There are mainly 3 jobs included in QC. The first one is that ShipAnt warehouse will check the flaws and brokens of the products received one by one and pick out the color difference, size difference,  flaws, stains as well as broken products for return and exchange; The second one is to remove the supplier packaging, tag, label according to dropshipper requirements; the third one is repack.

Does Shipant QC 100% pick out the flaw products? It is very hard especially the clothing has lots of aspects and standards, we can only help you reduce the aftersale rates caused by product flaws but we cannot 100% remove them. But if dropshipper provide us a standard clothing QC standard we can help you maximum pick up the flaw goods.

In addition, QC doesnt mean functional test, it is just a visual check. If you dropship electronics from China, then you may need functional test, for example, test the air pod sounds etc.