Lots of Shopify sellers may wonder there are a lot of orders per day at a high conversion rate, but why is it difficult to increase profits when calculating the product cost, ad cost and shipping cost. When you found that you only rely on traffic drive sales of the Shopify store, you might focus on the customer order value, especially in the traditional hot sale season promotion, How to increase customer order value to make more profits for Shopify dropshipping? The following are 5 ways increase order value for Shopify dropshipping.

Why the customer order value is so important for dropshipping?

First, let’s review the concept of customer order value. It is the average amount of goods purchased by each customer, and the calculation formula is:

Customer order value = Total sales ÷ order quantities

why the customer order value is so important to Shopify dropshipping? We can derive from the formula of the sales funnel:

GMV = traffic * conversion rate * customer order value * repurchase

In other words, GMV is determined by several factors such as traffic, conversion rate, customer order value and repurchase. In the case of limited promotion costs, if you want to increase the total sales, you should not rely on traffic only, but pay more attention to the addition of other factors to GMV, and the customer order value is one of them.

5 ways increase order value for Shopify dropshipping

1> Increase product price

This is the simplest and rude way to help you earn more income. Perhaps some Shopify sellers have doubts. If you directly increase the price, there will definitely be consumers who will give up the purchase. Doesn’t it mean that conversion rates will be decreased?

Let’s make an assumption. Suppose you are selling a toy at price of $30 on Shopify, and your monthly sales volume is about 100. Now your income is $3,000. But suppose you increase the price to $34.99. In the process, some consumers may leave you because of the price increase. After that, you can only sell 90 units per month, but the income can still reach $3149.1. The total revenue is increased.

The reality may be more complicated, but the reason is obvious. Don’t worry about the decrease in purchase volume after raising the price, but to find the balance point where the price multiplies the purchase volume the most. Regarding the specific pricing strategy, you need to learn to control consumer psychology, At the same time, stimulating sales growth of Shopify store, based on the theory of brand equity, loyal brands have certain premium capabilities. If your product has a group of very loyal customers, the impact of a moderate price increase on them is actually very small. You can also inform in advance before raising the price to make these loyal customers feel valued and reduce the impact of raising prices on customers.


Bundling generally includes combination bundling and pricing bundling, which is one of the effective ways to increase the customer unit price. Most products can be sold in bundles, especially products with a low customer unit price (under $30).

In Shopify background, you can set up in the application market (Apps)-marketing tools (merchandising)-bundle sales (Bundle Sales).

In addition, it is recommended to display the package with the product on the product details page. For example, if you sell women’s clothing you can match the tops and skirts and place them on the details page, and show how much discount (xx% OFF) is available.

If you find that the average purchase quantity (sales quantity/order quantity) of certain products in the store is relatively high, you can also bundle these products to increase the customer order value.

3>Cross-sell and upsell

Cross-selling or up-selling is to explore the diverse needs of existing consumers and recommend more relevant products to consumers.

Consumers are often not completely certain about their own needs, so at this time we need to take the initiative to control the consumer psychology of consumers and launch products proactively. For example, for consumers who buy mobile phones in stores, we can recommend products such as mobile phone case and power bank.

However, it should be noted that cross-selling products are products that can increase consumer experience value and predict that consumers have a certain willingness to buy, rather than redundant products.

Recommended products are generally displayed at the bottom of the product detail page.

You can take a look at Top7 upsell cross sell plugins for Shopify dropshipping.

4> Increase free shipping value

Many Shopify seeler with low customer order value will lower the free shipping threshold in order to reduce abandoning purchases due to shipping fee issues. It is easier to get orders to some extent, but the overall customer order value is very low.

During hotsale seaon, we might as well change our thinking and try to set the free shipping threshold slightly higher than the AOV (Average Order Value) of the store. If the average customer order value is 30 US dollars, you can set it to 40 US dollars for free shipping, and adjust the free shipping threshold to encourage customers to spend more, thereby increasing the customer order value.

5> Installment

You can add installment options in Shopify. This situation is especially suitable when the price of the goods sold is higher.

For consumers, installment payments can not only enable them to experience the product in advance, but also relieve economic pressure.

For merchants, installment payments can largely eliminate consumer hesitation when buying, expand user audiences, and increase sales.

The meaning of driving traffics to Shopify  store is to expand store and product page visits, thereby increasing sales. However, if the store order conversion is extremely dependent on traffics, and the profit margin has not been greatly improved, it is often a dangerous signal for dropshipping business.

The above are 5 ways increase order value for Shopify dropshipping. Increasing the customer order value means that the same advertising fee can be used to obtain more benefits from a consumer. Compared with pure traffics, this will be more effective for sales growth in the hotsale season.