Yeah of course we offer standard small package lines from China to USA and EU as well as other 50 countries in 7 to 15 days which is more faster and stable than Aliexpress shipping, however, it is also more expensive compared to Aliexpress standard shipping or free shipping, the priorior 5 to 10 days shipping is even more expensive. It might not suitable for cheap goods less than $15 as the shipping cost cut most of the profits margin for the dropshipping business.

When you dropship from China via Shopify, eBay, Etsy or other platform, low price products doesnt suitable to choose fast delivery service as people will not pay higher shipping fee than the goods cost just like the products cost you saw on Wish, they are usually light weight and small volume. You can sell low price goods as traffic goods to increase ads click and conversion rates but you need to sell high price goods for profits.

When you apply 7 to 15 days delivery service from China to EU and USA, you can use it as a paid shipping service if the product price too low(less than $20) or free shipping service when your average order value above $80 to $100. No matter which way you chose, you need to calculate the total cost and profit margin before release the shipping service.

What if you need 5 to 10 days shipping service from China to USA EU?

If you need ship fast from China, you may need to buy stock from Chinese supplier, then stock in China 3PL warehouse, the dropshipping agent help you fulfill orders from China right after clients paid. In this way you can provide faster shipping service than Aliexpress. If you need 3 to 5 delivery service, you may need to have stable sales and think about Amazon FBA or warehouse in EU and USA, that’s totally different ecommerce mode than dropshipping.