The answer is yes but the shipping cost of the over weight volume cargo is definitely higher than normal one. Firstly let’s take a look what kind of cargo can be defined as over weight volume cargo, different courier has different restrictions on goods weight and volume.

For courier service like UPS, DHL and FedEx, they usually difine single package weight exceed 69kg and largest length exceed 120cm as over weight volume package, in addition, length+2*(width+height)<=330cm. The max volume length cannot exceed 200cm, Max weight usually cannot exceed 1000kg.

The courier usually charge extra fees for the oversize volume weight cargo, starts from 150 usd.

For sea shipping, the standard shipping weigth usually not exceed 22kg per box. The over weight volume cargo usually cost at least 1.5 times as general goods shipping rates and they usually deliver via truck, the longer land shipping distance the higher cost. For example, you need to ship a 140cm*100cm*90cm and weight 100kg fitness equipment from China to East USA. While mostly sea shipping line from China to USA in the west coast line like LA, the shipping cost from west to east will be extremely high with extreme delivery cost.

How to ship over weight volume cargo from China?

If you want to ship over weight volume cargo from China, firstly you will need to confirm the weight volume size with Chinese supplier, then inquire the chinese shipping forwarder with goods name, weight, volume, shipping country, post code, delivery time requirements etc. Then the Chinese shipping agent will quote the best way ship the over weight volume cargo from China.

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