The stock inventory is the main difference between dropshipping mode and other ecommerce business mode, it is a double-edged sword for dropshipping business, without stock it is nearly risky free for dropshipping but the stock is totally out of control, with stock it might face the funds pressure when product sales arent stable. Does it necessary to have stock for best seller products or not? It is totally depending on the ecommerce business stage. However, the best seller products sales will be affected greatly during hot sale season or holidays promotion if you cannot lock the supplier stock inventory. How to lock best seller products stock inventory dropship from China? There are few tips for you as a reference.

Backup 2 to 3 best seller product suppliers resource dropship from China

Let’s take Aliexpress dropshipping for example, when you filtered the trending products on Aliexpress for dropshipping, it takes sometime to test them via facebook or instagram ads, if you are luckly to find some best seller products in 2 to 3 weeks you will need to pay attention to best seller products stock as 20% best seller products generate 70% to 80% profits in the store, it will be a disaster for the startup dropshipping business if there has totally no control on the stock inventory for the best seller products, there will be lots of refunds and aftersale disputes for the pending orders. Thus backup 2 to 3 best seller product suppliers are necessary when dropshipping from aliexpress.

How to source multiple vendors for best seller products other than Aliexpress?

When you search trending products on Aliexpress, there are always multiple suppliers available, you can easily filter 1 to 2 best suppliers for dropshipping. Once you tested best seller products for your store which means it will at least have 5 to 10 orders per day, traditionally Aliexpress suppliers cannot support your business anymore if you cannot get discount price from Aliexpress suppliers. How to source multiple vendors for best seller products other than Aliexpress? There are many online shopping platforms available for dropship from China. For example, Alibaba, 1688, Taobao, JD and even Pingduoduo although most of them are in Chinese.

Tips 1. Source best seller products supplier from Aliaba

When you have best seller products in your store, you can start to source suppliers from Alibaba not only because of cheaper price, but also backup best seller suppliers for the hot sell season in case products out of stock. Of course, if you do not want face big funds pressure you can try small amount wholesale  based on your weekly sales for the best seller products only, the rest goods still dropship from Aliexpress or 1688 Taobao.

Backup best seller products supplier is very efficient way to avoid products out of stock as you always have backup suppliers.

Tips 2. Source best seller products supplier from 1688 Taobao

Although 1688 Taobao is in Chinese, they are very good Aliexpress alternative dropship from China. Thus you can also try to source the best seller products supplier from 1688 Taobao, filter 1 to 2 suppliers with the best price, sales volume, high secondary purchasing rates and less refund rates for the best seller products.

Tips 3. Talk to the best seller products supplier personally

No matter sourcing on Aliexpress, Alibaba or 1688 Taobao, the keypoint is to grasp more information about the products and its suppliers, the more you communicate with suppliers, the more information you have for your best seller products and the potential best seller products from the supplier, the easier for you to make marketing decision as it doesnt cost you extra money to be friends with your supplier.

In this way, you can not only bargain the best seller products price with your supplier but also know more accurate stock your supplier has.

Tips 4. Stock best seller products during hot sale season

Although both sellers and suppliers prepare alot on the hotsale season, products often out of stock, airline delay often caused the slow delivery and ruin the clients holiday mood each Oct to Dec. Thus bulk wholesale best seller products from suppliers could help you not only get cheaper price but also for faster delivery, and you wont have to be headache for the products out of stock.

Tips 5. Find best seller products supplier in EU and USA

There are more and more EU USA suppliers and Chinese suppliers stock products in EU and USA warehouse for faster delivery, if your best seller products have enough profits, find a backup supplier in EU or USA is also very good choice to help you avoid best seller products out of stock in the hotsale season.

The above are the 5 tips to help you how to lock best seller products stock inventory dropship from China at the cheapest cost. You are welcome to inquire ShipAnt order fulfillment service when you dropship from China.