ShipAnt could help you maximumly reduce the dropshipping delivery time from 1688 Taobao, however, if you want to reduce dropshipping time to 5 to 8 days you may need to optimize your dropshipping mode as you may need to wholesale goods from 1688 Taobao and store in ShipAnt warehouse, in this case we can save delivery time and processing time to help you ship orders from China.

If you only have very few items in your store with stable sales, you can wholesale from 1688 at cheaper price and stock in ShipAnt warehouse, we can ship the same day once you have orders, it greatly help you reduce the delivery time. If you have multiple items in your store, then you can stock the best seller producets, that’s the same.

Also you can offer paid courier service in your store, DHL FedEx also could deliver worldwide within 3 to 5 days, however, the product cost in your store should be higher.