As summer approaches, outdoor activities such as beaches, swimming pools, and travel fill the schedules of Americans. On Amazon US, the search rankings of hot words related to summer travel are gradually rising.  Data shows that “2024 Summer Dress” has become a well-deserved hot word in the summer of Amazon, with weekly searches exceeding one million since the second week of May. During the period of June 2-8, the search volume of summer dresses ranked 7th on the Amazon site, the same as the previous week; soundproof earplugs are the keywords with a recent surge in search volume, and the ranking of the entire site has risen by nearly 2,000 places compared with the previous week. Searches for products ranging from general words such as beaches and travel essentials to waterproof magnetic eyelashes, beach bags, digital cameras, etc. have all seen an increase, from the search volume for the best seller products you can also find some niche products for Shopify dropshipping.


2024 Top11 Summer Best Seller Products for shopify dropshipping

1. Summer dress for 2024

With the change of seasons, Americans have also started to renovate their wardrobes. On Amazon, women’s clothing is one of the best-selling products. As summer approaches, dresses, short skirts, hot pants, and even swimsuits are the main “cool” and seasonal women’s clothing keywords will continue to rise. in the niche product categories, the plus-size women’s clothing categories can be also a very good niche for dropshipping. Due to its high adaptability to coconut breeze and sea charm, as well as its high rate of filming in outdoor environments, dresses once again won the title of “women’s clothing leader” and became the most searched women’s clothing subcategory in 2024.

Overall, the top-ranked dress styles on Amazon are mainly stripes, florals and solid colors. The drape and loose design make them comfortable, casual, elegant and durable, suitable for both vacation and commuting. There are fewer styles with exaggerated colors and large prints without any “work style”. In addition, most of the hot-selling styles have dropped shoulders and sleeves, and there are relatively few suspenders. The hot-selling styles in the category are also mostly at this price. There are also many products with monthly sales close to the price, mostly 30-40 US dollars, “women’s dresses” 30,000, showing the strong purchasing power of American consumers. Let’s take which women dress best seller on 1688 is suitable for dropshipping.


From the best seller women dress on 1688, the price range from  3 usd to 7.3 usd, sold quantities from 6000+ pcs to 100000 pcs, which is a very popular and profitable niche for shopify dropshipping.

2.Water bottle

Long-term outdoor sports in summer can easily lead to dehydration and heat stroke, making water cups a necessity. Recently, the hot-selling water cups on Amazon are mainly sports water cups. Most of the sports water cups have slender bodies, suitable for one-handed holding and carrying on the body or in the car. The models with push-open lids and built-in straws are well adapted to sports scenes, such as replenishing water during cycling.

Recently, the top product in the BSR ranking of the “sports water bottles” category on Amazon is a stainless steel water bottle from the STANLEYiceFlow series. STANLEY’s water bottle was once “hard to find” overseas due to the hit video of “car crash but ice cubes still there”. Although the popularity of social media has faded, STANLEY’s momentum after its resurgence is still strong, and many water bottles have been listed on the Amazon BSR list.
At present, the hot-selling models on Amazon are mainly large-capacity water bottles (basically 30 ounces, close to 1000 ml) with certain heat preservation (cold) functions, and equipped with straws and press cup lids, which can be operated with one hand, and the price is mainly US$20 and above. There are also some open-shelf plastic water bottles, which are mainly large-capacity, lightweight and special color matching.

If you dropship water bottles via Shopify, you can take a look at the best seller water bottles on 1688 as a reference:

The water cup with different material, feature, volume have very big sales in the summer season, meanwhile, the high end Hydrogen-rich water cup is also very good niche product for dropshipping.

3. Travel essentials

Summer is the peak season for tourism, and the popularity of travel-related products such as toiletries bags, refill bottles, and adapters has increased dramatically. For such products, consumers value more practical attributes such as large capacity, easy to carry, and high cost performance.

Women wear cooler clothes in summer, and the exposed body hair when wearing swimsuits, hot pants, and vests can easily make people “socially dead”, so the purchase volume of hair removal products such as shavers and depilatory creams will increase sharply.


4. Bogg bag


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