The EU countries new VAT rules will applied on 1st July, 2021. In short there’s no free tax anymore for all the ecommerce small packages ship to EU. Thus lots of sellers target EU market registered VAT or set up companies to sell in EU,sellers outside EU countries also could register IOSS to pay VAT.

What if I havent registered IOSS can I still dropship from China to EU? Yes of course, ShipAnt just help you ship the same way from China to UK as its new VAT rule released earlier, we can help you prepay the VAT and account into shipping cost, the custom tax + vat fee might be around 20% to 30% of the declared value, in this way the delivery time slightly slower than the package has IOSS as the EU customs takes longer time to proceed at the beginning.

Based on your dropshipping period, if you just start with less than 10 orders per day in EU countries you can skip the IOSS at the beginning, if you already running sucessful dropshipping business and have bigger business plan we suggest you register IOSS to save cost and provide better user experience.