It is a paradoxical question frequently asked by the dropshippers. The faster shipping the higher shipping rates is the common sense on international shipping, but the real purpost for dropshipper is to find a balance between the shipping cost and delivery time for small packages shipping from China to USA and EU countries.

What’s the cheapest way ship from China to USA EU?

If you dropship from Aliexpress for a while you will know the basic delivery time requirements. It mainly related to the product price. For low value products under $15, the delivery time usually between 20 to 45 days as dropshipper prefer more on Aliexpress free shipping; For goods value from $15 to $40, dropshipper usually prefer the goods deliver under 20 days; For goods value above $50 dropshipper prefer delivery time under 7 days. In short, the higher products value the higher delivery time requirements.

The shipping rates mainly related to goods category, weight, volume and delivery time, but it also affected by politics and environments. For example, Why the package ship from China to USA so expensive than before? It is mainly because of the politics and pendemic, more and more requirements shipping from China to USA while less freight airlines than before, and the goods stuck in the local USA port due to less staff work on there under the pendemic, the shipping price will increase.

How to find the cheapest way ship from China to USA and EU?

There are s few tips for you:

1> Find balance between the delivery time and profit margin. As we talked above, the higher goods value the higher profit margin, also the higher delivery time requirements, you need to find a balance between them;

2>Find courier service doesnt charge volume or charge less volume weight. Currently nearly all the courier charge based on volume weight, but few doesnt charge volume if the volume size meet their volume restriction, and some couriers charge less volume, which is the volume formula divide by 8000 instead of 6000 or 5000; If you dropship volume weight higher than actual weight goods from China, it is a very important rule;

3> Offer paid fast delivery. If you want to provide better user experience by faster delivery service while do not want cut profits, you can provide paid DHL FEDEX or UPS delivery, but the goods value on your store should be high. People wont willing to pay $30 delivery for a $10 rings;

4>Stock best seller goods. If you have best seller goods with regular 5 to 10 pcs sales per day, you can bulk wholesale at lower price and stock at dropshipping agent warehouse, in this case you can have higher profits than dropshipping while the delivery time is faster.

5>Spent more time on light weight volume goods research with high price. The shipping rates closely related to the goods weight and volume, the more light weight goods the cheaper shipping rates, meanwhile it has higher profit margin.

Only you know your dropshipping profits and shipping requirements better you know how to find the best way ship from China to USA EU.