Do I need to register on ShipAnt to track my order status? No, you do not forced to register on ShipAnt. Once you applied ShipAnt order fulfillment service, we will need to integrate your store with our ERP system to update the order information so that the warehouse could start to fulfill orders after you paid money.

You can take a look ShipAnt dorpshipping service and procedure via The warehouse fulfill orders step by step follow the dropshipping service listed in ShipAnt. However, due to ShipAnt ERP system is developed in Chinese and the operation is complicated, thus it isnt so convenient to track each order status and make note by dropshippers.

How to track my order status on ShipAnt?  Once we established the order fulfillment partnership, we will create wechat group and skype group for each client store and invite warehouse people and clients, customer service, partners and VA etc. join the group together to follow the daily order status and respond fasterly.

Of course, if you know some Chinese and plan to stock inventory in ShipAnt warehouse, we can also invite you and open a warehouse account for you to check the order status for items quantities purchased, received and on the way, shipped, await shipping etc.