Have you suffered the sea shipping from China to EU countries delivery more than 60 days? Are you looking for faster while cheaper shipping rates for bulky goods shipping from China to EU countries? In this article ShipAnt would like to introduce the China EU train lines, advantages and disadvantages of train delivery from China to EU countries and the delivery time as well as shipping rates compared to sea shipping from China to EU. Let’s see how bulky goods ship from China to EU delivery in 30 days by train.

China – EU train lines

The European railway line is an important cross-border logistics channel for European routes. It uses the China-Europe inter-railway to help shippers transport goods from China to many European countries, including the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Poland, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. , Austria, Hungary, Spain, Portugal, Greece and many other countries. The China-Europe train lines refer to the international railway container train that runs between China and Europe and countries along the Belt and Road route according to the conditions of fixed trains and routes. Three passages in the West and Middle East have been laid out for the operation of the China-Europe train lines: the western passage leaves the country via Alashankou (Khorgos) from the central and western parts of my country, the central passage leaves the country from North China via Erlianhot, and the eastern passage runs from the southeastern coastal areas of my country. Manchuria (Suifenhe) exit. The planned operation of the China-Europe freight trains in the west, middle and east passages is as follows:

1. China Railway Express (Chongqing to Duisburg). Starting from Chongqing Tuanjie Village Station, exiting from Alashankou, passing through Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland to Duisburg Station in Germany, the whole journey is about 11,000 kilometers and the running time is about 15 days.

2. China Railway Express (Chengdu to Rhodes). Starting from Chengdu Chengxiang Station, exiting from Alashankou, passing through Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, and reaching Lodz Station in Poland, the whole journey is 9,965 kilometers and the running time is about 14 days.

3. China Railway Express (Zhengzhou-Hamburg). Starting from Zhengzhou Putian Station, exiting from Alashankou, passing through Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland to Hamburg Station in Germany, the whole journey is 10,245 kilometers and the running time is about 15 days.

4. China Railway Express (Suzhou-Warsaw). Starting from Suzhou, leaving from Manzhouli, passing through Russia and Belarus to Warsaw Station in Poland, the whole journey is 11,200 kilometers and the running time is about 15 days.

5. China Railway Express (Wuhan to Czech Republic, Poland). Starting from Wuhan Wujiashan Station, exiting through Alashankou, passing through Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus to relevant cities in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and other countries, the whole journey is about 10,700 kilometers, and the running time is about 15 days.

6. China Railway Express (Changsha-Duisburg). The departure station is Changsha Xianing Cargo Yard, and the “one main and two auxiliary” operation route is implemented. “One Master” is from Changsha to Duisburg, Germany, exiting through Alashankou in Xinjiang, passing through Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland, and Germany, with a total distance of 11,808 kilometers and a running time of 18 days.

7. China Railway Express (Yiwu-Madrid). Starting from Yiwu West Railway Station, as an important part of the China-Europe Railway Express, the first line of the China-Europe Railway Express (Yiwu-Madrid) will run through the New Silk Road Economic Belt, from Yiwu Railway West Railway Station to Madrid, Spain, through Xinjiang Ala The Yamaguchi port leaves the country, passing through Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Germany, France, and Spain, with a total distance of 13,052 kilometers and a running time of about 21 days.

8. China Railway Express (Harbin-Russia). The train runs 6,578 kilometers in its entirety, 1,004 kilometers through Binzhou Railway to Manzhouli Port Station, and then 5,574 kilometers through Russia-Siberia Railway to Bikliang Station.

9. China Railway Express (Harbin-Hamburg). The train starts from Harbin in the east, goes through Manzhouli, Russia, and then Baikal to Chita, then transfers to the Russian-Siberian Railway, passes through Yekaterinburg in Russia and Moscow to Malaszewicz in Poland, and ends in Hamburg, Germany, with a total distance of 9,820 kilometers.

10. China-Europe freight train (Lanzhou-Hamburg) “Lanzhou” China-Europe international freight train Lanzhou-Hamburg round-trip train starts today

11. Ji-Ou train (Baoding-Minsk, Belarus). Starting from Baoding, exiting from Manzhouli, passing through Russia, and finally arriving in Minsk, Belarus, the whole journey is about 9,500 kilometers and takes about 12-14 days.

12. China Railway Express (Xining ~ Antwerp). On the morning of September 8, 2016, the first China-Europe train from the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau departed from the Shuangzhai Railway Logistics Center in Xining City, Qinghai Province, to Antwerp, the second largest container port in Europe in Belgium. The whole journey takes about 12 days.

13. China Railway Express (Guangzhou-Moscow). Opened on August 29, 2016, it starts from Guangzhou Dalang Station, exits through Manzhouli, and goes directly to Moscow, Russia.

14. China Railway Express (Qingdao to Moscow). On June 24, 2017, under the supervision of Qingdao Customs, a train loaded with 41 containers departed from Qingdao Multimodal Transport Customs Supervision Center, exited through Manzhouli Port, and went directly to Moscow, Russia, marking the official opening of the China-Europe freight train (Qingdao). .

15. China Railway Express (Changchun to Hamburg). The train is operated by China Railway Container Transport Co., Ltd., and the first train passes through many cities in European countries such as Russia, Belarus, Poland, Belgium, and Germany. The maximum speed is 120 kilometers per hour, and the whole journey takes about 12-15 days.

16. China Railway Express (Nanchang-Moscow). On April 20, 2018, the first China-Europe train (Nanchang-Moscow) in Nanchang area set sail at the Xiangtang railway port in Nanchang, marking the official opening of the China-Europe train from Nanchang to Moscow.

17. China Railway Express (Tangshan – Belgium). On April 26, 2018, the international container train to Antwerp, Belgium departed from the Jingtang port area of ​​Tangshan Port. The train starts from Tangshan Port Jingtang Port Area, passes through Beijing, Hohhot, Baotou, Hami, Urumqi, exits from Alashankou Port, and reaches Antwerp, Belgium via Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland, and Germany. The whole journey is about 11,000 kilometers. Running time is about 16 days.

18. China Railway Express (Chengdu-Vienna) On April 27, 2018, the first China Railway Express directly to Vienna, the capital of Austria, arrived at its destination.

19. The China-Europe train (Wuhan-Hamburg, Germany) is transported from Xiangyang North Station in Hubei Province, exits through Alashankou, and sails to Hamburg, Germany, which is 12,000 kilometers away.

20. China Railway Express (Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region ~ Bam, a city in southeastern Iran) On September 4, 2018, the China Railway Express was ready for departure in Shaliang Logistics Park. Another international freight railway line from Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region opened.

21. After departing from Urumqi, the China-Europe freight train (Urumqi-Duisburg, Germany) will depart from the Alashankou port, the bridgehead of the Eurasian Continental Bridge, and go through Kazakhstan, Russia, and Poland to Duisburg, Germany.

22. At 10:28 on September 28, 2018, the China-Europe Railway Express (Jingdezhen-Moscow), the containerized freight train of Jingdezhen ceramics, tea and other products departed from Jingdezhen East Station in Jiangxi and headed to Moscow, Russia.

23. The China-Europe Railway Express (Zhengzhou-Liege, Belgium) continues westward for 500 kilometers from Zhengzhou, Henan to the hinterland of Europe on the “land Silk Road”.

24. The China Railway Express (Wuhan-Irkutsk) departs from Wuhan and heads to Irkutsk, Russia.

25. The China-Europe Railway Express (Lianyungang-Istanbul) “Lianyungang-Kazakhstan-Azerbaijan-Georgia-Turkey” along the station-to-station railway transportation.

26. China-Europe Railway Express (Chengdu to Wroclaw, Poland) On September 6, 2019, the first China-Europe Railway Express from Chengdu to Wroclaw, Poland departed from Chengdu International Railway Port located in Qingbaijiang District, Chengdu. The number of overseas station cities of the train (Chengdu) has increased to 26.

27. The China Railway Express (Yiwu-Liege) departs from Yiwu, Zhejiang, passing through Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland and Germany, and finally arrives at Liege, Belgium.

28. China Railway Express (Xuzhou-Moscow).

Pros and Cons of China-EU train delivery

There are two types of transportation methods on European railway lines. One is vehicle transportation. The goods to be transported must meet the transportation standards of the whole vehicle, usually one ticket per vehicle, which supports direct transportation to some European countries, with fast timeliness and high safety. One is less-than-truckload transportation, which needs to share a vehicle for transportation with other goods with the same destination and the same nature. Generally speaking, the European railway lines launched for cross-border e-commerce sellers are basically LTL freight transportation and bulk freight.

Pros of China-EU train delivery

1. High cost performance

The European Railway Express Line provides freight logistics services for cross-border e-commerce sellers. It has the advantages of stable timeliness, high efficiency, and low tariffs. It is currently a relatively cost-effective logistics method in cross-border logistics.

In terms of logistics timeliness, it is much higher than European shipping logistics. The freight efficiency is high, the China-Europe railway goes directly to Europe, the goods are quickly picked up for terminal delivery, and the overall time limit for receipt is about 19-25 days. The tariff is low, and it is a type of freight method whose receiving price is only higher than that of sea freight. The overall tariff is between 2 to 3 usd/kg(the shipping rates float month by month especially in hotsale season and pendemic period, please inquire ShipAnt for real time train delivery shipping rates ).

2. Stable

One of the core competitiveness of railway transportation is stability. Railway transportation has its own unique transportation system and transportation route, which is less affected by other transportation methods, natural environment and other factors. The goods can arrive at the destination on time and smoothly.

3. High security

Relying on the characteristics of strong continuity, the railway transportation mode has less cargo transfer, and the loss rate, damage rate, loss rate, etc. are relatively low, and the freight security is relatively high. In addition, the probability of accidents in railway transportation is much lower than that in sea and air transportation, and accidents can be handled more easily, and the overall freight safety factor is relatively high.

4. Small delivery restrictions

The delivery restrictions of railway goods are relatively small, on the one hand, in the weight and size of the goods, and on the other hand in the type of the goods. In terms of item weight, it can accept items weighing 100kg and above. In terms of item size, items with the sum of length, width and height within 300 cm can be delivered. In terms of item types, it supports the delivery of built-in batteries, supporting batteries, liquid items, cosmetics etc.

Cons of China-EU train delivery

1. The logistics timeliness is slow

For cross-border e-commerce sellers, the logistics timeliness of rail transport cannot meet the timeliness needs of most sellers, especially self-delivery sellers. The 20-day time limit of rail transportation may greatly increase the probability of consumers canceling orders, and the hidden operational risks are huge.

2. Only available for partly EU countries

The mailing range of Rail Express is relatively small. It mainly mails to European countries. Some European countries and other countries are unable to deliver, For example, Germany/France/Italy/Austria/Netherlands/Czech Republic/Luxembourg/Poland/Spain/Belgium/Poland/Denmark, other countries cannot deliver. and there are great restrictions.

What’s the difference between train delivery and sea delivery from China to EU

If it is purely compare from the freight rate, the sea freight rate is generally lower than that of the China-Europe freight train. However, the timeliness of China-Europe freight trains is higher than that of sea freight. The arrival time from domestic to European basic ports is about 35 days, while the arrival time from domestic railways to European stations is about 18 days, which is twice as fast as shipping. The railway price is transparent, the shipping rates float usually smaller than sea shipping, and the safety is high.

The receipt not only have to bear high sea freight costs, but also need to worry about the risk of delays in delivery due to space and shipping schedules. However, the specific cost also needs to be comprehensively assessed according to the origin, destination port, and the hair body of the cargo.

The China-Europe Railway Express, as a fast land passage through Europe and Asia, has become more and more mature in transportation services. It has attracted the attention of more and more cross-border enterprises and has become a good transportation channel for cross border sellers. For cross-border freight forwarders, the implementation of the China-Europe freight train is undoubtedly a new channel and new opportunity.

Large cargo ships have deep draughts, and the choice of berthing ports is very limited, but the main disadvantage of shipping is that the timeliness is much worse than that of air and land transportation. For example, in most Western European countries, including the United Kingdom, truck land transportation is not developed, and it is not very convenient to transfer from the port to the destination, compared to the direct train to the city. Therefore, some industries, such as industries with low value of goods and insensitive to delivery time and capital time cost, are suitable for shipping; while some industries, which require higher capital turnover, are suitable for China-Europe freight trains. There is some competition between China-Europe freight trains and shipping, but more should be complementary.

EU countries available for train delivery

Currently we can help you ship bulky goods from China to the following EU countries:

Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, France, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Slovenia, Sweden
Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland and Croatia. If you want to ship from China to UK via train delivery it is also ok.

Restrictions for train delivery from China to EU

1. Only a maximum of 5 product names are accepted for a single Shipment. If there are more than 5 product names, an extra 10 usd will be charged for each additional product name. Please inquire if you have more than 7 goods name in single shipment;

2.The minimum chargeable weight single carton box is 15KG; the part less than 15KG will be charged an extra light fee of 6 yuan/KG. minimum weight 30kg per shipment, single box weight over 25KG, will be charge 20 usd/pcs, only carton packaging (standard 4 square carton);

3.If the length of one side exceeds 100cm, 100 yuan/piece, if the length of one side exceeds 120cm, 130 yuan/piece, if the length of one side exceeds 130cm, +260 yuan/piece, and the second length exceeds 75cm, additional fee will be charged: 130RMB/piece;

If the circumference of carton box exceeds 300cm (i.e. 1 length + 2 width + 2 height ≥ 300cm), an additional charge of 450RMB/piece will be charged. If the circumference exceeds 400cm, it will be rejected, and the minimum chargeable weight of this piece of goods is 40KG/CTN, which conforms to: 2 ) and 1) Standard, both surcharges will be charged at the same time;

Goods restrictions for traind delivery from China to EU

1. High value products:

Drones, adult products, medical supplies (blood pressure monitors, thermometers, early pregnancy test strips, massagers, blood testers, medical kits, etc.), players, 3D printers, projectors, wristwatches, U disks, SD cards , electronic cigarettes (excluding smoke oil), robots, set-top boxes, mobile hard drives, cameras, wireless receiving equipment and accessories, car DVDs, car navigation, driving recorders, projectors, sweepers, solar products, musical instruments, cameras, vacuum cleaners, Plastic, paper products, unlicensed mobile phones, tablet computers, physical silicone dolls and other high-value products will be charged extra tax fee;

2.Textile products will be charged extra

Clothing category: clothing, pants, socks, scarves, scarves, gloves, hats, masks, shawls and other unmentioned clothing-related products.
Textiles: curtains, sheets, quilts, mattresses, pillows, carpets, cushions, quilts, towels, etc.
Shoes and bags: shoes, insoles, shoelaces, bags (purses, backpacks), etc.

3. Wooden products

Wood products, bamboo products, (commodity inspection required),crude wood products cannot be delivered;

4.anti-dumping products (cannot be shipped)

Car accessories (bicycle brackets, hubs, wheels), sensitive goods (liquids, powders, imitation brands), anti-dumping products (bicycles, electric bicycles, tires, ceramics, pure metals and their products, photovoltaics, solar panels, pure cotton, Crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules, glass fiber mesh fabrics, glass fiber filaments, polyester high-tensile yarns, plastic bags, solar glass, ironing boards, tube knives)

5. Other products

Pens (ballpoint pens, watercolor pens, pencils, paintbrushes, crayons, water-based pens, etc.), kitchen knives (kitchen knives, fruit knives, scissors and other knives, the blade should not exceed 12CM, more than rejected), toys (certification required)

6. Electronics CE mark file required

7. Rejected products list: epidemic prevention sensitive materials; controlled knives, log products, cosmetics, pure batteries, imitation brands, liquids, powders, etc. involving intellectual property rights and anti-dumping, please inquire other courier shipping for those kind of products.

Surcharges of China-EU train delivery

  1. Product name exeed 5 will be charged extra product declare fee;
  2. Non-FBA address, private address, overseas warehouse, business address, etc., need to be confirmed separately, surcharge +1 yuan/kg, remote address surcharge 1 EUR/kg* fuel, minimum consumption 50 EUR* fuel (UPS remote delivery fee Valid for 3 months);
  3. Separate customs declaration charges 100 usd/shipment;
  4. Over weight over volume package will be charged extra;

You are welcome to inquire ShipAnt for bulky goods 30 days train delivery from China to EU.