Have you dropshipped something from China cannot being shipped or being seized in destination country customs? What products are general products and what are sensitive products? How to ship sensitive products from China to EU USA? What’s the shipping rates to ship battery goods cosmetics liquids products? Why there are so many rules ship sensitive goods from China? That’s a faq list for senstive products shipping from China, we will divide into the following parts to explain one by one then you will have general ideas how to ship sensitive goods from China to USA EU.

  • What are general goods, sensitive goods, and prohibited goods
  • What kind of senstive goods can be shipped from China to EU USA
  • Restrictions of sensitive goods shipping from China
  • Sensitive goods bulk shipping

What are general goods, sensitive goods, and prohibited goods

General goods: General goods are goods that do not contain sensitive goods or prohibited goods.

Prohibited goods:

  1. Explosive, flammable, corrosive, toxic, strong acid-base and radioactive dangerous goods;
  2. Drugs, weapons, money;
  3. Animals and plants;
  4. Items that hinder public health;
  5. Political books;
  6. Chemical products that are dangerous;

the items listed above or items mentioned are prohibited items. If such items are absolutely cannot ship from China, it is illegal.

The definition of sensitive goods is more complicated. In the previous paragraph, most of the goods are illegal, while sensitive goods are a general reference to some of the strictly prohibited goods that may or have been involved in the supervision department. The senstive goods include:

  1. Battery goods include builtin batteries and pure batteries, batteries will affect magn1etic field electric signals to a certain extent, and will interfere with aviation safety. They are restricted to be transported by aviation, but they are not contraband. They can be transported but require special procedures;
  2. Liquids, creams, powders and other unstable items, such items are extremely easy to vaporize during the aviation process, and heat when the container is directly exposed to the sun during sea navigation, resulting in physical explosions, which are also restricted transport items;
  3. All kinds of brand and luxury goods, and such items are mostly involved in legal disputes such as infringement;
  4. Magnetic items, magnetic items will easily generate electromagnetic waves during high-speed flight, or their own magnetic field will interfere with magnetic field electronic signals, which are security threats;
  5. All kinds of food, medicines, etc., such items involve biological invasion, and international transportation requires quarantine certification;
  6. CDs, prints, films, photos, records, films, audio tapes, laser discs, computer storage media and other items that are harmful to the political, economic, cultural, and moral of the destination country or involve international secrets;
  7. Gold and silver, valuable works of art, etc., valuables are prone to theft and robbery;

Now you may have a general idea about the general goods, senstive goods and prohibited goods, how to dropship sensitive goods from China to EU and USA?

What kind of senstive goods can be shipped from China to EU USA

When we dropship from China to EU USA, the product value cannot be high due to the custom tax and shipping security concern, thus the high value products like gold, silver usually not included in the product list; each country has different creatiria on the food and drug security, thus it also not suitable for dropshipping. The following product categories are the most commonly senstive goods can be shipped from China to EU USA.

Batteries and builtin battery goods. For the builtin products it refers to products that contain batteries, for example, electronic products like phone, pad, messager gun, pod case, bluetooth speaker, digital watch etc. Those are the most commonly products dropship from China to EU and USA.

Batteries products like button Batteries, 18650 batteries, power banks, drone batteries which doesnt exceed 100WH. The fomulator is Wh=mAh/1000 x V. Let’s take a power bank for example, it is 10000mah, and the output is 5V/1A, then the fomulator is 10000mah/1000*5V=50WH, it is under the restriction.

Liquids and cream which mainly refer to the cosmetics. For example,  Eye shadow, eyebrow cake, liquid foundation, concealer, nail glue, lipstick, facial mask, essential oil, shower gel, shampoo, facial cleanser, toner, firming lotion, softening lotion, skin cream, isolation cream, eye mask, scrub , Body lotion, hand cream, loose powder, glitter, eyeliner, lipstick, mascara, make-up remover, ointment, etc.

Magnetics. There are many products contain magnetism, especially some electronic products and power devices. It can be divided into the following categories:

A. Materials: Magnets, magnetic blocks, magnets, magnets, alnico magnets, samarium cobalt magnets, neodymium iron boron, ferrite magnets, magnets (magnetic cores), permanent magnets, rare earth permanent magnets

B. Audio equipment: earphones, audio, speakers, speaker accessories, receivers, buzzers, audio, speakers, speaker boxes, radios, multimedia audio, audio combinations, microphones, sounders, business speakers, microphones, electrets Microphone, walkie-talkie, cell phone, mobile phone, recorder, telephone, projector

C. Motors: Micro motors, DC motors, micro vibrators, stepping motors, servo motors, motors, televisions, linear motors, flat motors, motors, fans, stator components, solenoid valves, motors, generators, hair dryers , Motor vehicles, vacuum cleaners, mixers, pumps, electric small appliances, electric cars, electric exercise machines, drives, computers and accessories.

D. Other magnetic goods: alarm accessories, anti-theft device accessories, elevator accessories, refrigerator posts, alarms, compasses, multimeters, laser heads, movement heads, magnetic health products, magnet processing products, translation machines, electronic dictionaries, doorbells, Servomotors, rotating parts, gearboxes.

E. Goods that may be magnetic (part): plastic clips, home theaters, flashlights, rangefinders, anti-theft hard tags, toys, flashlights, DVDs, VCDs, electronic accessories.

The products contain magnetism and are classified as the ninth dangerous goods in international express transportation, and must be restricted when they are collected and transported. The main reason is that magnetic objects will affect the navigation and control systems of cargo aircraft, and thus affect the safety of the aircraft. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of the aircraft, the airlines require that the goods carried must undergo a magnetic inspection.

Destination shipping countries for cosmetics shipping from China

There are increasing shipping requirements for the sensitive products shipping from China, but only restricted shipping line available, the following countries are the EU USA destination countries for senstive goods like batteries, cosmetics and magnets shipping from China:

United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden

The shipping delivery time are more stable and faster than you dropship from Aliexpress standard shipping, of course, if you have senstive goods ship to other countries with stable orders you can also inquire ShipAnt, we may find you some small package line to specific destination countries in South America, Middle East, South East countries.

Restrictions of sensitive goods shipping from China

Although the batteries, liquids, magnets goods can be shipped from China via certain couriers, it also has restrictions:

  • battery cannot exceed 100Wh, each battery product need to be packed individuall with solid packaging;
  • liquids cannot exceed 100ml;
  • magnetic goods need to be packed with degaussing packaging;
  • Volume restrict length+width+height<=90cm, length cannot exceed 60cm;
  • Weight less than 2kg.
  • Delivery time 10 to 20 working days.

Sensitive goods bulk shipping from China to EU USA

In addition to the small package line for the sensitive goods dropship from China, if you have bulk shipping requirements on Batteries, cosmetics, magnetics, chemicals like toner, ink, toner cartridge, ink cartridge shipping from China to EU USA, we can also help you ship via HK FedEx, DHL, UPS as well as other courier.

Cosmetics: daily chemical bath cleaning products (scrub, moisturizing night cream, hair wax, glitter, facial mask, nail polish, shampoo, hair removal cream, toner, facial cleanser, bath salt ball, gel water, eye shadow, lip gloss, toothpaste, foundation Liquid, eyelash growth liquid, mascara, dentifrice, essential oil, etc. are all exported under the original names), chemical products provide pictures for individual confirmation.

Pure batteries goods 5kg to 30kg.

You are welcome to inquiry batteries, cosmetics, magnets as well as other senstive goods shipping from China to EU USA, to save your time when you send inquiries please provide the following information:

  1. Product name and photos or links which we can easily check the sensitive goods specifications like packaging, weight, volume etc;
  2. Total quantities, weight and volume;
  3. Shipping destination country include city and post code;
  4. Your requirements in details.

In this case we can quote the shipping rates, courier, delivery time without confirm the shipping information again and again. Now you are familiar with the senstive products which can be dropship from China or not, you are welcome to inquire ShipAnt for batteries cosmetics magnetic goods shipping from China.