1688 is a popular B2B platform for dropshipping and wholesale, although it focus on Chinese market, it does have the biggest trending products source for Etsy, Wish, Amazon, eBay and Shopify. How to dropship from China 1688 to eBay if you don’t know Chinese? How much lower does the total cost dropship from 1688 than Aliexpress? ShipAnt will explain one by one via the following 5 aspects:

  • Top4 issues dropshipping from 1688 to eBay
  • How to fulfill orders from 1688 to eBay
  • How to select trending products for eBay dropshipping
  • eBay dropshipping cost from 1688
  • eBay packages shipping from China                                               

Top4 issues dropshipping from 1688 to eBay

Unlike dropshipping from Aliexpress, small business overseas cannot dropship from 1688 directly as there are top4 issues when dropship from 1688 to eBay.

Language issue. Since 1688 is in Chinese, thus the language issue mainly affects products sourcing, product description reading and communication with dropshipping suppliers on 1688,  the language issue will prevent you get the product information as easy as Aliexpress. How to source on 1688 if you dont know Chinese? How to import product photos and description from 1688 to eBay? We will introduce a few 1688 sourcing skills seperately or you can check previously blog which also lists tips how to source products from 1688.

Payment issue. When you dropship from Aliexpress, you can pay via credit card, paypal, Alipay, bank transfer etc. While in 1688 there are only Alipay (different from international Alipay), Chinese deposit card and seldomly credit card as well as some credit payment by Alibaba, the small business overseas cannot pay on 1688 directly no matter you use credit card or international Alipay account.

Shipping issue. 1688 platform only supports China domestic shipping service, which means when you dropship from China the supplier cannot ship to your clients directly without agent shipping service.

Aftersale issue. Aliexpress have 30 days free return service if the products have flaws but 1688 only offer 7 days free return and exchange service which means the flaw products cannot being returned due to the aftersale policy expired long time ago.

How to dropship from 1688 to eBay if you have the above issues? Find a reliable 1688 dropshipping agent service to help you fulfill orders from 1688 to your clients directly.

How to fulfill orders from 1688 to eBay

ShipAnt provide one stop order fulfillment service to help you fulfil orders from 1688 to eBay. The order fulfillment procedure baisaclly the same as dropship from 1688 to Etsy, and it can be divided into 8 steps.

Step 1. eBay integration. Just like Amazon and Shopify, Shipant need to integrate eBay store with ERP to update orders for order fulfillment. It is very easy, all you need to do is to tell us the store name, then we create an authorization link from ERP and send to you, you can login eBay store and generate an random authorization code and send back to ShipAnt, we will input the code to authorize integration, if the code matched the integration can be done and we are able to downlod order information from Etsy. PS: the authorization link only effective for 30 mins, thus need to work together at the same time.

Step 2. Sourcing purchasing. Once orders being updated to ShipAnt ERP, we are able to check the product information in the orders and shipping information.  If you already have reliable product suppliers on 1688, you can send us the product links to match and bind products in ERP, then our staff just purchase directly based on eBay orders, if you didn’t have 1688 suppliers, then we will help you source and purchase after you confirmed the price.

The 1688 sourcing service is mainly to help you solve the language issue on sourcing and communicate with 1688 suppliers. 1688 purchasing service mainly solve the payment issue.

Step 3. QC. ShipAnt warehouse will check the product quality to make sure there’s no broken and flaws on the products to reduce aftersale rates. The product broken and flaws will be take photos to confirm with supplier for return and exchange.

The QC service is mainly help you check the product quality and repack them to ship from China in good condition to reduce aftersale issue as the deliver and return shipping time exceed 1688 return exchange policy;

Step 4. Inventory warehousing. Products will be matched to each orders and update inventory in ERP. If the product SKUs on eBay more than 20, we will need to print barcode to distinguish each product.

Step 5. Pick pack. ShipAnt warehouse will pick pack the products for each order by time once the erp system show the orders shown complete, in this step, the warehouse will focus on strengthen packages and reduce package volume since the products mostly are home decors and crafts which have a little big volume and may fragile.

Step 6. Print shipping label. ShipAnt warehouse will help you prepare invoice for customs declare, select the right shipping courier for destination countries shipping from China and then print shipping label to stick on the packages, then return tracking to eBay.

Step 7. Shipping. ShipAnt offers air mail, ePacket, small package lines shipping from China to USA and EU countries, Middle East and Asia countries, 7 to 15 days delivery, stable and cost effective. It mainly help you solve the shipping issue dropship from 1688 to eBay.

Step 8. Update bill. Once the package shipped, ShipAnt will update the bill for the product cost, service fee and international shipping cost as well as VAT tax if you do not have IOSS code for packages ship to EU countries.

How to select trending products for eBay dropshipping

There are 2 basic rules when we select products for eBay dropshipping, trending products with higher profits margin. How to select 1688 trending products for eBay dropshipping? There are a few tips for eBay product selection:

Firstly you can list the categories and products you see on eBay. For example, if you want dropship baby clothes or pet cat toys, you can check the best seller products on eBay and record them one by one, then source on 1688 to estimate your cost and profit margin. On the contrary, you can also check the best-selling items in the 2 product categories on 1688 and compare them on eBay. In addition, you can also use some professional tools to select products for eBay dropshipping. After entering the product category, a list of all the best-selling products on the market will be displayed, a good way to judge is to look at the red data at the bottom lisitng.

To get more sales, your product need to be unique to some extent. In addition to the uniqueness of the product itself, sellers can consider increasing the uniqueness of their sales through the following aspects: lower prices, better delivery services, and more attractive product descriptions.

The following are some eBay product selection tools for your as a reference:


This tool can search a database of every collectible sold on eBay since 2014. If you are not logged in, ListingsHistory will only display the title, image, end time and category of the listing, but it can be registered for free to obtain data such as product prices and complete product descriptions. The tool also provides a “only auctions with bids” search option. After selecting this option, the search results will only return products that have actually been sold.


Algopix is ​​a free eBay software designed to help sellers buy the right products and sell them in the right channels, develop their business in a healthy way, thereby increasing sales and profits, and reducing the risk of online sales. Algopix provides sellers of all sizes with the tools they need to make data-driven decisions, and has become the most popular tool software. Algopix’s free project only allows users to search for one product at a time; at the same time, it also provides two other paid projects, and users can search for up to 3000 or 10000 products per month with the help of CSV files.


Terapeak is a tool that helps eBay sellers find more products and generate more sales. It analyzes markets, categories, competition, hot trends, and products by accessing years of actual sales data of millions of items in order to find the best-selling items on eBay.

eBay dropshipping cost from 1688

There are many online sellers dropship ship 1688 for cheaper product price, it is true that the product price on 1688 cheaper than Aliexpress but the total cost wont be cheaper at the beginning. Let’s check the dropshipping cost from 1688 VS Aliexpress.

Aliexpress dropshipping cost: Product cost+Aliexpress standard shipping fee(free shipping 30 to 50 days)

1688 dropshipping cost: Product cost+domestic shipping(from supplier to agent warehouse)+agent service fee+international shipping cost(7 to 15 days)

You may found the dropshipping cost difference between 1688 and Aliexpress, if you dropship one by one, the total cost might be not cheaper than Aliexpress sometimes even higher as it has agent service fee and the international shipping cost.

What’s the point to dropship from 1688 if the cost is even higher than Aliexpress? There might be mainly the following 3 reasons:

1> Cheaper best seller price. Although single item order cost from 1688 might be higher than Aliexpress, if you sucessfully digged best seller product on eBay the wholesale price on 1688 is far more cheaper than Aliexpress;

2>Faster delivery. Aliexpress shipping delivery time being complainted by dropshippers for long time as the free shipping service might take 1 to 2 months or even more during hot sale season;

3> Better user experice. If you have multiple suppliers on 1688, the agent could help you consolidate items in the same order to ship to clients within one package while Aliexpress clients might receive multiple;

1688 agent service could check the product quality before shipping to clients, it improves user experience and reduce aftersale rates as well as resources involved in aftersale;

Customs label packaging. Dropship from 1688 the brand marketing requirements can be satisfied with logo sticker, label, tag, coupon, thanks card, packaging bag, box etc. which all contribute to better user experience and user loyalty.

eBay packages shipping from China 

There are 2 ways for the eBay orders shipping from China, the first one is ship via Chinese agent like ShipAnt, another is eBay official fulfillment service eBay Send. If ShipAnt help you dropship from 1688 to eBay you can take a look at the procedure listed above, here we introduce the procedures for eBay Send service.

eBay send service procedure:

1. ShipAnt order from 1688, QC and pack goods in good condition and stick barcode label;

1. Ship to eBay warehouses, eBay can provide door-to-door delivery services.

2. After the eBay warehouse receives the goods, it will count first, and then enter the system and put it on the shelf;

3. After the buyer places an order at the store, eBay’s overseas warehouse staff will allocate the goods according to the order information.

4. Arrange a courier company or a special car to deliver to the buyer’s delivery address according to factors such as the size of the product.

5. After the buyer receives the goods and signs for receipt, the eBay delivery process is also completed.

Precautions for eBay Send service:

1. If you choose eBay overseas warehouse, then your package must meet the requirements of the platform, otherwise it will be returned;

2. eBay also imposes a time limit on the delivery time, so everyone should ship as soon as possible.

The above are the tutorials How to dropship from 1688 to eBay, you are welcome to inquire ShipAnt if you have any questions.