Are you still worried about product selection for dropshipping? The product selection is very important to Shopify dropshipping, a good product selection strategy can not only increase sales and improve profit margins, but also help merchants establish brand awareness in the market and improve customer loyalty. The product selection tools can provide massive data and analysis reports to help merchants understand the consumption trends, popular products , competitor situations, market demand and other information in the target market, so as to better formulate sales strategies and optimize product selection. We will suggest 20 Free & Paid product selection tools for shopify dropshipping.

Free & Paid product selection tools for shopify dropshipping

Aliexpress Dropshipping center

Aliexpress Dropshipping Center is a free product selection tool provided by AliExpress that allows merchants to quickly find products and trustworthy sellers on the platform. It has a database of best-selling categories on AliExpress, as well as analysis tools that can quickly view the sales data of any product on the platform using a URL;

Amazon Best Sellers 

Amazon has best-selling product lists for almost every product category. Not only that, they are updated every hour.

Google Trends

Google Trends is a free online search tool that analyzes the popularity of keywords queried by users in different regions. You can use it to view the popularity and search trends of a keyword within a certain time frame. These data indicators mainly come from Google Search, Google Shopping, YouTube, Google News and Google Images. In order to facilitate data comparison, Google Trends shows the relative popularity of the query term, that is, the absolute search volume is divided by the total search volume in the region and time frame where it is located, because the place with the highest search volume may not necessarily have the highest search popularity. In this way, a popularity range of 0-100 is obtained. The larger the number, the higher the search popularity.

Unicorn smasher

Without clicking into the product details page, just click on the pre-installed plug-in to browse the product name, brand, number of sellers, number of variants, price, category, sales ranking, estimated sales, estimated sales, number of reviews, review star rating, and logistics method, etc.


Algopix is ​​a global marketing and product management tool for e-commerce sellers, providing real-time competitor analysis and product trend analysis to help sellers optimize product listings, increase sales and profit margins. The tool allows sellers to search for products on platforms such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart, and provides sales data, profit estimates, competitor analysis, and market trend analysis. Algopix also provides inventory management, pricing strategies, and other functions to help e-commerce sellers make smarter decisions and increase sales and profit margins.


A tool that was originally free, but started charging now. It supports the installation of browser plug-ins such as Firefox, Google, and Opera. With Keepa, you can easily infer and judge the reasons for promoting competitor products; check whether competitors have done flash sales, and how effective are flash sales? Wait for data; track competitors’ prices in real time, when prices are reduced or increased, you can optimize products and improve competitiveness, and there are data functions for overall analysis. The functions are very powerful, from order brushing, activities, price control, and overall analysis. Supported sites: United States, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, China, India, Brazil, Italy, Spain, and Australia.


CamelCamelCamel is a free tool that tracks prices of specific products on Amazon and allows sellers to get price updates on products they want to buy. Supported sites: United States, France, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Australia, Japan, China.

Scope Seller Labs

Scope Seller Labs is a free Amazon tool that allows sellers to conduct keyword research, do product research and analysis, and improve Amazon SEO and PPC campaigns. It is divided into paid and free versions. It is a good tool for beginners. It can easily view the sales of products and understand sales data, which is crucial for Amazon product development. There are many convenient functions, including specific product reverse ASIN lookup, keyword CSV export to export product keyword search volume, CPC cost, product estimated sales, etc., which makes it easy for sellers to find specific keywords for successful listings.

Pinterest Trends

A free social media tool that allows users to select a country and search for keywords to see the top trends in the U.S. this month. This tool can help users discover product inspiration and market opportunities. If you are dropshipping in fashion categories it is a very good tools.


Adspy is one of the world’s largest Facebook and Instagram advertising databases. Therefore, when Adspy provides keyword queries, it will also display specific advertising landing pages, regions, genders and other information to better assist us in product research and advertising research. Similar tools are BigSpy and PowerAdSpy.


Ecomhunt is an e-commerce tool and resource platform that focuses on providing product research and selection information needed by shopify dropshippers. It aims to help entrepreneurs and sellers discover potential best-selling products and provide key information about these products. It has thousands of best-selling products and performance data, including sales analysis, profit calculations, social media engagement statistics, and reliable supplier links.

The free version allows merchants to browse a huge database for product selection, and the professional version unlocks all product data and has priority access to recent products.


AliShark updates recent sales data in real time. Merchants can quickly find the best-selling products in a category and monitor other online stores with high sales.

AliShark also provides users with a constantly updated list of niche trends, allowing newcomers to quickly find those undeveloped and gradually popular product categories.


FindNiche can analyze more than 2 million products from Alibaba in 11,000 different niche markets. This tool is also very friendly to newcomers in cross-border business. It is very convenient to use and can help us easily select the information we want.


Pexda is a very powerful e-commerce monitoring tool, mainly developed for arbitrage retailers. The software includes products from 650+ retail websites. Just select the target website and set the category, profit, price and other parameters, then click “Scan” to scan your target products, select the products you want and sell them on Amazon. It can monitor various potential hot products.

Core functions: search for product target stores, product buyer target country distribution, search for social advertising product posts.

Trend Hunter

It focuses on the analysis of fashion and consumer product trends. Its innovative reports are like an encyclopedia of fashion trends, gathering information on the latest consumer trends, emerging brands, and popular products to inspire sellers to choose products. Consumer insight research is like a consumer psychology expert, deeply analyzing the behavioral preferences and purchasing motivations of target consumers to help sellers accurately locate the target population of their products.

Sell ​​the trend

Sell the Trend is a comprehensive product research tool. It collects product information from all famous platforms, including Amazon, Facebook, Google, Shopify, and AliExpress.

It provides the following product information:

The number of Shopify and AliExpress stores selling this product
Product cost, selling price, and profit margin
Total number of orders for the month
First/last time added to the Shopify store

In addition, Sell The Trend also provides other excellent features to help you promote your Shopify store.

Niche scraper

Niche Scraper can help you quickly sort out the hot-selling products on AliExpress and other Shopify websites; make a simple estimate of the traffic, order and sales data of your competitors’ websites, and find out the products recently launched on their websites, as well as the hot-selling products.

Product Scraper

Using the product scraper tool, you can find all the best-selling products from other Shopify stores as well as AliExpress, and view all the basic data of these products, such as sales trends over the past 7 days, sales difficulty level, and the speed at which product sales are increasing or decreasing.

Store Analysis 

Using the Store Analysis feature, sellers can find many high-quality Shopify stores and view the top four best-selling products in each store.


Thieve is a product shopping guide website based on AliExpress. It is a website dedicated to recommending/discovering good products on AliExpress. The products on it are also voted by users. Click on the product on the website to jump to AliExpress to buy. You can filter products by category and view products in your niche.

Before, there was only a free version, but now it has launched a version called Thieve Supply – dedicated to dropshipping.

Dropship Spy

The Dropship Spy tool can be used to understand the current hot and potential products on Facebook/Instagram, including some keyword data.

This product research tool is perfect for beginners who don’t have much experience. The Dropship Spy tool will provide you with the following information:

Winning products
Find best-selling products in various niches.

Promising products
These products are not yet considered best-sellers, but their popularity is growing and have the potential to become hot products.

Product information and analytics
You can get a lot of information about the product, making it easier to decide whether it is worth selling, such as:

Supplier information.
Interaction rate rating.
Free advertising information.
Facebook audience builder.
Amazon and eBay sales reports.
Instagram KOL database.
Product reviews.

There are also many free & paid product selection tools available, take advantages of the product selection tools could help you save lots of time searching best sellers product niche. ShipAnt offers all in one  autmated order fulfillment service help you dropship from China to worldwide countries, you are welcome to inquire if you need professional dropshipping agent to help dropship from China.