The shipping delivery time is always one of the biggest concern when we dropship from China. What’s the fastest way dropshipping from China? What’s the cheapest way dropshipping from China? What are the Aliexpress shipping ePacket alternatives shipping from China? There are lots of those kind of questions related to the shipping ways on Quora and Facebook, as long as we know the difference between Aliexpress shipping, ePacket and 4PX Yunexpress as well as other shipping couriers how to choose the best way to dropship from China wont be a problem anymore.

Basically, the shipping delivery is always related to shipping cost, the faster shipping the higher shipping cost(so there’s no so called the fastest yet cheapest way shipping from China), the heavier product weight the higher shipping cost, the bigger volume product the higher shipping cost. Thus when we select best seller products dropship from Aliexpress, we should know the product, weight, volume and delivery time we should offer the clients, then estimate shipping cost on different ways to select the best shipping service suitable for the dropshipping business. That is, do not choose expensive shipping for lower value products, do not select high volume goods for courier charges volume weight, do not select heavey weight product for dropshipping as the shipping cost make the business no profits especially during covid19 all the shipping ways cost increased 2 to 3 times or even more in 2020.

After we know the relationship between product, weight, volume, delivery time and shipping cost, let’s see the difference between Aliexpress standard shipping, ePacket and 4PX Yunexpress as well as other small package line shipping from China, I am sure it is easily to choose the best way to dropship from China.

Aliexpress standard shipping

Shipping range: 254 countries and regions worldwide

Supported product categories: general goods, live, non-liquid cosmetics can be sent, pure electricity, liquid powder are not supported


  • Starts from 1 gram, billed by gram; small package billing and large package billing standards are different, some countries do not support sending large packages of goods;
  • Small package billing: the declared weight of the package is less than 2kg, and the actual weight of the package is less than 2kg, and the unilateral length of the package is <=60cm, and the package length+width+height<=90cm;
  • Large package billing: package declared weight>=2kg, or package actual weight>=2kg, or package unilateral length>60cm, or package length+width+height>90cm;
  • Delivery time: usually 20 to 40 working days. Brazil mostly 90 days, other countries 60 days.


  • worldwide shipping;
  • generally the fee is relatively low , package can be tracked;
  • Suitable for products with a customer unit price of less than $10 and no delivery time requirements.


  • package delivery relatively slow, especially in 2020 the package takes 2 to 3 months or even more time;
  • ceasily lost during international shipping.


Shipping range: 39 countries and districts include Ireland, Austria,  Australia, Brazil, Belgium, Poland, Denmark, Germany, Russia, France, Finland, Kazakhstan, Korea, Netherlands, Canada, Luxembourg,  Malaysia, United States, Mexico, Norway, Portugal,  Japan, Sweden, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, Spain, Greece, Singapore, New Zealand, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Vietnam, China Hong Kong.

Supported product categories: general goods, live, non-liquid cosmetics can be sent, pure batteries, liquid powder are not supported.


  • Weight: under 2kg;
  • Max volume: package length+ width+height cannot exceed 90 cm, and the biggest side cannot exceed 60cm, roll length cannot exceed 90 cm; Roll package diameter*2 + length should less than 104 cm; length cannot exceed 90 cm;
  • Min volume: package length cannot less than 14cm, width cannot less than 11cm, roll package diameter*2+ length cannot less than 17 cm, length cannot less than 11cm;
  • Delivery time: 15 to 30 working days;


  • Cost effective, calculate weight per gram;
  • Delivery failed package will be returned to China for free;
  • No remote area for the shipping delivery countries;
  • Doesnt calculate volume weight.


  • Unstable delivery time especially in 2020 during covid19 period;
  • Restricted countries and region delivery;
  • Easily being returned by customs.

4PX Yunexpress Yanwen and other small package line

shipping ranges:

North America: United States, Canada

Europe: United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Ireland, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania,  Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Austria, Denmark, Greece, Switzerland, Norway, Russia

Oceania:Australia, New Zealand

Africa: South Africa

South America: Brazil, Mexico

Middle East: UAE,  Bahrain, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Qatar, Saudi Arabia

South East: Singapore, Malaysia

No matter 4PX, Yunexpress, Yanwen or other small package lines their shipping countries are highly coincide with ePacket, thus they also being considered as ePacket alternatives for dropshipping business.

Product restrictions: general goods and builtin batteries goods only.  Foods, liquids, brands without authorization files, drugs, powder, flammable and explosive products will be rejected.


  • Shipping weight: compare package weight and its volume weight and select the bigger one as shipping weight. volume weight=length*width*height/8000, some countries are 6000.
  • Shipping arrange: USA doesnt include remote areas such as Alaska and Hawaii, and overseas addresses such as Puerto Rico and Guam; APO/FPO military addresses; Europe countries with islands can’t deliver.
  • Package value: USA not exceed 600 usd, Canada not exceed 20 CAD, EU countries not exceed 22 EUR, UK and Australia charge tax for all packages, other countries not exceed 50 usd. Package might being charged tax from China to overseas based on different countries customs policy.
  • Package volume: min size no less than 10cm*10cm, longest side no longer than 60cm, length+width+height less than 90cm.
  • Package weight: 0.05kg to 5kg, better under 2kg.
  • Return and redelivery service: all packages ship from China cannot be returned back, they will be destroyed if delivery failed after 15 days. USA and EU countries Redelivery charge starts from 50 yuan/shipment, the higher weight the higher redelivery fee, shipping address cannot being modified after the package shipped from China. Thus we suggest all the orders shipped via 4PX Yunexpress need phone number to reduce redelivery.
  • Compensation: package lost during international shipping will compensate 100 yuan+ shipping fee.


  • Stable shipping delivery time, usually 5 to 15 days to different countries;
  • Package can be tracked, less package lost rates;
  • Slightly cheaper shipping rates than ePacket;


  • Restricted delivery countries with remote areas on the islands, military base etc;
  • Redelivery charges fee and return fee;
  • Calculate volume weight, high volume weight products will be high shipping cost;

No matter we apply Aliexpress standard shipping, ePacket or 4PX Yunexpress or other small package lines dropship from China, we should always concern the delivery time and cost and find a balance between them. In short, the shipping cost is related with our profit margin, the higher profits we can make, the better shipping service we can choose, the less profit margin we make, the cheaper shipping way we can choose. For example, the shipping way has big difference between the average order value above $100 and less than $10, if we dropship high end clothing like streetwear or women clothing, we will need to provide faster and stable shipping service for better user experience, if we dropship charging cable or phone case less than $10 per order, we will have no profits if we choose fast delivery shipping service.

Due to the shipping cost concern, there are a few rules we should follow when we select trending products dropship from China:

  1. Select light weight products with low volumes, better under 1kg;
  2. Select medium or high value products for higher profits, product price usually exceed $30; of course you can select slighly lower price product with upsell or cross promote marketing strategy to make higher profits;
  3. Offer both free and paid shipping service.

Once we figured out the difference between Aliexpress standard shipping, ePacket and 4PX Yunexpress, we can easily choose the best way suit our business to dropship from China.