Hong long time it takes for goods sea shipping from China to USA now? How much you paid for sea shipping in 2021 vs 2020? If you are wholesaler distributor or Amazon FBA seller you may suffered the slow yet most expensive sea shipping rates ever, what’s the cheapest yet fastest sea shipping from China to USA and EU countries? Matson VS ZIM which is better sea shipping from China to USA? In this blog we will share the fast sea shipping lines from China to USA and some restrictions on goods, weight, volume for sea shipping from China.

Since the pandemic havent been controlled by west countries from 2021,  the sea port congestion and lack of containers are commonly phenomenon, sometimes the sea shipping lasts more than 2 months. In order to ensure the speed of sea shipping, more and more Amazon FBA sellers can only  choose fast sea shipping line reluctantly. So the question is, what are the fast sea shipping line on the market? How to choose the best seas shipping from China to USA?

The fast sea shipping lines available are listed as bellow:






Matson express sea shipping line

The Mason CLX Express line was established in February 2006, and Mason CLX+ released in 2020, mainly serving goods shipping from East China and North China. With its dedicated terminal at the Port of Long Beach in the United States, as well as two unique out-of-port storage yards and a fast pick-up mode without appointment, it has created a maritime highway for the majority of Chinese and American cross-border sellers.

Advantages of Matson CLX

1. The shipping delivery time is fast, it usually takes 11 to 12 days from China port to USA port, It only takes 11 days for Shanghai to reach LA directly; and it only takes 12 days for Ningbo to reach LA directly.

2. Matson has its own port and unloads quickly. The container can be picked up within one or two days after arrival at the port. This advantage is particularly significant during the peak shipping season. After all, other express sea shipping lines take up to a week to unload at the port.

3. The shipping schedule is fixed, twice a week, which is convenient for sellers to make shipping plan. Whether you send it or not, it ships on schedule.

4. Matson CLX and CLX+ have 1 day shipping time interval, it ensures the seller a double insurance for fast shipping.

ZIM express sea shipping line

The ZIM ZEX is a direct China-U.S. express sea shipping line developed by Israel ZIM Shipping Company. It is one of the fastest shipping line from South China to Los Angeles in the United States.

1.ZIM ZEX-It only takes 12 days from Shenzhen to LA directly;

2.ZIM ZX2-It only takes 12 days for Shenzhen toLA directly;

3. ZIM ZX3-It only takes 14/16 days from Ningbo/Shanghai to LA directly; it only takes 11/13 days for Ningbo/Shanghai to reach OAKLAND directly.

Advantages of ZIM ZEX

1. Express sea shipping line, and goods shipping from China to USA can arrive in about 12 days.

2. There is no need to make an appointment to pick up the container within 24 hours after arrival, and enjoy the priority service after unloading. You can go directly to the trailer and take the dedicated lane to avoid queuing.

3. Can quickly connect railroads to other destinations in the United States, such as: Chicago, Memphis, Dallas, Kansas and New York.


The CMA express sea shipping line belong to the French CMA CGM Group, and it is the star sea shipping line from Shanghai to the Southwestern United States (Los Angeles/Long Beach).

1. CMA EXX-is a express sea shipping line that has been promoting in recent years. The configured shipping space is 3500~5000TEU, and it only takes 11/12 days for Shanghai/Ningbo to reach LA directly;

2. CMA EX1——The configured ship container position is 5500~7500TEU, and it only takes 14/11 days to reach LA directly from Shanghai/Busan.

Advantages of CMA EXX

1. The shipping time is similar to ZIM (about 12 days).

2. CMA EXX Express will mark time-sensitive goods with a “priority goods” mark and enjoy a money-back guarantee.

3. It has a dedicated container yard and a dedicated passage for trucks in LA Port, and the cargo can be quickly unloaded and departed from the port.

The EXX ports are Ningbo, Shanghai, Los Angeles, Yokohama, and Busan. Starting from August 23, the shipping line available once a week.


WHL Express sea shipping line is a subsidiary of Wanhai Shipping Group. It is a large-scale, intensive voyage and complete service network in Asia.

1. WHL west USA Route Code: AA1

2. WHL west route route code: AA5 (first flight ETD SHA3/22)

WHL AA5 is the fastest route from Shenzhen to OAKLAND on the market, and it only takes 21 days for Shenzhen to OAKLAND directly.

Advantages of WHL

Perfectly avoid long beach and Los Angeles, which are always crowded, and directly ship to OAKLAND.


The EMC (Evergreen) express sea shipping line ship from Yantian, Shenzhen, undertook most of the good shipping business from South China to USA.

Advantages of EMC

1. There are fixed transportation routes in more than 80 countries.

2. EMC HTW has fixed pick-up service: It has its own dedicated terminal and container pick-up company, which is known as 24-hour pick-up, which is not affected by port congestion during peak seasons and has stable shipping time throughout the year.

Sea shipping rates from China to USA

The sea shipping rates changes frequently from Aug to Dec each year, the shipping rates is only for you as a reference to estimate cost, please inquire ShipAnt for real time sea shipping rates.

    Matson shipping rates
  Double custom clearance, tax free, door to door delivery
Post code 21KG+ 100KG+ Delviery time
Minimum weight 150KG 18.5 Truck delivery
2 to 3 weeks
(custom check doesnt include)
post code 8-9 Price 24 20 UPS delivery
11 working days update tracking after ship
(custom check doesnt include)
post code 5-7 Price 25 21
post code 0-4 Price 26 22
ZIM shipping rates
Double custom clearance, tax free, door to door delivery
Post code Weight 21KG+ 100KG+ Delivery
Minimum weight 150KG 17  Truck delivery
2 to 3 weeks
(custom check doesnt include)
Post code 8-9 Price 22 18 UPS delivery
13 working days update tracking after ship
(custom check doesnt include)
Pose code 5-7 Price 24 19
Post code 0-4 Price 25 20

Goods restrictions sea shipping from China to USA


Each sea shipping line have different restrictions shipping from China to USA on the product category, product name quantities, weight, volume of the carton box.

Product restrictions:

Prohibited goods:

Passport, lighters (including USB lighters), mobile phones, walkie-talkies, mobile power banks, electronic cigarettes, color printing, toner cartridges, ink cartridges, sphygmomanometers, safety hammers, trolleys, steel nails, stationery, pencils, folding metal tables and chairs , reps, counterfeit brand, infringement, pure battery, dangerous goods, liquid, and wooden box/iron box and other packages that are difficult to open for inspection, irregular goods, non-carton goods cannot be shipped;

Anti-dumping products:

Candle light, folding gift box, iron pliers alloy, crepe paper, natural bristle paint brush and brush head, heavy forging hand tools, tissue paper, brake rotor, non malleable cast iron pipe fittings, magnesium metal, iron construction castings, Pure magnesium, tapered roller bearings and parts, silicon metal, folding metal tables and chairs, lawn and garden iron fence brackets, color TV sets, chlorinated isocyanide, canvas, carbon steel welding interface, floor-standing metal countertop ironing board and Parts, petroleum candle, steel bar, cast coke, original polyester cotton printed cloth, stationery paper (notepad), spiral spring lock washer, fixed-length carbon steel plate, granular pure magnesium, hot-rolled carbon steel plate, brown corundum, paper clip , Enamel kitchenware, pencils, silico-manganese alloy, “malgeable malleable steel pipe fittings”, carbazole violet pigment, trolley, steel nails, round welded carbon steel pipe fittings, new pneumatic construction machinery tires, low-gram heat-sensitive paper, unprocessed Rubber magnets, small diameter graphite electrodes, circular welded austenitic stainless high-voltage casings, automotive headlights and automotive equipment parts, base metals and their products (iron, steel, copper, nickel, aluminum, lead, zinc, tin, Tungsten), chemical products, wooden bedroom furniture, composite wood floors, amorphous silicon fabrics, crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells, small-diameter graphite electrodes, mechanical electrical equipment and parts, paper and paper products, textile products-polyester man-made fibers, woven Electric blankets, prefabricated food and beverages, composite woven bags, polyethylene handbags, ore and fossil fuels, household appliances, bicycles, vehicle and ship transportation equipment and parts, building materials and glass products, etc.

FDA certificate products: Skin contact products: active plants, cups, toothbrush heads, thermometers, glasses, eyebrow pencils, shavers, cosmetics, underwear, baby and children’s products, plush toys, etc. that require FDA certification.

Infringing products: The Bluetooth label and packaging have Bluetooth words and logo products, Trident data cable, CE, HDMI, FCC, LACEY ACT DOT logo.

Thus if you have goods need sea shipping from China to USA and you are unsure about it can be shipped or not, please inquire ShipAnt with product name and photos or links, we can check and confirm with you.

Weight volume restrictions

Package weight requirements:
1. Package weight should above 12KG per box and less than 22kg, it will be calculated as 12KG if it does not reach 12KG. A single box weight <= 22KG will be charged extra 200 yuan/box overweight fee;

2. Package length cannot exceed 120cm, width cannot exceed 75cm, it will be charged extra 150 yuan/box if volume oversized;

3. Single parcel length + (width + height) *2, if it exceeds 266CM, the extra-length fee will be charged 150RMB/box, if it exceeds 330CM, cannot be shipped;
4. A single package weight cannot exceed 40KG.

Please inquire ShipAnt if you have large and over size weight volume product need sea shipping from China to USA.

Additional fee

1.None Amazon FBA address charge 1 yuan/kg extra delivery fee;

2.Product name exceed 5 charge 40 yuan extra per name;

3.Remote area charge 5 yuan/kg delivery fee;

4. Separate customs declaration charge $100/shipment;

5. textile, cosmetics, virus prevention materials charge extra 2 yuan/kg.


Package lost during custom clearance compensate 40 yuan/kg plus shipping fee. Fragile goods broken has no compensation.

ShipAnt all in one sea shipping service

Sourcing service. If you dont have supplier in China, we can help you source quality supplier based on your requirements;

Purchasing service. If the Chinese supplier doesnt accept USD payment, we receive USD and help you pay CNY to the suppliers;

QC service. We can help you check product qualities and pick out the damage goods and flaws.

Label barcode service. If you are Amazon FBA seller, we can help you print prduct sku code and shipping label stick on the carton box;

You are weclome to inquire ShipAnt if you need sea shipping service for package ship from China to USA, No matter Matson or ZIM, we can help you choose the best sea shipping from China to USA.