If you have a Visa or Mastercard activated Alipay successfully you can dropship from taobao directly. The following are the procedures to dropship from Taobao:

1> Register Alipay and activate account via Visa or Mastercard. The register process you can google Alipay register tutorial, if you have phone which could receive verification code it would be more easiler;

2>Source Taobao supplier and import products from Taobao to your store. The biggest problem is you have to do this step manually versus import from Aliexpress via Oberlo;

3>Buy from Taobao. Once you have order you can place order on Taobao and use the clients address info to receive the goods.

From the above steps you can dropship from Taobao yourself if you know Both Chinese and Taobao well. However, for most sellers dropship from Taobao is time and money consuming as there are many issues affected the dropshipping business.

1> No matter you choose Taobao official shipping and Taobao agent shipping they can only ship via courier service which is expensive compared to Aliexpress shipping;

2>Low efficiency. There are many manual works as you cannot get Taobao API to automate orders, you need to input the clients address info one by one and need to declare yourself, that’s very time consuming and easily make mistake;

3>Hard to manage multiple suppliers. Same with Aliexpress, you need to apply consolidation shipping service to pack multiple items from multiple taobao suppliers into one package to ship to clients;

4> Bad user experience. Mostly taobao sellers put coupon code, ad flyer in the package ask for positive reviews, it will affect your dropshipping business.

5> Aftersale. Taobao only offer 7 days return and exchange policy while it takes far more than 7 days for goods ship from China and clients ship back to China.

How to dropship from Taobao more easier?

ShipAnt offers all in one Taobao dropshipping serviceto help ecommerce sellers dropship from Taobao to USA and EU countries. Let’s take Shopify for example, you can take a look ShipAnt Taobao dropshipping procedure as below:


With ShipAnt dropshipping service, it is totally hassle free and money saving, you are welcome to inquire if you have any questions dropship from Taobao.