The traditional hotsale season is coming, but you may already worried about the shipping as no matter air or sea shipping from China to USA and EU countries start to increase again. What’s the cheapest way shipping from China to USA EU?How to ship from China to USA EU in 5 to 10 days at cheap shipping rates? We will list the factors affect the shipping cost and advantages of China post air mail, epacket, ems, small package line, DHL, FedEx, UPS, air delivery and sea delivery shipping from China to USA, you can select the best way shipping from China to USA based on your business requirements.

Top5 issues affect the international shipping cost

Product name

The goods name can be divided into 3 types, general goods, sensitive goods and prohibited goods. The 3rd one cannot be shipped, thus we mainly talk about general goods and sensitive goods shipping from China. The sensitive goods refers to batteries electronics, liquids, cosmetics, powder, virus prevention goods  etc. Sensitive goods shipping rates usually 15% to 25% higher than general goods shipping rates. In 2020, the virus prevention goods air shipping rates are 1 times higher than general goods due to the lack of air flights. If you are unsure about whether the products are general or sensitive goods, you can inquire ShipAnt with product link or photos.

You can also take a look How to ship nail glue essential oil cosmetics from China to USA EU.

Weight volume

That’s commonly sense the heavier weight and volume, the higher shipping cost. When you dropship shipping from China, the smaller weight volume goods the better, the cheaper shipping cost and higher profits. Thus it is very important to select small weight volume goods with higher value for dropshipping.

Delivery time

That’s also not hard to understand the faster delivery the higher shipping cost. When you dropship from China to USA you should choose the best courier service which balance the delivery time and shipping cost. For example, if your store average order value less than 20 usd, you can select epacket, air mail for shipping, if the average order value between 30 to 100 usd, you can select faster delivery time, if above 100 usd you may need to provide courier service.

Destination countries

Different countries have different shipping rates for goods shipping from China, but it doesnt mean the more closer distance the cheaper shipping rates, for example, if you dropship from China to India and middle Asia countries, the shipping rates wont be cheaper than China ship to USA although they are near China. When you dropship from China to USA EU and other developed countries, you will find the shipping rates are usually cheaper than Africa and South America and other countries in the world.

Line up time

No matter air or sea, in Oct to Nov each year the goods need to line up in airport or seaport to ship from China to USA EU, the longer queue time, the higher shipping cost. Especially sea shipping, the USA port in LA already been overcrowded for months during the pandemic periods. As a result, the sea shipping cost far more higher than 2020.

What’s the cheapest and fastest way shipping from China to USA EU?

It is a conflict question but mostly ecommerce sellers are looking for the best shipping solution dropshipping from China. There are many couriers available shipping from China to USA EU, each of them have their own advantages and restrictions shipping from China, you can compare them and select the best way shipping from China based on your store positioning.

Advantages and restrictions of China post air mail

China Post Air Mail refers to a small postal package less than 2kg, the sum of the length, width and height of the outer package is less than 90 cm, and the longest side is less than 60 cm. It can be divided into Normal Air Mail (Normal Air Mail) and Registered AirMail. The former has a lower rate and the post does not provide tracking and inquiry services, while the latter provides online tracking and inquiry services. Generally, electronic products, jewelry, accessories, clothing, and handicrafts sold by eBay sellers can be shipped in this way.

Air Mail advantages:
1. Low tariffs. Compared with other international express, China Post Air Mail service has an absolute price advantage. Using this delivery method can minimize costs and enhance price competitiveness.
2. Simplicity. China Post Air parcel delivery is convenient, and the billing method is globally unified. The cost is calculated in “grams” by weight, and the first and renewal weights are not included, which greatly simplifies the freight calculation and cost control.
3. Globalization. China Post Air Packet can deliver products to customers in almost any country or region in the world, as long as there is a post office, it can greatly expand the market space for foreign trade sellers.
4. Wide range of applicable goods. Generally, there are no special restrictions, except for contraband.

China post air mail is the cheapest way for cheap goods under 0.2kg shipping from China to USA.

Advantages and restrictions of ePacket

ePacket also named EUB, it is an economical international small package shipping service released by China Post to target the international e-commerce delivery market. International ePostal and Hong Kong International Parcel Service are airmail products for light and small items. At present, this business is limited to providing parcel delivery services to the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Australia and other 35 countries districts.

Advantages of ePacket:

1. Low price: The shipping rates is between the postal parcel and the EMS, and the tariff is low.

2. Small cargo capacity: 50g goods, less than 50g is calculated as 50g.

3. Wide range of mailing products: it receives sensitive goods such as cosmetics and batteries.

4. No volume weigth under its volume restriction.

Disadvantages of ePacket:

1. No compensation for loss: International ePacket does not provide compensation for loss. If the local development bureau provides insurance services, customers can purchase insurance.

2. Slow timeliness: The timeliness of EUB is not stable. If it is slow, it may only arrive in about 1 to 2 months.

For Shopify sellers ePacket is the cheapest way shipping from China to EU and USA for the light weight goods dropshipping.

Advantages and restrictions of Small package line

In order to compete with China Post ePacket on the ecommerce market, there are many Chinese local couriers offers small package line shipping from China to USA, EU, Middle East, South East Asia as well as other countries, for example, 4PX, Yunexpress, Yanwen, CNE, Flytexpress, ShunFeng etc. if you are senior dropshippers you may know those small package lines. They usually order flights 2 to 6 flights per week regulary based on the small package volume, thus the delivery time and speed is much more stable and cost effective, usually 5 to 15 days, thus they are the cheapest ePacket alternatives shipping from China to USA EU.

Advantages of 4PX Yunexpress

1. 5 to 15 days delivery, stable and fast;

2. Real time tracking update, 2 trackings available, one track from China, one local country tracking only;

3. Package weight available from 2 to 5kg, cost effective;

Disadvantages of 4PX Yunexpress

1.Charge volume weight, light weight large volume goods shipping cost high;

2.Charge extra 10 usd for redelivery or failed delivery, the shipping info and phone should be accurate;

3.Only 15 days stock for the failed delivery packages, it will be destroyed if didnt pay redelivery fee;

4. Has remote areas in different countries.

The small package line 4px yunexpress is the cheapest way for stable fast shipping from China to US EU.

Advantages and restrictions of DHL FedEx UPS

DHL, FedEx and UPS is the best courier service shipping from China to USA for 4 to 7 days fast delivery. They have been widely applied on ecommerce for premium shipping service to the clients or urgent shipping way for Amazon FBA stock.

Advantages of DHL FedEx UPS

1. 4 to 7 delivery for general goods shipping from China to worldwide countries;

2. Real time tracking and customer service;

3. Very stable, very little line up time;

Disadvantages of DHL FedEx UPS

1.Shipping rates a little high, and they have lots of charges, remote area fee, fuel charge, overweight charge, oversize charge etc;

2.Remote area charge high surcharges;

3.Commercial express delivery does not provide customs clearance services for parcels, but uses natural customs clearance. Compared with dedicated line logistics and postal logistics, customs clearance capabilities are weaker.

4.Small range of general goods and small parts of sensitive goods, lots of items shipping being restricted;

DHL FedEX UPS are the fastest and cheapest way for pacakges shipping from China to USA EU with high delivery time requirements.

Advantages and restrictions of Air delivery

The air delivery time for goods shipping from China to US EU countries usually around 10 to 15 days, it ship goods via the airline companies from China to EU USA, then delivery via local DHL, UPS or FedEx or truck.

Advantages of Air delivery

1. Bulk goods shipping from 30kg to 1000kg which need faster delivery time;

2. Cheaper shipping rates than courier service;

3. Double customs clearance service, tax included and door to door delivery;

Ristrictions of Air delivery

1. Weight restricted to 12kg to 30kg per carton box;

2.General goods only;

If you ship bulky goods from China to USA and need faster delivery time, air delivery might be the best solution.

Advantages and restrictions of sea delivery

The sea delivery from China to US LA takes 30 to 60 days, it can be divided into express sea delivery and slow sea delivery. If you need sea shipping from China to USA you can take a look Matson VS ZIM which is better sea shipping from China to USA.

Advantages of sea delivery

1. Cheapest shipping rates for 100kg or above packages shipping from China to USA;

2. Double customs clearance service, tax included and door to door delivery;

3. Wider goods list than air delivery; Larger volume weight goods can be shipped.

4. Delivery via ups dhl fedex or truck.

Restrictions of sea delivery

1. Delivery time from 30 to 60 days, sometimes even longer;

2. Unstable, the delivery time delayed by bad whether, customs clearance, port line up etc.

Based on the advantages and disadvantages of all the shipping ways listed above, Air mail is the cheapest way for cheap goods shipping from China to USA with no delivery time requirements, ePacket, 4PX and Yunexpress are the cheapest way for ecommerce dropship from China to USA EU, DHL FedEx are the cheapest way for 4 to 7 days delivery, air delivery and sea delivery are the cheapest way for bulky goods shipping from China to USA. In short, you can select cheapest way shipping from China to USA based on the goods name, weight volume,delivery time as well as your business requirements in the hotsale season.