After TikTok became a popular choice for e-commerce platforms, many dropshippers may face a common problem: how to carry out efficient delivery process after placing an order? Especially for merchants who choose to use TikTok overseas warehouse for drop shipping, it is crucial to understand the whole process clearly.

Tiktok order fulfillment requirements:

Stocking time: The order status changes from “pending shipment” to “pending collection” within 48 hours;
Pickup time: The order status changes from “pending collection” to “in transit” within 72 hours.

It means if you sell on tiktok in USA market or UK market, you will need to choose to ship goods directly from US warehouses or UK warehouse instead of Chinese warehouse as they could not met the shipping delivery time requirements,  only with local market warehouse the packages can be handed over to local express companies for collection on the same day and delivered to buyers within 1-3 working days.

So how does the US warehouse fulfill TikTok orders?

1. Select a reliable US warehouse receipt service provider

Tiktok sellers must first find a suitable overseas warehouse service provider. Here is a small tip. When looking for overseas warehouse services, you must combine the strength of the overseas warehouse and the storage hardware to choose a reliable overseas warehouse to ensure the accuracy of the order.

2. Deliver goods to US warehouses

After communicating with the overseas warehouse service provider, if you want to ship the goods to the overseas warehouse, you can find a dedicated logistics line yourself and ship the goods to the overseas warehouse by air or sea.

3. Stock inventory

After the goods arrive at the overseas warehouse. The overseas warehouse staff will arrange the goods, check, put them on the shelves, and a series of operations. At the same time, the seller can also put the corresponding goods on the shelves in his own store.

4. order fulfillment

The buyer places an order online, and the seller will upload the order through the overseas warehouse system and then deliver the goods.

5. Buyer signs for receipt

The buyer confirms that the goods are correct and signs for receipt, and the entire order is completed.

How does US warehouse charge? Tiktok’s overseas warehouse charges for dropshipping order fulfillment:

in warehousing fee + SKU  fee + pick pack fee + consolidation feee + storage fee + freight = total cost

Warehouse inbound fee, outbound fee and freight are basically the costs that will be incurred;

SKU fee is a one-time fee, and one SKU is only charged once;

Consolidation fee for multiple items in one order is only charged when there are multiple items to be picked and shipped out of the warehouse for the same order;

Storage fee, for each batch of goods entering the warehouse, usually the us Warehouse has a 30-day to 60-day free warehouse rent discount, and the warehouse rent will be calculated after free period, which means that if you control the inventory cycle within the free storage period, you don’t have to pay overseas warehouse storage fees.

Advantages of TikTok US warehouse dropshipping service

1. Improve logistics efficiency: Using TikTok’s US overseas warehouse drop shipping service, sellers can prepare goods in advance to overseas warehouses in the United States. When buyers place orders, they can be shipped directly from local warehouses, which greatly shortens delivery time and improves logistics efficiency.

2. Reduce logistics costs: Compared with traditional cross-border logistics methods, overseas warehouse drop shipping services can significantly reduce logistics costs, because sellers can not only use lower-priced sea freight services, but also get better discounts on tail-end delivery prices.

3. Improve buyer satisfaction: Fast and convenient logistics delivery can improve buyer satisfaction and increase the possibility of repeat customers, thereby increasing sellers’ sales.

4. Expand the US market: For Chinese sellers who want to expand the US market, using TikTok’s US overseas warehouse drop shipping service can quickly open up the market and improve brand awareness and reputation. US overseas warehouses have abundant local resources and can give sellers some substantive suggestions based on local market conditions.

TikTok US  warehouse dropshipping service strategy

1. Product selection strategy: When choosing to use TikTok’s US overseas warehouse drop shipping service, sellers should give priority to products that are suitable for bulk transportation, have high market demand, and have high gross profit margins. At the same time, pay attention to the seasonality and timeliness of product selection to avoid inventory backlogs and unsalable products.

2. Logistics solution selection: When choosing an overseas warehouse, sellers need to consider factors such as service quality and price, and choose a logistics service provider with a good reputation and credibility. In addition, sellers also need to consider factors such as transportation methods, transportation time, and transportation costs to develop the best logistics solution.

3. Inventory management: In order to avoid inventory backlogs and unsalable products, sellers need to establish a sound inventory management system, keep abreast of inventory conditions, and adjust inventory levels based on sales data and market demand. At the same time, sellers also need to consider how to deal with unsalable products and returns to reduce operating risks and costs. Of course, one of the advantages of using US overseas warehouses for drop shipping is that overseas warehouses can quickly help sellers clear inventory, and can recover inventory offline to help sellers quickly recover funds and reduce losses.

4. Marketing strategy: When using TikTok’s US overseas warehouse drop shipping service, sellers also need to develop corresponding marketing strategies to improve brand awareness and reputation. For example, through social media, search engines and other channels to promote and participate in promotional activities. At the same time, you also need to pay attention to communication language and cultural differences with buyers to improve customer experience.

5. Legal compliance: When using TikTok’s US overseas warehouse drop shipping service, sellers need to comply with relevant laws, regulations and platform regulations to ensure legal operations and good reputation. For example, obtain import licenses, declare information such as value and quantity of goods, and comply with intellectual property protection regulations. At the same time, you also need to understand relevant taxes such as tariffs and value-added tax to formulate a reasonable pricing strategy.

How to apply ShipAnt service to help you selling on Tiktok US warehouse

Unlike Shopify dropshipping, Tiktok dropshipping have more restriction on delivery time, thus ShipAnt offers the following service to help you reduce cost selling on Tiktok.

1> As a tiktok sourcing agent, ShipAnt aimed to help you find quality suppliers in China at good profit margin; our sourcing team could help you make samples from different suppliers and take photos or videos to determine the best suppliers, negotiate with them for the bulky wholesale price met your budget;

2>Quality inspection. All the goods arrived ShipAnt warehouse will be check the packaging and pick out the flaws to exchange with supplier ensure goods shipping from China with good condition;

3> Barcode. Since the barcode service in us warehouse is much more higher, we will help you barcode in China warehouse;

4>Custom label packaging; We can help you custom label packaging based on your requirements;

5>Consolidate packing. We will consolidate different products into one or multiple boxes and prepare the packing list, strengthen outside boxes in case damage during shipping;

6> Cost effective sea and air shipping. No matter you shipping from china to US warehouse via air or sea, we provide the most cost effective shipping rates to help you save shipping cost;

7> US warehousing service. We worked with a few us warehouse which offers 60 days free storage service, if you have difficult select warehouse service in usa, we can introduce the most affordable one.

You are welcome to inquire ShipAnt dropshipping service if you are dropshipping from China to US UK market via Tiktok.