ShipAnt is testing the product photo video service for few clients who need to take photos for products currently, for example, clothing, jewelries, toys, electronics, home decor, pet supplies, bags, shoes etc. We can help you make unique product photos in high quality to meet your requirements. As for product videos, currently we cannot offer this service as it takes longer time to communicate the idea too shoot videos, edit and dubbing to make the video more attractive. If you need take product videos we suggest you looking for more professional video shooting studios or we can help you ask the supplier if they have high quality product videos for you to advertise.

How much we charge for product photo service? The price isnt fixed due to the photo shooting requirements, but if you need product photo service you will need to provide us photo sample, your requirements in details. Due to the time concern, we only offer one modification after providing the product photos, thus please be sure to explain your photo shooting ideas the more detail the better.