The hotsale season in 2021 is coming, and it is the critical moment for Shopify sellers to launch new products and create best seller products . If you can foresee the trend of hot sales, the products will surely in hot sales. The following editor will take you to hug your holiday thighs and understand consumer preference products. We will list the top6 dropship categories in 2021 hotsale season for you as a reference.

Back to school hotsale products

The back-to-school season from July to September each year is the peak e-commerce shopping season second only to Christmas in the second half of the year. A report by the American Retail Federation pointed out that e-commerce sales in the back-to-school season in 2020 reached 78.1 billion U.S. dollars.

The hottest product categories in the back-to-school season include: Backpacks, clothing accessories, stationery,  consumer electronics, hardware, etc.

hotsale backpacks

Halloween hotsale products

Every year, October 31th is the “Ghost Festival” of the Americans, which is also known as Halloween. Halloween has increasingly become a hot spot in mainstream American culture. It is one of the hottest festivals of the year and one of the most popular and concerned festivals among young people. To celebrate the coming of Halloween, almost every household will participate in dressing up ghosts, so Halloween is also a big promotion opportunity for Shopify sellers.

The Halloween hotsale product categories are Cosplay supplies, costume props, special effects cosmetics, party supplies, etc.

Thanksgiving Day hotsale products

The fourth Thursday of November every year is Thanksgiving Day in the United States. Since this holiday was originally set up for the reunion of relatives and friends and express gratitude to each other, this holiday has also become another major shopping hotspot in the second half of the year. And on Thanksgiving Day, many physical stores in the United States tend to close or shorten their business hours. This is a rare and precious opportunity for 24-hour online e-commerce shopping.

Thanksgiving is a special holiday. American consumers who pay attention to the sense of ritual have a large demand for specific holiday products such as greeting cards, decorations, handicrafts, and various products suitable for gifts.

Black Friday hotsale products

The day after Thanksgiving is the highlight of the promotion in the second half of the year. Major merchants will launch the largest discounts and discounts throughout the year to carry out the last large-scale promotion at the end of the year.

Because Black Friday has formed a unique and profound consumer culture in the United States, all kinds of goods will have general promotional discounts, and consumers will hurry up on this day to buy all kinds of products they need at the lowest prices throughout the year, so Black Friday is undoubtedly Amazon. The most important promotional opportunity for sellers in the second half of the year.

The black friday hotsale products covered all the consumer products categories in daily lives, include clothing, cosmetics, home decor, jewelry accessories, bags, shoes, sports, toys, pets, outdoors, electronics, car accessories etc.

Christmas hotsale products

Christmas is a traditional Western holiday, just like the Chinese New Year, sales will usher in the peak season. Therefore, it is one of the most important holiday, so Shopify and Amazon sellers should prepare for the stock as early as possible and cannot miss this big promotion.

Christmas decorations, greeting cards, gift packaging supplies, gifts and greeting cards suitable for all ages and genders, candles, decorations, calendars, and other Christmas-related products are very popular.

Due to the orders in the holiday season have high requirements (because customers will be very angry if they do not receive the goods before the holiday), please make sure to prepare:

(1) Prepare sufficient inventory;

(2) It is best to upload a valid waybill within 24 hours (the longest should not exceed 48 hours);

(3) The tracking information needs to be available 12 hours after uploading.

During the peak season, consumers can buy what they like at a more favorable price. The peak season is often a symbol of peak traffic and sales.

The above are the most important holidays in 2021. What kind of products you should prepare for the holidays? What are the characteristics of hotsale products in Q4 2021? We listed the following:

  1. Gifts. The fourth quarter is a festival of reunion and celebration. One of the biggest shopping goals of people is gift-giving. Therefore, products suitable for gift-giving will usher in the peak sales season.
  2. Hobbies. Many people buy products from the perspective of hobbies. Therefore, products in this field also performed well in 2021 Q4.
  3. Huge discounts. In this crazy discount season, many merchants are bleeding and offering 4-5% discounts. If you want to compare with it, it seems that “compelling” or even value-for-money products will sell better.
  4. Exclusive online. In order to encourage consumers to switch to online shopping, those products that can be easily purchased in major department stores are obviously not attractive, and items that are difficult to purchase in physical stores will be a better choice for online drainage.

Based on the description listed above, the top6 hotsale niche market for dropshipping are:

Fashion clothing


Home decor

Jewelry accessories



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