Technically Aliexpress platform doesnt support shipping in China(except Hongkong and Taiwan).   Once you ordered on Aliexpress the domestic courier tracking number cannot being recognized by Aliexpress. Once there has dispute the Aliexpress platform will force sellers to compensate money.

How to dropship from Aliexpress via chinese agent service?

There are usually 3 ways to dropship via Aliexpress agent.

The first way is to contact the Aliexpress sellers to pay them offline to ship to Chinese shipping agent warehouse, then there’s no tracking required to Aliexpress, but it isnt secure sometimes if the goods have flaws or need to return refund due to other reasons;

The second way is ask the Aliexpress sellers to pay online, and update tracking number from the Chinese shipping agent later. You may need to convince the Aliexpress seller to pay online while ship offline;

The third way is to find dropshipping agent like ShipAnt to help you dropship from Aliexpress alternatives like 1688 Taobao with the same goods(usually have cheaper product price) and fulfill orders to clients directly.

There are many startups dropship from Aliexpress while they want to provide better user experience by provide faster delivery service, quality goods, consolidate multiple items from multiple vendors into one package, or remove supplier ads info and repack, custom label packaging to ship to clients. In this case, the Aliexpress agent is necessary. The first and second way need to cooperate with Aliexpress sellers to dropship from China, if you only have few orders per day, the operation process arent take too much time, else it is a little complicated. Thus mostly dropshippers more likely to dropship from Aliexpress alternative like 1688 Taobao at cheaper cost and faster delivery.