife from China to USA or EU countries via sea or air, it is also possible with the above restrictions. You are welcome to inquire ShipAnt if you need to ship kichen knife from China with the blade length, knife length, packaging photo, weight, volume and shipping destination country.

Can you ship over weight volume cargo from China2022-09-19T03:28:56+00:00

The answer is yes but the shipping cost of the over weight volume cargo is definitely higher than normal one. Firstly let’s take a look what kind of cargo can be defined as over weight volume cargo, different courier has different restrictions on goods weight and volume.

For courier service like UPS, DHL and FedEx, they usually difine single package weight exceed 69kg and largest length exceed 120cm as over weight volume package, in addition, length+2*(width+height)<=330cm. The max volume length cannot exceed 200cm, Max weight usually cannot exceed 1000kg.

The courier usually charge extra fees for the oversize volume weight cargo, starts from 150 usd.

For sea shipping, the standard shipping weigth usually not exceed 22kg per box. The over weight volume cargo usually cost at least 1.5 times as general goods shipping rates and they usually deliver via truck, the longer land shipping distance the higher cost. For example, you need to ship a 140cm*100cm*90cm and weight 100kg fitness equipment from China to East USA. While mostly sea shipping line from China to USA in the west coast line like LA, the shipping cost from west to east will be extremely high with extreme delivery cost.

How to ship over weight volume cargo from China?

If you want to ship over weight volume cargo from China, firstly you will need to confirm the weight volume size with Chinese supplier, then inquire the chinese shipping forwarder with goods name, weight, volume, shipping country, post code, delivery time requirements etc. Then the Chinese shipping agent will quote the best way ship the over weight volume cargo from China.

You are welcome to inquire ShipAnt if you need ship over weight volume cargo from China.

Can you ship kitchen knives from China to EU USA2022-08-20T02:26:27+00:00

Yes we can help you dropship or bulky ship kitchen knives from China to EU USA via air and sea. However, there are certain restrictions on the kitchen knives. Firstly the blade length should not exceed 17cm, totally blade and handle length better not exceed 30cm; Secondly, there should be kitchen knives instruction inside; Thirdly, each kitchen knife should have a solid carton box packaging pack well incase it hurt people during shipping.

If you want to inquire kitchen knife dropshipping from China to EU USA, you will need to prepare the knife photos, packaging, weight, volume as well as destination countries so that we can quote more accurate. If you dropship kitchen knives from China to EU, we also have some small package lines available and we can provide IOSS for VAT, you just need to pay some IOSS commissions.

If you need ship kichen knives in bulk from China to EU USA, we will also need the information listed in dropshipping, then we can quote the air delivery and sea delivery shipping rates, door to door delivery, double customs clearance and tax free.

You are welcome to inquire ShipAnt if you have kitchen knives shipping from China to EU USA.

Dropshipping worldwide or EU USA only?2022-05-10T01:03:18+00:00

There are many dropshippers worried about dropshipping scope, dropshipping worldwide or dropshipping to EU USA and other developed countries only? Which is more profitable? It is a tough question as different dropshipper has different advantages and disadvantages on dropshipping scope.

Firstly, different countries have different consumer habits, especially the religious belief countries, if you target worldwide dropshipping, you may only choose the general consumer goods on daily life;

Secondly, compares to west countries, the rest of world online shopping isnt that developed, the product unit price usually lower and payment ways are different;

Thirdly, shipping delivery way to africa, south Asia,  island countries, South America countries are expensive and restricted. Compared to west countries high competitive shipping courier, the rest countries shipping delivery are very expensive and very few choice, which means the user experience wont be good enough and aftersale might also higher;

Fourthly, dropshipping worldwide or EU USA only depends on the dropshipping team, if you only a soho dropshipper then you may not have enough energy to do marketing research, make different ads sets etc. In this case, focus on west countries are better choice.

In short, dropshipping worldwide or EU USA only isnt a simply thoughts, dropshipping worldwide doesnt mean it is more profitable than dropshipping to EU USA countries, middle east, south america or other districts in the world. As a dropshipper you need to do your own research on different districts in the world then make more specific plan, then you have more chance to make profits.

Dropshipping or wholesale which is more profitable?2022-05-07T03:09:22+00:00

That’s a frequently asked questions by many ecommerce sellers. Dropshipping or wholesale which is better? Each seller has their own advantages and disadvantages on dropshipping and wholesale mode, we can see the difference between them then make the right choice.

Firstly, dropshipper no need to have stock inventory, but as a wholesaler you usually need to have products stock, it means there should be relatively big capital invested on the products stock, the more product skus and quantities the more money required;

Secondly, the dropshipping products usually have higher profit margin but less sales quantities for retail, wholesale are on the opposite, it usually have lower profits with bulky sales quantities;

Thirdly, dropshipping usually need focus on marketing, the more professional the higher sales and profits, while wholesale need focus on product cost and distribution network; The cheaper cost with higher quality the bigger distribution network and bigger sales and profits;

Fourthly, dropshipping is online retail mode which usually being seen as B2C or C2C, while wholesale is usually being seen as B2B mode, they mainly sell to dropshipper or companies which bigger order quantities than personal.

Thus it is hard to say dropshipping is more profitable than wholesale or wholesale has bigger profits than dropshipping, it is totally depending on your advantages whether suitable for dropshipping or wholesale. If you are good at social marketing you may have high profits easily, if you good at supplychain quality and cost control you may have higher profits on wholesale.

Can you dropship from 1688 to international end-users?2022-04-07T06:42:37+00:00

Yes we mainly help ecoommerce sellers dropship from 1688 to worldwide countries. Since 1688 is in Chinese and mainly ship in China, ShipAnt offers all in one dropshipping order fulfillment service include sourcing, pay, QC, repacking, inventory warehousing, pick pack, shipping and aftersale.

You can check 1688 dropshipping procedure step buy step and let us know if you have any questions.

Can you ship faster than Aliexpress shipping?2022-04-02T07:02:08+00:00

Yeah of course we offer standard small package lines from China to USA and EU as well as other 50 countries in 7 to 15 days which is more faster and stable than Aliexpress shipping, however, it is also more expensive compared to Aliexpress standard shipping or free shipping, the priorior 5 to 10 days shipping is even more expensive. It might not suitable for cheap goods less than $15 as the shipping cost cut most of the profits margin for the dropshipping business.

When you dropship from China via Shopify, eBay, Etsy or other platform, low price products doesnt suitable to choose fast delivery service as people will not pay higher shipping fee than the goods cost just like the products cost you saw on Wish, they are usually light weight and small volume. You can sell low price goods as traffic goods to increase ads click and conversion rates but you need to sell high price goods for profits.

When you apply 7 to 15 days delivery service from China to EU and USA, you can use it as a paid shipping service if the product price too low(less than $20) or free shipping service when your average order value above $80 to $100. No matter which way you chose, you need to calculate the total cost and profit margin before release the shipping service.

What if you need 5 to 10 days shipping service from China to USA EU?

If you need ship fast from China, you may need to buy stock from Chinese supplier, then stock in China 3PL warehouse, the dropshipping agent help you fulfill orders from China right after clients paid. In this way you can provide faster shipping service than Aliexpress. If you need 3 to 5 delivery service, you may need to have stable sales and think about Amazon FBA or warehouse in EU and USA, that’s totally different ecommerce mode than dropshipping.

How to source quality goods at cheap price?2022-04-01T07:13:48+00:00

Frankly speaking it is totally paradoxical question as quality and cost are proportional, the higher quality the higher cost, the cheaper price the lower quality. When you sourcing goods for dropshipping, you need to find the right positioning goods for target people.

Thus when you need to source quality goods for dropshipping, the first goal is always the goods with quality material, workmanship and design, then filter the quality goods supplier with relatively cheap price, once you have good sales of the product, then you can bulk wholesale the goods for cheaper price from supplier.

How to source quality goods at cheaper price?

The process usually can be divided into 3 steps. Firstly the dropshipping agent help you source quality goods match the user requirements, then filter 1 to 2 best one between 3 to 5 suppliers with closer price with the same design, material and workmanship. Once the product became hot sale, you can start to wholesale based on your daily sales at cheaper cost, during the process you can reduce at least 15% to 30% cost which will become the profits.

The whole procedure might take upto 1 to 2 months, but the rule is for dropshipping is always quality first then price, lots of dropshippers keen on cheap price goods for high ROI conversion rates, in the end it caused high return rates which doesnt worth the loss for dropshipping.

Can you help you dropship from Aliexpress?2022-03-31T06:49:40+00:00

Technically Aliexpress platform doesnt support shipping in China(except Hongkong and Taiwan).   Once you ordered on Aliexpress the domestic courier tracking number cannot being recognized by Aliexpress. Once there has dispute the Aliexpress platform will force sellers to compensate money.

How to dropship from Aliexpress via chinese agent service?

There are usually 3 ways to dropship via Aliexpress agent.

The first way is to contact the Aliexpress sellers to pay them offline to ship to Chinese shipping agent warehouse, then there’s no tracking required to Aliexpress, but it isnt secure sometimes if the goods have flaws or need to return refund due to other reasons;

The second way is ask the Aliexpress sellers to pay online, and update tracking number from the Chinese shipping agent later. You may need to convince the Aliexpress seller to pay online while ship offline;

The third way is to find dropshipping agent like ShipAnt to help you dropship from Aliexpress alternatives like 1688 Taobao with the same goods(usually have cheaper product price) and fulfill orders to clients directly.

There are many startups dropship from Aliexpress while they want to provide better user experience by provide faster delivery service, quality goods, consolidate multiple items from multiple vendors into one package, or remove supplier ads info and repack, custom label packaging to ship to clients. In this case, the Aliexpress agent is necessary. The first and second way need to cooperate with Aliexpress sellers to dropship from China, if you only have few orders per day, the operation process arent take too much time, else it is a little complicated. Thus mostly dropshippers more likely to dropship from Aliexpress alternative like 1688 Taobao at cheaper cost and faster delivery.

How to dropship from Taobao?2022-03-26T08:46:34+00:00

If you have a Visa or Mastercard activated Alipay successfully you can dropship from taobao directly. The following are the procedures to dropship from Taobao:

1> Register Alipay and activate account via Visa or Mastercard. The register process you can google Alipay register tutorial, if you have phone which could receive verification code it would be more easiler;

2>Source Taobao supplier and import products from Taobao to your store. The biggest problem is you have to do this step manually versus import from Aliexpress via Oberlo;

3>Buy from Taobao. Once you have order you can place order on Taobao and use the clients address info to receive the goods.

From the above steps you can dropship from Taobao yourself if you know Both Chinese and Taobao well. However, for most sellers dropship from Taobao is time and money consuming as there are many issues affected the dropshipping business.

1> No matter you choose Taobao official shipping and Taobao agent shipping they can only ship via courier service which is expensive compared to Aliexpress shipping;

2>Low efficiency. There are many manual works as you cannot get Taobao API to automate orders, you need to input the clients address info one by one and need to declare yourself, that’s very time consuming and easily make mistake;

3>Hard to manage multiple suppliers. Same with Aliexpress, you need to apply consolidation shipping service to pack multiple items from multiple taobao suppliers into one package to ship to clients;

4> Bad user experience. Mostly taobao sellers put coupon code, ad flyer in the package ask for positive reviews, it will affect your dropshipping business.

5> Aftersale. Taobao only offer 7 days return and exchange policy while it takes far more than 7 days for goods ship from China and clients ship back to China.

How to dropship from Taobao more easier?

ShipAnt offers all in one Taobao dropshipping serviceto help ecommerce sellers dropship from Taobao to USA and EU countries. Let’s take Shopify for example, you can take a look ShipAnt Taobao dropshipping procedure as below:


With ShipAnt dropshipping service, it is totally hassle free and money saving, you are welcome to inquire if you have any questions dropship from Taobao.


What’s the cheapest way ship from China to USA EU?2022-03-11T02:33:53+00:00

It is a paradoxical question frequently asked by the dropshippers. The faster shipping the higher shipping rates is the common sense on international shipping, but the real purpost for dropshipper is to find a balance between the shipping cost and delivery time for small packages shipping from China to USA and EU countries.

What’s the cheapest way ship from China to USA EU?

If you dropship from Aliexpress for a while you will know the basic delivery time requirements. It mainly related to the product price. For low value products under $15, the delivery time usually between 20 to 45 days as dropshipper prefer more on Aliexpress free shipping; For goods value from $15 to $40, dropshipper usually prefer the goods deliver under 20 days; For goods value above $50 dropshipper prefer delivery time under 7 days. In short, the higher products value the higher delivery time requirements.

The shipping rates mainly related to goods category, weight, volume and delivery time, but it also affected by politics and environments. For example, Why the package ship from China to USA so expensive than before? It is mainly because of the politics and pendemic, more and more requirements shipping from China to USA while less freight airlines than before, and the goods stuck in the local USA port due to less staff work on there under the pendemic, the shipping price will increase.

How to find the cheapest way ship from China to USA and EU?

There are s few tips for you:

1> Find balance between the delivery time and profit margin. As we talked above, the higher goods value the higher profit margin, also the higher delivery time requirements, you need to find a balance between them;

2>Find courier service doesnt charge volume or charge less volume weight. Currently nearly all the courier charge based on volume weight, but few doesnt charge volume if the volume size meet their volume restriction, and some couriers charge less volume, which is the volume formula divide by 8000 instead of 6000 or 5000; If you dropship volume weight higher than actual weight goods from China, it is a very important rule;

3> Offer paid fast delivery. If you want to provide better user experience by faster delivery service while do not want cut profits, you can provide paid DHL FEDEX or UPS delivery, but the goods value on your store should be high. People wont willing to pay $30 delivery for a $10 rings;

4>Stock best seller goods. If you have best seller goods with regular 5 to 10 pcs sales per day, you can bulk wholesale at lower price and stock at dropshipping agent warehouse, in this case you can have higher profits than dropshipping while the delivery time is faster.

5>Spent more time on light weight volume goods research with high price. The shipping rates closely related to the goods weight and volume, the more light weight goods the cheaper shipping rates, meanwhile it has higher profit margin.

Only you know your dropshipping profits and shipping requirements better you know how to find the best way ship from China to USA EU.


Can I get compensate if the products broken during shipping2021-08-20T06:06:31+00:00

According the international courier rule, if the outside packaging box isnt broken, the broken goods inside cannot get compensation. ShipAnt warehouse provide multiple packaging material such as bubble column, foam and carton box to strengthen and damping protect the goods during international shipping. However, the package is totally out of control during shipping.

To provide better experience for dropshippers who sell glasses, vase, home decor, lamp, toys as well as other fragile goods shipping from China, ShipAnt charge $0.5 per order(under 2kg) to insure the fragile goods broken during shipping, which means ShipAnt will pay for the total cost of the reshipping goods even courier do not compensate.

If you are dropship fragile goods from China to EU or USA, you can contact ShipAnt sales with your requirements in details, once we make an agreement on the fragile goods dropshipping service, we will take full responsibilities and compensate if the goods broken during shipping.

Can we sign contract to apply ShipAnt order fulfillment service2021-08-19T06:50:52+00:00

Yes of course we can sign dropshipping service contract, before that you can take a look at ShipAnt Terms of Service,then you can add the terms of your concerns such as product qualities, aftersale service and standard etc., after we modified the terms and agreed by both of us, we can print and sign the contract before we start to fulfill orders in your store.

How to track my order status on ShipAnt2021-08-17T01:24:33+00:00

Do I need to register on ShipAnt to track my order status? No, you do not forced to register on ShipAnt. Once you applied ShipAnt order fulfillment service, we will need to integrate your store with our ERP system to update the order information so that the warehouse could start to fulfill orders after you paid money.

You can take a look ShipAnt dorpshipping service and procedure via www.shipant.com/service. The warehouse fulfill orders step by step follow the dropshipping service listed in ShipAnt. However, due to ShipAnt ERP system is developed in Chinese and the operation is complicated, thus it isnt so convenient to track each order status and make note by dropshippers.

How to track my order status on ShipAnt?  Once we established the order fulfillment partnership, we will create wechat group and skype group for each client store and invite warehouse people and clients, customer service, partners and VA etc. join the group together to follow the daily order status and respond fasterly.

Of course, if you know some Chinese and plan to stock inventory in ShipAnt warehouse, we can also invite you and open a warehouse account for you to check the order status for items quantities purchased, received and on the way, shipped, await shipping etc.


How much you charge for product photo video service2021-08-17T00:57:48+00:00

ShipAnt is testing the product photo video service for few clients who need to take photos for products currently, for example, clothing, jewelries, toys, electronics, home decor, pet supplies, bags, shoes etc. We can help you make unique product photos in high quality to meet your requirements. As for product videos, currently we cannot offer this service as it takes longer time to communicate the idea too shoot videos, edit and dubbing to make the video more attractive. If you need take product videos we suggest you looking for more professional video shooting studios or we can help you ask the supplier if they have high quality product videos for you to advertise.

How much we charge for product photo service? The price isnt fixed due to the photo shooting requirements, but if you need product photo service you will need to provide us photo sample, your requirements in details. Due to the time concern, we only offer one modification after providing the product photos, thus please be sure to explain your photo shooting ideas the more detail the better.

Can you help me consolidate ship orders from multiple suppliers in China2021-07-19T12:59:05+00:00

Yes of course, ShipAnt offers consolidate shipping service to help you dropship and wholesale from multiple suppliers in China. If you dropship from China, our pick pack service will pick up each items in the order to consolidate into one package, if you wholesale from China 1688, our consolidate service will help you conbine multiple items from different Chinese suppliers into one or multiple packages with one shipment to save shipping cost.

How to ship from China to EU countries without IOSS2021-07-19T08:13:34+00:00

All the packages under 150 EUR ship to EU countries need to pay VAT tax after the new regulations became effective on July 1st, 2021. For eCommerce sellers who target EU market will need to apply for an IOSS code to pay the VAT when packages ship to EU countries. However, for startups apply an IOSS cost more than 1000 usd, how to ship from China to EU countries without IOSS?

ShipAnt could help you prepay the VAT in advance to save the package shipping delivery time from China to EU, since different EU countries have different VAT rates, and the VAT prepaid service charges 5 to 15 EUR per package for the DDU shipping delivery terms, ShipAnt charges 5% commission to how you ship from China to EU countries without IOSS.

How to dropship from China to EU if I havent registered IOSS2021-06-24T02:45:21+00:00

The EU countries new VAT rules will applied on 1st July, 2021. In short there’s no free tax anymore for all the ecommerce small packages ship to EU. Thus lots of sellers target EU market registered VAT or set up companies to sell in EU,sellers outside EU countries also could register IOSS to pay VAT.

What if I havent registered IOSS can I still dropship from China to EU? Yes of course, ShipAnt just help you ship the same way from China to UK as its new VAT rule released earlier, we can help you prepay the VAT and account into shipping cost, the custom tax + vat fee might be around 20% to 30% of the declared value, in this way the delivery time slightly slower than the package has IOSS as the EU customs takes longer time to proceed at the beginning.

Based on your dropshipping period, if you just start with less than 10 orders per day in EU countries you can skip the IOSS at the beginning, if you already running sucessful dropshipping business and have bigger business plan we suggest you register IOSS to save cost and provide better user experience.

How to dropship liquids and batteries product from China2021-06-07T06:34:05+00:00

Can you help me dropship liquids products like cosmetics, gem, cream, facial masks and electronics that contains builtin batteries from China to overseas? Yes we can, but currently we can only dropship liquids products less than 50ml and builtin batteries product less than 10,000mah.

The liquids and batteries products have potential risks to threat the fly securities, thus they are very sensitive products, if you need to dropship cosmetics products from China, you may need to confirm with the supplier about the liquids volume and then check which ways as well as delivery time for dropshipping. You are welcome to send inquiries with product photos in details.

What are the Shipant order fulfillment procedure dropshipping from 1688 Taobao2021-04-24T07:07:22+00:00

The order fulfillment procedure dropshipping from 1688 Taobao is a little complicated and can be divided into 16 steps which include store integration, update orders, sourcing purchasing, Arrive Shipant warehouse, QC, repacking, custom label packaging, barcode, update inventory& warehousing, filter complete orders, print shipping label, update tracking to store, pick up from warehouse, confirm orders, pack, shipping from China, update bill and aftersale.

You can check 1688 Taobao dropshipping procedure in Shipant service page in details and let us know if you have any questions.

What’s the ePacket shipping delivery time in 20212021-04-22T06:42:50+00:00

Currently ePacket shipping delivery time slightly faster than 2020 pandemic period, but the shipping rates increased a lot in 2021, the delivery time still take 15 to 40 days shipping from China to EU and USA. Compared to 4PX Yunexpress it isnt that stable while the shipping cost isnt competitive.

However, ePacket doesnt calculate volume if the products volume doesnt exceed its volume restriction, and the failed delivery will be returned to our warehouse for free. You can compare small package line and ePacket to select the right one dropship from China.

What jobs involved in Shipant quality inspection2021-04-22T06:20:12+00:00

There are mainly 3 jobs included in QC. The first one is that ShipAnt warehouse will check the flaws and brokens of the products received one by one and pick out the color difference, size difference,  flaws, stains as well as broken products for return and exchange; The second one is to remove the supplier packaging, tag, label according to dropshipper requirements; the third one is repack.

Does Shipant QC 100% pick out the flaw products? It is very hard especially the clothing has lots of aspects and standards, we can only help you reduce the aftersale rates caused by product flaws but we cannot 100% remove them. But if dropshipper provide us a standard clothing QC standard we can help you maximum pick up the flaw goods.

In addition, QC doesnt mean functional test, it is just a visual check. If you dropship electronics from China, then you may need functional test, for example, test the air pod sounds etc.

Why should I choose ShipAnt dropshipping agent service2021-04-22T04:00:03+00:00

Based on ShipAnt dropshipping experience in the past years, now we focus on more to help dropshipping provide personalized dropshipping service, faster processing and delivery time and solve aftersale issues for better user experience, in this case we can bind our business to grow together for a long time partnership.

Compared to other Chinese dropshipping agent service, ShipAnt personalized dropshipping service range from sourcing to aftersale to make dropshipper focus on store marketing and more important works. We continually update our warehouse hardware, software and trainning staff for faster order processing at most 1 to 2 days(except holidays). Meanwhile, we have professional aftersale team to follow all the abnormal package delivery, more guarantees to protect dropshipper and their clients.

Compared to other dropshipping agent, our labor cost and fulfillment cost is higher, thus we have 100 orders per month moq and our service fee might not be the cheapest as we try our best to help clients save cost and create value for their business.

How can ShipAnt guarantee ship high quality products to clients2021-04-22T06:21:25+00:00

ShipAnt mainly control product quality in 2 steps, the first step is our sourcing team only buy reliable supplier products with best sales based on their experience and Alibaba platform rules, the second step is to check product quality before repack and ship from China. In this two steps we can guarantee the products shipped from China without flaws or broken.

However, since we cannot control the international shipping part, the products especially fragile goods damaged during shipping we can only help you strengthen package to reduce the damage rates. In addition, if you need high quality products which also means the product price isnt the cheaper the better, that means you cannot order products only based on price.

Where I can get some reviews on ShipAnt dropshipping service2021-03-13T07:00:13+00:00

ShipAnt do not require our clients to review or recommand our dropshipping service on their social networks, we purely provide comprehensive service include sourcing, purchasing, QC, repacking, private label and customize packaging, warehousing inventory, pick pack, shipping and tracking as well as aftersale to satisfy our clients dropshipping requirements at affordable cost and help them grow their business.

Thus we have no dropshipping service reviews available but hussle free dropshipping solutions for Amazon, Shopify and eBay eCommerce sellers.

Can you suggest 2021 trending products for dropshipping2021-03-13T06:50:22+00:00

ShipAnt do not suggest trending products or best seller products based on our existing clients as that’s confidential for our clients, furthermore, the trending products have good sales in other stores not necessarily have good sales in your store. Thus product selection is the basical works you should study online and test yourself.

However, if you want to sell niche products or general products in your store, we can help you source or suggest some quality dropshipping suppliers based on our experience.

How much you charge to help me check product quality2021-01-05T06:28:05+00:00

ShipAnt offers QC service to ensure the products shipping from China in good condition. However, QC service doesnt equal test service, you can check the ShipAnt QC service in details.

The QC service fee included in the service fee per order, you do not have to pay individually.

Where I can check ShipAnt shipping rates2021-01-05T06:21:35+00:00

No matter small packages or big packages, air, sea and train delivery shipping rates affected greatly by COVID19 in 2020, the shipping rates changed week by week, thus we havent published the real time shipping rates for all the ways shipping from China.

Please contact ShipAnt to get the latest shipping rates for all the shipping ways listed in our website if you need to estimate shipping cost.

Can I check real time inventory if I stock in ShipAnt warehouse2021-01-04T07:55:59+00:00

Yes of course, there are 2 ways for you to check the inventory in ShipAnt warehouse once we start to help you dropshipping from China. The first way is to export your inventory regularly per week via xls file, another way is to apply one ERP account for you to check inventory in our system.

How long time ShipAnt stock my goods for free2021-01-04T07:43:17+00:00

ShipAnt will stock your goods for free as long as you have stable sales ship from China and we will continually expand our warehouse storage volume based on your requirements.

Do I have to buy stock in ShipAnt warehouse2021-01-04T07:38:59+00:00

No, you do not have to buy stock in adavance when you dropship from China at the beginning. When you have more stable sales, you can think about wholesale best seller products to increase profits margin and reduce delivery time.

What dropshipping platforms you support2021-01-04T07:34:00+00:00

ShipAnt could integrate with the most popular dropshipping platforms, in addition to Shopify, we also supports Amazon, eBay, Shopee, Lazada, Tophatter, Wish, Woocommerce and Mengato etc.

How do I track orders after you fulfilled2021-01-04T07:30:41+00:00

Each package ShipAnt fulfilled we will upload the tracking number to your store automatically, it can be tracked via its official website or tracking websites like 17track etc.

What’s the cheapest and fast way dropship from China2021-01-04T07:22:24+00:00

Frankly speaking there’s no cheapest yet fast way for shipping as they are conflict. The shipping rates mainly depends on the product name, weight, volume, shipping country and delivery time, the more faster the more higher shipping rates, each virant is different there has a different way for shipping.

Thus for small package(under 2kg) dropshipping ShipAnt mainly ship via 4PX and Yunexpress as they usually deliver from China to EU and USA in 7 to 15 days, stable and cost effective, you can inquire ShipAnt shipping rates.

What are the countries you can ship from China2021-01-04T07:13:52+00:00

ShipAnt could ship from China to worldwide countries if the shipping cost allowed. Due to the eCommerce scale and shipping cost issue, currently we mainly ship from China to ePacket deliver countries, which mainly include UK, EU, North America, Middle East, Southeast Asia countries, you can take a look at the shipping countries via different ways listed on ShipAnt Shipping channel.

How to private label and brand packaging my products2021-01-04T07:04:49+00:00

You can check ShipAnt Private label and branding service, we will need you have at least 500 orders per month to start private label and brand packaging.

When you planning private label dropshipping, you will need to provide the label and packaging design, material, size for us to quote from the printing factory.

No matter you want private label, tag, sticker, box, card, letter, envolope, bag or other packagings, They all have 1000 to 5000 pcs MOQ, and the factory charges high prototype fee for sample. Thus we suggest you start private label dropshipping with at least 500 orders per month.

What payment terms you offer2021-01-04T06:56:42+00:00

Currently ShipAnt mainly accept Wechat, Alipay for Yuan currency, Payoneer, Transferwise for USD and EUR currency, Westunion and Moneygram for USD currency.

How to reduce 1688 Taobao dropshipping time to 5 to 8 days2021-01-04T06:54:32+00:00

ShipAnt could help you maximumly reduce the dropshipping delivery time from 1688 Taobao, however, if you want to reduce dropshipping time to 5 to 8 days you may need to optimize your dropshipping mode as you may need to wholesale goods from 1688 Taobao and store in ShipAnt warehouse, in this case we can save delivery time and processing time to help you ship orders from China.

If you only have very few items in your store with stable sales, you can wholesale from 1688 at cheaper price and stock in ShipAnt warehouse, we can ship the same day once you have orders, it greatly help you reduce the delivery time. If you have multiple items in your store, then you can stock the best seller producets, that’s the same.

Also you can offer paid courier service in your store, DHL FedEx also could deliver worldwide within 3 to 5 days, however, the product cost in your store should be higher.

How long time does 1688 Taobao dropshipping take vs Aliexpress2021-01-04T06:45:03+00:00

Generally 1688 Taobao suppliers take 3 to 4 days to deliver the products to ShipAnt warehouse if they have stock, ShipAnt warehouse takes 1 to 2 days to process the orders and ship from China, the small package line usually takes 5 to 15 days ship from China to UK, EU and USA, Canada etc.

Compared to Aliexpress standard shipping, dropshipping from 1688 Taobao usually faster during the pandemic period.

How to estimate dropshipping cost from 1688 Taobao2021-01-04T06:38:25+00:00

Basically there are 4 kinds of cost when you dropship from 1688 Taobao, product cost, domestic shipping cost, service fee and international shipping cost.

The product cost you can see directly on the dropshipping supplier product page, domestic shipping cost is the shipping cost for product ship from supplier to agent warehouse, it usually listed on the product page, service fee is a fixed fee charged by ShipAnt for the dropshipping service we offered, international shipping cost is the product ship from China to clients home.

When you need to estimate dropshipping cost, you will need to confirm the above 4 costs with ShipAnt, then you will know the dropshipping profit margin.

How much service fee ShipAnt charges for order fulfillment2021-01-04T06:32:27+00:00

ShipAnt charges order fulfillment service fee on order quantities, basically the service fee related to SKU quantities and order quantities. The more SKUs, the longer time ShipAnt warehouse spent on QC, the higher service fee, the more orders the cheaper service fee.

ShipAnt starts 100 orders minimum per month, clothing category we charge higher service fee as it usually has more SKUs and takes longer time for warehouse processing. Other product categories usually cheaper.

What’s the MOQ orders for ShipAnt order fulfillment service2021-01-04T04:02:43+00:00

ShipAnt want to grow together with our partners, however, we will also need to cover the cost of our service as the order fulfillment procedure is complicated and cost is high if dropshippers have very few orders. Thus ShipAnt requires minimum 100 orders per month.

How to source cheap dropshipping suppliers on 1688 Taobao2021-01-04T03:47:45+00:00

There are usually 2 ways to source products on 1688 Taobao, photos and keywords search. With photo search on 1688 Taobao you may find exactly the same product dropshipping suppliers, with keyword search you may need to take more time to filter and optimize your keywords, then you can sort by price to find cheaper suppliers.

However, when we dropship from 1688 Taobao price isnt the only criterion, quality should be also concerned. Due to the large number of sellers on 1688 taobao, the competition is sufficient and the price closely related to product quality, thus when we filter suppliers we should focus on the product sales, secondary purchase rates, product reviews etc. instead of price only.

How to dropship from 1688 Taobao2021-01-04T03:34:27+00:00

Currently dropshippers may have language, payment, quality, shipping and other issues dropship from 1688 Taobao directly due to the 2 platforms mainly focus on China market. The whole 1688 Taobao process is complicated for dropshippers caused time and money cost very high.

ShipAnt provides one step 1688 Taobao dropshipping service include sourcing, purchasing, QC, label branding, repacking, barcode, inventory and warehousing, pick pack, shipping and tracking upload as well as aftersale etc. With ShipAnt agent service you can easily dropship from 1688 Taobao and focus on your store marketing activities to save cost.

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