For women dress sellers or dropshippers, the quality of product selection directly affects the success of the ecommerce business, especially in the women’s clothing industry. The best seller wome clothing not only depends on its style but also on the color, material and pattern etc. As a major category in the clothing industry, women’s clothing has a huge search volume in both in summer, in addition to the requirements for the style and color of the summer women’s clothing, the material and function will also be taken into consideration.  What should we pay attention to the best seller women’s clothing in summer 2022?

Let’s take Amazon women clothing for example, there are more than 50,000 women’s clothing items on Amazon, but only about 100 have won everyone’s favor. The 100+ dresses featured on Amazon customers’ favorite “Everyday Dresses” list. And the collection, which starts at just $17, includes flowy maxi dresses, light sundresses, comfy T-shirt dresses, and plenty of other on-trend styles. Many buyers commented that the garments were versatile and flattering.


Here are the dresses that Amazon US buyers like the most, and clothing sellers can refer to when choosing items:

1. Short-Sleeve Maxi Dress with Pockets from Viishow,  starts from $19.99


Now it comes to another concern how to source the women clothing dropshipping supplier if you want to sell the address, let’s take a look how much it costs on 1688:

The total cost around 5 usd, include international shipping cost to usa, the total cost should be around 12 usd which cannot compete Amazon but it has enough profits for dropshipping. Let’s take another  best seller Grace Karin Boatneck dress on amazon, which starts from $23.99


We can source the same one via 1688 at 5 usd.


To be featured on the Everyday Dresses list, each dress must have at least an average four-star review and at least a thousand five-star reviews. The Everyday Dresses list also features several petite and plus-size styles, such as Yidarton’s short-sleeve slit dress (pictured below), Nemidor’s cold-shoulder swing dress, and Longyuan’s sleeveless pocket sundress. When you planning to dropship best seller women dress, it is a very good way to check the everyday dress list on Amazon.

In addition to Amazon, you can also check the women dress trend in 2022 on Wish. Currently on the Wish platform, apparel products are one of the TOP3 categories on the platform. Among the apparel categories:

The United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, and France are the top 5 markets for this category.

Dresses, sweaters, swimwear and underwear, tops, and sportswear are the five subcategories with the most sales in the apparel category recently. Women dresses are one of the most popular and best-selling categories in the womenswear category. In March of this year, summer dresses, as a single category, have rushed into the top 10 categories of clothing sales, and the sales of sleeveless dresses and long-sleeved dresses also ranked in the top 20.

At present, the fashion trends of women dresses include: bright colors, refreshing and bright fluorescent lime colors, attractive orange colors, etc. In the post-epidemic era, people need more individuality and self-expression. On 1688 you can easily find out the women dress suppliers at cheap cost.


Top3 mistakes select women dress for dropshipping

When we select women dress for dropshipping, it is easily to make mistakes, the following are the top3 mistakes for you as a reference:

  1. There are manywomen clothing sellers see that the popular products on Facebook or Instagram have a lot of traffic and sell well. When selecting women clothing style, they follow the popular models only. As a result, they still watch the traffic being taken away by big sellers. Because their competitiveness is not as high as theirs, and the market share is basically occupied by them, you will definitely not benefit from following their footsteps;
  2. There are also some women clothing sellers who follow their own vision to choose the dress style, and they feel that this style has been selected for a long time. Remember that your product is sold to consumers. It is useless if you think the style is good but not in the eyes of buyers; you have not done a good job of analyzing market demand and trends before choosing a model, so the selection will definitely the wrong way;
  3. Early bird gets the worm. Now it’s time to change the seasons, sellers should act to choose the styles that are in season. Don’t wait until the season arrives to choose, it will be too late! Even if you have correctly analyzed the market trend, if you wait until then , the market may be saturated.

How to dropship women dress from 1688

As you can see no matter the women dress on Aliexpress or on Amazon, there are always cheaper price women dress dropshipping suppliers available on 1688, which is the biggest Chinese B2B platform for dropshipping for dropshipping and wholesale, it is also one of the biggest source for Amazon, Shopify, eBay, Etsy, Wish as well as other platforms. However, when you dropship women dress from 1688 outside China you will face the language issues, payment issues, shipping issue as well as aftersale issues.

Like you dropship from Aliexpress, when you start dropshipping you may need to source women dress on Aliexpress via keywords then filter via sales, comments, price etc. It is the same procedure when you dropship women dress from 1688 but it is in Chinese, you may need to source in Chinese keywords and communicate with sellers via Chinese language. If you dont know Chinese well or just use google translate, sometimes the communication are time consuming.

As for payments on 1688, it only supports yuan currency with union pay, alipay as well as other ways, it doesnt support Paypal and international credit card, unless you pay 1688 sellers offline or bank transfer while which has no any guarantee.

The 3rd issue is the shipping issue, 1688 only supports shipping courier and tracking in China, which means the sellers on 1688 platform cannot ship from China to worldwide countries.

The most important issue is the aftersale issue. Since mostly women dress dropshippers prefer cheap price suppliers compare to quality, the more cheaper the better. However, the dropshippers might ignored the women clothing dropshipping category has very high return rates. If there’s no guarantee on the dress quality the aftersale return rates might easily exceed 30%, while 1688 platform only allow 10 days free return and exchange, international shipping from China and back to supplier might exceed 1 month.

How to dropship women dress from 1688 Taobao?

ShipAnt provide all in one order fulfillment service to help you dropship women dress from 1688 Taobao. Our women clothing dropshipping service include:

  1. Sourcing service. ShipAnt can help you source women dress dropshipping supplier from 1688 based on seller sales, credits, comments, years of experience etc. to help you filter the best quality women dress dropshipping supplier on 1688 with good quality;
  2. Purchase service.  Once you confirmed the women dress supplier, you can pay us in USD, AUD, CAD, GBP, EUR currency for us to help you pay supplier in Yuan currency;
  3. Quality check. ShipAnt QC service could help you maximumly reduce aftersale issued caused by quality. In the quality check procedure, we can help you remove the sewing thread, Chinese label, tag, packaging, stains(if it can be removed by the stain remove machine). We will pick out the dress with flaws(stains, broken, bad material) and take photos to confirm with both dropshipper and supplier to negotiate return exchange;
  4. Repack and barcode. ShipAnt warehouse will repack the women dress with brandnew plastic bags, since the clothing usually have many skus we will print barcode to stick on the new plastic bags for pickpack;
  5. Custom label packaging. We can help you branding the women dress with label, tag, packaging etc. But you may need have stable sales with minimum 300 orders per month as the packaging label tag printing factory have big moq. You can check Shipant men women private label dropshipping service in details;
  6. inventory warehousing. All the repacked women dress will be add inventory in the ERP system by scanning the barcode;
  7. Pick pack. Orders have stock will be filtered automatically for pick pack after inventory udpated; Warehouse will declare goods value and print shipping label to pick up on the warehouse shelf;
  8. Shipping from China. The orders will be weight and calculate shipping cost to ship from China, tracking and bill will be updated to dropshipper.


With ShipAnt dropshipping service you can easily automate women dress dropshipping from 1688 from the above 1688 Taobao drpshipping procedure. You are welcome to dropship women dress from 1688 with ShipAnt order fulfillment service.