Recently, French President Emmanuel Macron wore a turtleneck sweater in a video speech, which caused heated discussions by changing the style of dress shirts in the past. There are reports that the move calls on the public to strengthen physical warmth and reduce energy consumption. A Chinese foreign trader said that in the past 30 days alone, the search volume for turtleneck sweaters has increased by 13 times, and the sweater sales data in the European market increased rapidly. The turtleneck sweaters may be the best fashion clothing in France and Europe this year. The Chinese manufacturers who were the first to smell the business opportunities are in full swing to make hot orders from Europe this winter. We will listed the best seller turtleneck sweater and popular sweater styles  in cross border ecommerce market in 2022, if you are fashion clothing ecommerce sellers and dropship from China you can take it as a reference.

Best seller turtleneck sweater for men 2022

The above are the best seller turtleneck sweater in 1688 for the Aliexpress and Amazon platform, the price varies based on different material and workmanship, if you are dropship men sweater from China you pay attention on its style, size and price based on your target men consumer group.

Best seller turtleneck sweater for women 2022


On October 13, the sales manager of a factory specializing in knitted sweaters in China, says that the current daily sweater shipment can reach more than 3,000 pieces, and foreign trade orders are very popular. The popular sweater styles in the store have sold 300,000 to 400,000 pieces in the past 3 months. Let’s take a look the trending sweater style in 2022.

College style sweater

You don’t have to worry that the college style sweater is not fashionable enough, match it with neat cool items, it can neutralize childishness very well, create age-reducing, trendy, warm winter style.

Nomadic style sweater


The sweater style is relatively minority and personalization, The tie-dye sweaters are colorful enough to be a style item that grabs the spotlight, the bottoms are simple to match, choose one of the many colors of this sweater,  as a bottom shade is a trendy trick that saves effort.

Minimalist style sweater

Pay attention to self-feelings, unlimited relaxation and comfortable unburdened clothing are favored.

Retro style sweater


Are complex traditional crafts being valued again? The retro style sweater is also the traditional designs, if you match it properly, the retro sweater can also be adapted to more modern items.

How to dropship sweater from China to EU

When you source the right sweater style for your store, the next step is how to dropship from China to EU. when you dropship sweater from China to EU you will usually met the following issues:

  1. Quality. From the above sweater price in the photos you will see there has big difference on the price which will affect the sweater quality directly. The price related to material and workmanship, thus if you are in the ecommerce industry for few years you should give up the cheapest price for best quality fantasy. If your store target on middle class consumer group then you need to find middle price sweater, if your store target on high end sweater then you should choose sweater made by wool or cashmere instead of chemical fiber; you cannot expect 3 usd sweater quality equal 30 usd sweater, you get what you paid for, that’s the truth for all people, so does the dropshipping business;

2.  Size. Since the sweater factory located in China, if they do not specific on EU USA market the sweater size are usually in Chinese or Korea size which are usually 1 to 2 sizes smaller than EU               people. Thus when you dropship sweater from China, you need to pay attention to the sweater size;

3. Shipping. If you dropship sweater from 1688 instead of Aliexpress, then you will need to find a reliable Chinese 3PL to help you fulfill orders in China as the 1688 supplier only ship in                  China;

4. Payment. When you dropship sweaters from 1688 platform you cannot pay directly as it only accept Chinese Yuan currency via Alipay and Chinese UnionPay.

How to dropship sweater from China to EU then?

All you need to do is to find a Chinese dropshipping agent to help you fulfill orders directly,  as a professional dropshipping agent, ShipAnt all in one order fulfillment service not only help you sourcing best seller sweaters and reliable sweater suppliers on 1688 but also help you Check the quality and repack to ship from China to EU. You can take a look at ShipAnt dropshipping service and procedure then tell us your requirements in details, we will help you take care of the order fulfillment.

You are welcome to inquire if you are interested in dropshipping best seller sweater from China to EU.