Can you dropship from China to EU USA in 5 to 7 days? The answer is yes but the cost might be high. 5  to 7 days delivery are usually shipped by courier service like dhl, fedex or ups which usually used for high value goods dropshipping, small package line is also possible for some packages deliver within 5 to 7 days, based on our statistics, 5 to 7 days delivery packages only around 10%.

Let’s take packages shipping from China to USA for example. The whole dropshipping procedure include: 2 to 4 days from supplier to ShipAnt warehouse since dropshipping usually no stock inventory, 1 to 2 days processing, 1 to 2 days forwarding to airport, 1 to 3 days flight to USA airport and clean customs and send to forwarding warehouse, 2 to 4 days shipping from warehouse to clients via usps. Thus the packages usually take 7 to 15 days shipping from China to USA, average delivery time is 10 days, and 12 days in the hotsale season.

How to dropship from China to EU USA within 7 days?

With standard small package line it isnt possible for all packages deliver within 7 days, but there are 3 tips for you to reduce shipping delivery time.

  1. Choose prior small package line. Compare to 7 to 15 days standard small package line, the prior shipping line is more stable and faster, but it also cost higher, if the clients willing to pay for prior shipping, it could be a good choice for packages shipping from China to USA and EU, compared to courier service it is cheaper;
  2. Stock best seller products. If you have stable sales in your store, you can stock the most popular products in Chinese dropshipping agent warehouse, it could help you save both product and shipping delivery time;
  3. Select EU USA supplier who have stock inventory. If you need 5 to 7 days delivery time, the best choice is to select supplier in EU USA or Chinese supplier who has invenotory in EU USA warehouse, but the price might be much higher than China.