No matter in Aliexpress, Amazon, eBay or other online shopping platforms men women clothing category is always the most popular yet competitive category. It not only have high profits but also have high aftersale and return rates. Thus how to improve user experience and reduce aftersale rates is very important if you are dropship men women clothing from China.

Top5 issues affects Men Women clothing dropshipping return rates

Clothing quality

When you dropship men women clothing from Aliexpress to Shopify or Amazon, the retail price usually 2 to 3 times or even more higher, the clothing quality might be very important as clients always want things deserve what they paid. for example, clients pay $100 for a dress but the quality only looks like $20, then there will be more likely an aftersale issue.

The clothing quality manually relate 2 parts, the clothing material and the workmanship, while the material and workmanship related to price, the higher price the better clothing material and workmanship, the better clothing quality.

The clothing quality are the main reason caused for high refund rates.

Clothing price

No matter men or women clothing the clothing price should match the store positioning. For example, if your store target middle class men women clothing from $30 to $100, then the clothing quality should also match the same, when you dropship from China, there are hundreds of supplier with same design, the cheaper the better policy doesnt work on men women clothing dropshipping business.

If the clothing price isnt reasonable, it is also a reason caused refund.

Clothing size

It is one of the biggest concern when you dropship men women clothing from China as Chinese clothing size is usually 1 to 2 sizes smaller than EU and USA clothing size.

If the client received small size clothing which she/he cannot wear, they will difinitely ask for return and exchange or refund.

Color difference

People are easily place order by impulse especially women clothing, when there has color difference which has big contrast with the clothing photos on the store, it is more likely they will return and ask for refund.

Multiple suppliers

Unlike other products, it is easily to have multiple suppliers when you dropship men women clothing, for one thing, there are hundreds of thousands styles available each season, for another thing, dropshipping only make profits for trending hotsale products, thus multiple suppliers are commonly for men women clothing dropshipping.

Multiple suppliers means the clothing material, workmanship, labels, tags and packagings aren’t the same, if you dropship men women clothing from Aliexpress with multiple vendors, it’s more likely client receive multiple packages with multiple clothings in one order while from different suppliers, it hurts the user experience greatly not only because of they need to receive multiple packages with longer waiting time, but also the ununified packaging with uneven labels from one store with extra shipping costs.

How to reduce men women clothing return rates is how to find solutions for the Top5 issues affect men women clothing dropshipping business.

How to source quality men women clothing suppliers from China

To ensure better men women clothing quality, you will need to source quality men women clothing suppliers for trending clothings. Let’s take women yoga pants for example.

From the above photo you can see there are tens of yoga pants suppliers available, and the price range from $2 to $6, which yoga pants supplier is the best in the list? How to filter quality women yoga pants suppliers to dropship from China? We can help you select the best suppliers from the yoga pants sales, price, secondary purchase rates, refund rates, supplier certificate as well as other aspects.

Sales. It is the same principle with selecting trending men women clothing style for dropshipping business, The higher sales means the more dropshippers ordered from the supplier. Of course, you can say the sales can be faked, but it doesnt matter as we can also check refund rates parameter;

Secondary purchase rates. It is a very important parameter to evaluate the supplier product quality, the higher secondary purchase rates means more dropshippers purchased at least 2 times;

Refund rates. It is very important parameter to evaluate the clothing quality, the higher refund rates the worse quality of the supplier; Also if the sales being faked, the refund rates should be also very high;

Price. After you checked the yoga pants sales, secondary purchase rates and refund rates, then check the price among the suppliers who have the best score;

Supplier certificate. It can be also take a reference, years of experience, factory scale, registered capital, reviews etc. which can be easily found on the platform.

In this way you can easily source the best yoga pants suppliers in China. If you are still unsure, make sample from the 2 to 3 suppliers with highest score then compare them with the price, material, workmanship etc. You will find the best yoga pants suppliers at the end.

The process to source quality men women clothing suppliers are key to dropshipping business, you may ask people on the social platform or communities, but you need to test yourself personally as you business model and creteria might be not the same.

What you do if you cannot communicate with supplier via Chinese and cannot pay via CNY to ship from China? How to consolidate multiple clothings from different suppliers in one order? You can find a professional Chinese men women clothing dropshipping agent partner to help you solve the problems.

ShipAnt Men Women clothing dropshipping service

ShipAnt has 4 years men women clothing dropshipping experience in the past and we provide one stop men women clothing dropshipping service to help dropshippers improve better user experience and reduce return rates as well as cost.

ShipAnt clothing dropshipping service include:

Sourcing. We are located in Guangzhou, the biggest men women clothing wholesale city in the world. As long as you have stable orders, we can help you source the best men women clothing suppliers from both online and offline men women clothing wholesale market.

Sample/purchasing. Unlike Aliexpress, mostly dropshippers overseas cannot purchase and pay Chinese clothing suppliers directly. ShipAnt sample/purchasing service could help you pay them easily.

Quality check. When ShipAnt warehouse received clothing from new suppliers, our staff will check the clothing material, workmanship, color, quantities and measure size based on the size chart. Pick up the flaw clothing with stains, holes, scratches etc. and take photos to confirm with supplier for return exchange.

Clothing with good quality will be remove label tag if necessary then take out the supplier coupon cards and logo packagings.

Repacking. ShipAnt warehouse will repack the clothing in original shape with brandnew plain plastic bags.

Private label service. If you need private label packaging, we can help you customize clothing label, tag and packaging based on your marketing requirements, then repace supplier label, tag and packaging during repacking step.

Barcode. Since men women clothing store usually have more than 100 skus, sometimes more than 1000 skus. All the clothing repacked will need to match the product sku in the store and print sku to barcode on the packaging, thus the sku need to be unique and accurate match clothing.

Inventory warehousing. ShipAnt warehouse will update your store inventory by scan the clothing barcode, after that all the clothings will be stock on the warehouse shelves and record position in ERP system.

Photo shooting. ShipAnt also cooperate with local photo studios to help dropshipper shoot unique clothing photos based on requirements, however, since it takes long time to communicate requirements between dropshipper and studio, currently we only offer photo shooting service for few clients who have stable sales.

Print shipping label. ShipAnt warehouse will print the shipping label once orders complete after the staff updated inventory.

Pick pack. Warehouse people will pick up the clothing on the shelf with the order list and shipping label.

Fast delivery. ShipAnt offers 5 to 15 days delivery service shipping from China to EU and USA as well as other ePacket countries, stable and cost effective.

Tracking upload. The tracking will be upload to store and notice clients after we shipped.

ShipAnt Men Women clothing order fulfillment procedure

Store integration. Unlike other products for dropshipping, men women clothing have more SKU, thus we will need autorization to acess your store to integrate with warehouse ERP system, currently our ERP system supports Shopify, Amazon, Wish, Woocommerce, Etsy, eBay etc.

Sync orders. After store integration, our ERP system could sync orders from your store regularly. It includes product title, sku, order id, atrributes, photos, shipping info etc. Which are required for sourcing, purchasing and order fulfillment.

Order review. The orders picked up from the warehouse will be put in the basket together with order list and shipping label and sent for order review, the warehouse people will need to check the product sku with the order list, shipping info and confirm all information are correct then they will be pack and weight.

Update bill. The financial cost will be sent to you via skype, wechat or email regularly. It covers the daily product purchase cost, domestic shipping cost, service fee and international shipping cost as well as private label packaging cost if required.

With ShipAnt Men Women clothing dropshipping service, we can not only help you source quality men women clothing suppliers in China, but also fulfill your orders effectively to help you improve user experience and reduce cost.

ShipAnt Men Women clothing dropshipping Service Charge

From the above order fulfillment procedure you can see there are around 20 steps to fulfill the men women clothing in ShipAnt warehouse, while each men women clothing seller requirements are different, to provide better order fulfillment service while balance our cost, the dropshipping service fee are higher than other products, it depends on:

Monthly orders. The more stores the cheaper service fee;

SKU quantities. The more SKU the higher human resource cost and warehouse cost, the higher service fee;

You are welcome to inquire ShipAnt men women clothing dropshipping service fee with your store monthly sales and SKU quantities.

ShipAnt Men Women clothing dropshipping FAQ

Can you help me source quality men women clothing suppliers from China at cheaper cost?

Yes we can help you source quality men women clothing suppliers based on your requirements, however, the price of clothes is directly proportional to the quality, and we usually do not suggest clients source supplier purely on cheapest price, we will try our best to balance the product quality, cost and your profit margin when sourcing men women clothing suppliers from China.

What’s your moq per month to fulfill clothing orders?

When you looking for clothing dropshipping agent in China to help you fulfill orders you should at least have daily 2 to 3 orders, we hope to grow both of our business together but we will need to balance our human resource cost, thus we need at least 50 to 100 orders per month to fulfill orders from China.

Can you help me estimate total cost before I apply ShipAnt men women clothing dropshipping service?

Yes of course, we can help you estimate total cost and profit margin per clothing, you can provide the product link on Amazon or Aliexpress, then we will help you source suppliers in China and confirm the product weight, domestic shipping, then we can calculate the total cost per item for you.

How much you charge for clothing dropshipping service?

Since men women clothing dorpshipping service isnt standard order fulfillment service, unlike other order fulfillment companies charge per service, we charge service fee based on orders which are more cost effective, we will need to know your monthly orders, sku quantities, as well as your service requirements in details then quote you the service fee.

Do you provdie private label service for men women clothing dropship from China?

Yes of course, we can help you private label and package men women clothing to ship from China. However, although we have low small moq orders 50 to 100 monthly, the printing factory have 1000 to 2000 pcs moq on the label, tag and packaging bags.

Thus when you planning to private label clothing you should at least have stable sales 5 to 10 orders per day or high unit price with high profit margin.

Can you help me customize coupon card, thank you card and letter?

Yeah of course we can help you customize the coupon card, thank you card to assist your marketing purpose, but they have moq and you will need to design them yourself and send us psd or png file with size you want and pay for them.

How long time you can delivery my orders?

ShipAnt usually process orders within 1 to 2 days, supplier ship to our warehouse 2 to 4 days if they have stock, 5 to 15 days shipping delivery from China to EU and USA (pandemic and hot sale season might be delay a little).

How to reduce the order delivery time?

We have 2 tips for you, before you start to ads massively, please contact ShipAnt customer service with the clothing you are planning to sell, then we can help you confirm stock with suppliers.

Wholesale best seller men women clothings and stock in ShipAnt warehouse. If you have best seller clothing with daily 5 to 10 orders or more, you can think about wholesale from supplier for the most popular color and size, for one thing you can get cheaper price, for another thing the warehouse could ship them in 24 hours which at least save 1 week delivery time.

Mark the urgently orders with ShipAnt staff via email, skype or wechat, we will ship them as soon as we received from supplier.

What’s ShipAnt aftersale guarantee if my clients received clothing with flaws?

We will afford all the cost to reship a new clothing if clients received clothing with flaws after we confirmed the photos.

Can you help me measure the clothing size before shipping from China?

Yes we can help you measure size and compare with the supplier size chart each time you have new clothing or new supplier  arrived our warehouse, however, we cannot measure all of them as always as there are huge human works.

Do you have warehouse in EU or USA? How to return clothing orders to your warehouse?

Currently we do not have warehouse in EU and USA, but we can help you find local warehouse partners in EU and USA. The clothing can only being returned to our China warehouse if clients received and not satisfied. When clients return clothing be sure bear in mind we do not afford the shipping cost and tax might happened in China customs.

If the clients need to ship the clothing back to China, you’d better ask them ship via postal service and declare less than 25 usd, else it might have tax. When we received the returned clothing, we can only repack and stock in warehouse and update the inventory as the whole time should exceed Chinese supplier aftersale time already.

Can I pay via paypal?

Unfortunately we do not support paypal, for one thing its fee are very high, for another thing paypal policy do not allow shipping address and billing address arent the same. You can pay via wise, payoneer, wechat or Alipay.

Do you offer photo shooting service for men women clothing?

We work with local photo studios to help a few men women clothing sellers shoot clothing photos, since it takes long time to negotiate between sellers and studio, we need the men women clothing store have stable orders.

Can you suggest the best seller men women clothings for my store?

You can easily check the trending men women clothings on Aliexpress, Alibaba, Amazon and eBay, we do not suggest best seller men women clothings for clients as those are secrets from other clients, product selection is a very important step and it has not shortcut for your dropshipping business, but we can help you filter reliable men women clothing supplier for the products listed in your store based on our experience.

For more questions about ShipAnt Men Women clothing dropshipping service you are welcome to contact us via [email protected].