According the international courier rule, if the outside packaging box isnt broken, the broken goods inside cannot get compensation. ShipAnt warehouse provide multiple packaging material such as bubble column, foam and carton box to strengthen and damping protect the goods during international shipping. However, the package is totally out of control during shipping.

To provide better experience for dropshippers who sell glasses, vase, home decor, lamp, toys as well as other fragile goods shipping from China, ShipAnt charge $0.5 per order(under 2kg) to insure the fragile goods broken during shipping, which means ShipAnt will pay for the total cost of the reshipping goods even courier do not compensate.

If you are dropship fragile goods from China to EU or USA, you can contact ShipAnt sales with your requirements in details, once we make an agreement on the fragile goods dropshipping service, we will take full responsibilities and compensate if the goods broken during shipping.