Yes we can help you dropship or bulky ship kitchen knives from China to EU USA via air and sea. However, there are certain restrictions on the kitchen knives. Firstly the blade length should not exceed 17cm, totally blade and handle length better not exceed 30cm; Secondly, there should be kitchen knives instruction inside; Thirdly, each kitchen knife should have a solid carton box packaging pack well incase it hurt people during shipping.

If you want to inquire kitchen knife dropshipping from China to EU USA, you will need to prepare the knife photos, packaging, weight, volume as well as destination countries so that we can quote more accurate. If you dropship kitchen knives from China to EU, we also have some small package lines available and we can provide IOSS for VAT, you just need to pay some IOSS commissions.

If you need ship kichen knives in bulk from China to EU USA, we will also need the information listed in dropshipping, then we can quote the air delivery and sea delivery shipping rates, door to door delivery, double customs clearance and tax free.

You are welcome to inquire ShipAnt if you have kitchen knives shipping from China to EU USA.