Frankly speaking it is totally paradoxical question as quality and cost are proportional, the higher quality the higher cost, the cheaper price the lower quality. When you sourcing goods for dropshipping, you need to find the right positioning goods for target people.

Thus when you need to source quality goods for dropshipping, the first goal is always the goods with quality material, workmanship and design, then filter the quality goods supplier with relatively cheap price, once you have good sales of the product, then you can bulk wholesale the goods for cheaper price from supplier.

How to source quality goods at cheaper price?

The process usually can be divided into 3 steps. Firstly the dropshipping agent help you source quality goods match the user requirements, then filter 1 to 2 best one between 3 to 5 suppliers with closer price with the same design, material and workmanship. Once the product became hot sale, you can start to wholesale based on your daily sales at cheaper cost, during the process you can reduce at least 15% to 30% cost which will become the profits.

The whole procedure might take upto 1 to 2 months, but the rule is for dropshipping is always quality first then price, lots of dropshippers keen on cheap price goods for high ROI conversion rates, in the end it caused high return rates which doesnt worth the loss for dropshipping.