There are many dropshippers worried about dropshipping scope, dropshipping worldwide or dropshipping to EU USA and other developed countries only? Which is more profitable? It is a tough question as different dropshipper has different advantages and disadvantages on dropshipping scope.

Firstly, different countries have different consumer habits, especially the religious belief countries, if you target worldwide dropshipping, you may only choose the general consumer goods on daily life;

Secondly, compares to west countries, the rest of world online shopping isnt that developed, the product unit price usually lower and payment ways are different;

Thirdly, shipping delivery way to africa, south Asia,  island countries, South America countries are expensive and restricted. Compared to west countries high competitive shipping courier, the rest countries shipping delivery are very expensive and very few choice, which means the user experience wont be good enough and aftersale might also higher;

Fourthly, dropshipping worldwide or EU USA only depends on the dropshipping team, if you only a soho dropshipper then you may not have enough energy to do marketing research, make different ads sets etc. In this case, focus on west countries are better choice.

In short, dropshipping worldwide or EU USA only isnt a simply thoughts, dropshipping worldwide doesnt mean it is more profitable than dropshipping to EU USA countries, middle east, south america or other districts in the world. As a dropshipper you need to do your own research on different districts in the world then make more specific plan, then you have more chance to make profits.