According to research, the sales volume of plus-size women’s clothing has grown faster than overall women’s clothing in the past three years. The quantity of large-size clothing in traditional shopping malls is much smaller than that of normal-size clothing. The plus size women clothing is a subcategory for the women clothing attracted more and more online dropshippers and wholesalers. How to source plus size women clothing supplier for dropshipping wholesale? We will introduce some plus size women clothing resources on Taobao and 1688 as well as 1688 Taobao sourcing tips and Shipant comprehensive agent service for women clothing dropshipping wholesale.

How to source plus size women clothing on 1688 Taobao

It is easy to search products on Aliexpress and Alibaba as the language can be English, French, Spainish and others, but on 1688 Taobao the language is in Chinese. How to translate 1688 Taobao into English? You can apply Chrome translator on the PC version but you cannot search keywords in English as there are very few search results. Let’s take 1688 for example as it is a B2B website for dropshipping and wholesale.

Step 1. Translate plus size women clothing keywords into Chinese which is 加大码女装;

Step2. Search keywords on 1688;

Step 3. Filter results. As there are thousands of plus size women clothing styles available and mostly might be not what we are looking for, thus we will need to be more specific results, since 1688 is the main source for Aliexpress and Amazon, thus we can translate Aliexpress and Amazon into Chinese 速卖通 and 亚马逊,then add to the previously keywords 加大码女装;you will see more accurate women clothing styles;


Step 4. Scroll up and down to surf the plus size women clothing style and click to check more details photos description, meanwhile, you can also check the other wome clothing style in the supplier store.

Step 5. Bookmark the plus size women clothing one by one, then filter women clothing suppliers on 1688; let’s take the Round neck long-sleeved floral print top for example,

If you interested this style you may wonder the best price for dropshipping wholesale and whether the supplier are reliable as well as other information, then we can apply photo search to help us find all the suppliers on 1688;

Step 6. Filter suppliers via photo search. You will see there are still tens of suppliers offer the same style. Then we can filter via price and sales to filter the best supplier.

Step 7. Communicate with supplier. You can filter suppliers via the sales volume and price. Then you can compile a question list include dropshipping wholesale price, stock, payment terms, delivery time, aftersale etc. to communicate with supplier via google translate as not all of them could speak English well. After that you can make sample orders for testing;

Step 8. Check your bookmark list and repeat the same steps you will have a list of plus size women clothing suppliers.

Compared to Aliexpress and Alibaba, sourcing plus size women clothing on 1688 Taobao are a little complicated and takes long time to find reliable suppliers, as long as you find some reliable women clothing suppliers you can continually update the plus size women clothing on their store regularly and they can even help you OEM the best seller plus size women clothing for more much competitive price once you get to know each other better.

The procedure are nearly the same if you want to source plus size women clothing on Taobao, the styles on Taobao are more personalized but they are more fit students and office ladies, here we share a list of Taobao plus size women clothing stores for you as a reference.

Taobao plus size women clothing stores for dropshipping

  1.  Ipangniu
  2. Print t shirts
  3. Chunzhi
  4.  Yuzhai
  5. Manxin
  6. RL
  7. Evening dress
  8. Muwa
  9. Alin DM
  10. FionaH

There are many personalized plus size women clothing sellers on Taobao and they offer more personalized customization styles compared to 1688, however, the price are far more higher. When you dropship wholesale plus size women clothing from 1688 Taobao suppliers you will inevitably met the language issues for sourcing and communication, payment issues, shipping issues and aftersale issues for size as well as clothing qualities. Thus agent service is necessary at the beginning to help you save time and money as well as avoid potential risks. ShipAnt offers one stop service for women clothing dropshipping wholesale.

Shipant women clothing dropshipping wholesale service

  •  Sourcing service. Shipant located in Guangzhou city, the biggest women clothing trading market in the world. We can either help you source plus size women clothing online and offline the women clothing wholesale market, however, offline sourcing has been paused since the COVID19, we can still visit the women clothing factory if they near Guangzhou for women clothing wholesalers;
  • Sample purchasing. It is necessary to make sample orders as there are hundreds of suppliers for the same clothing with wide range of price available. In this step we mainly help you filter reliable women clothing dropshipping wholesale suppliers based on the material, price and workmanship;
  • Quality inspection. Mostly aftersale disputes caused by the clothing quality. It is very important to pick out the flaw clothing before shipping from China as the aftersale cost is very high once it arrived EU and USA. ShipAnt QC works include scratch, holes, stains and threads checking, supplier label, coupon card or other information removing, if the clothing have minal flaws can be fixed in the warehouse, we can fix them to save exchanging refund time;
  • Private label service. If you have branding store with private label and custom packaging requirements, we can help you customize label, tags, coupon card, sticker and packaging based on your design, meanwhile, we can also help you remove supplier clothing label and sew yours;

  • Repacking service. After QC or label service, the clothing will be repacked with plain plastic bags or custom packaging bags;
  • Barcode service. It would be a headache if your women clothing styles or SKUs exceed 100, Shipant could help you print barcode and stick on the plastic bags after repacking. No matter you ship from China warehouse, or ship to US warehouse or Amazon FBA, the clothing can be easily distinguished by barcode;

  • Inventory warehousing service. Once the clothing sticked barcode, Shipant warehouse will scan to add the inventory for each clothing sku into ERP system; and put them on the warehouse shelf record the position;

  • Pick pack service. After the inventory updated, the ERP system will calcualte which orders are complete to ship, the warehouse people will pick up from the warehouse shelf based on orders, recheck the barcode of each order then take photos as order record, after that each order will be packed respectively;
  • Shipping service. If you dropship women clothing from China to EU and USA, we have cost effective small packaging lines ship from China to EU and USA in 5 to 15 days, if you wholesale women clothing from China, we have courier service such as DHL, FedEx and UPS ship from China to worldwide countries in 3 to 6 days; If you bulk wholesale big volume, we can also help you ship via air delivery, sea delivery to meet your delivery time requirements;

With Shipant women clothing dropshipping wholesale service, we can help you greatly improve the user experience while reduce the order fulfillment cost. No matter you dropshipping or wholesale plus size women clothing, men clothing or children clothing from China, Shipant could offer fully personalized service based on your requirements.