The pet supplies have been a fast-growing category for Shopify dropshipping in the past, according to a report released by APPA in 2021, according to statistics, the pet industry in the United States has reached 123.6 billion U.S. dollars in 2021. Since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic in 2020, the pet industry has exceeded the 100 billion U.S. dollar mark. There are about 69 million dog-owning households in the United States, 45.3 million cat-owning households, and 11.8 million fish-owning households. In terms of the age of pet owners, millennials account for the most, accounting for 32%, followed by baby boomers, accounting for 24%; thirdly, generation X, accounting for 24%; and generation Z, accounting for 14%. This has also led to the fact that on TikTok, accounts related to pet products have very strong monetization capabilities, especially in recent times, and many best seller products have emerged one after another in its sub-categories. What’s the best seller cat toy for dropshipping 2023? We can take the best seller pet toys on tiktok as a reference.

Swimming fish toy became popular on TikTok, video played over 10 million

A few days ago, a TikTok girl named @Bre_an_muffin posted a video that unexpectedly went viral on tiktok, with nearly 10 million views in just two days. In the video, she shows her three cats gathered next to a plastic water tank, staring closely at an “interactive swimming fish toy” slowly swimming in the water tank, and wrote her complaint: “My cat has a The lively pet fish, although it is just a toy, they like it very much, and they will watch the fish swimming around the water basin together every day – just like watching TV…”


In just five days, the video has reached 10.5 million views, 1.8 million likes and nearly 6,000 user replies, most of which are highly praised answers asking about the purchase of pet fish toys in the video channel. Maybe @Bre_an_muffin didn’t expect that a 13-second video she posted casually would attract so many people’s attention, so she immediately put a third-party link on the homepage to attract traffic, guide users to enter the Amazon store to buy, and earn commissions.

It is a pet toy called cat interactive swimming fish. Just fill a large bowl with clean water, and then put the toy fish into the water. When the sensor device on the fish fin enters the water, it will make it Swing autonomously to achieve a simulation effect similar to fish swimming.

At the same time, because there is an LED light inside the fish body, the light will start to flicker with the swing of the fish body after pressing the switch, which can quickly attract curious cats and greatly stimulate their hunting instincts, improving The cat’s play experience.

How to dropship the swimming fish pet toy? Firstly we can take a look the swimming fish on 1688.

The swimming fish mostly cost 1 to 2 usd per pcs, it can be sell by sets, which is profitable for dropshipping.


Smart interactive cat toy catches TikTok users’ attention

In fact, the swimming fish toy has been around since 2012, when it became a hit in the pet toy category as well. I never thought that 10 years later, with a video that became popular on TikTok, it would come back to people’s attention again. We checked Amazon platform through the third-party link of @Bre_an_muffin, checked the relevant data of this product with third-party data and found that in the past 30 days, the sales of this product have recently experienced explosive growth, and the BSR ranking It also jumped more than 600, becoming the number one in the electronic pet category. The product currently has 2,708 buyers who have given 4-star praise, and the user feedback in the comment area is basically satisfied with the creative design.

On a review website called Bestviewsreviews, it also gave this product a comprehensive score of 7.9 (out of 10 points), calling it “the best interactive cat toy in early 2023.” Eric Merva, a sales manager of Vee Enterprises, a manager of a cat toy brand in Los Angeles, USA, said in a previous interview that interactive cat toys are the best way for pet owners to connect with animals.

He explains: “For starters, interactive cat toys allow cats to express their natural predatory instincts without actually hunting real prey. Thirty years ago we discovered that interactive play is great for stimulation and exercise indoors. The importance of cats, hunting, chasing and catching prey is their natural instinct and an important part of animal well-being.”

Now, with the explosion of this cat interactive swimming fish toy on TikTok, more and more cat owners are discovering the many benefits of these types of toys, which can promote the interaction between owners and cats. Cat toys are getting more and more attention from the market.


The cat economy may create huge business opportunities for dropshipping

Compared with other pets, the number of cat owners has grown very rapidly in recent years. On the one hand, the main reason is that with the increase in the number of people living at home due to the COVID-19 epidemic, more and more people are starting to raise cats because of loneliness; Dogs have appropriate amenities. Then there is a huge “cat economy” business opportunity. There has another example for the cat toy that was also popularized by TikTok. As a naturally curious creature, functional intelligent interactive products can not only entertain cats, but also serve as training toys, and are now sought after by young consumers.

In October 2022, there was also a smart interactive cat toy that can automatically flip and sway, and make a sound to lure cats to interact, which was popularized by users and became popular on TikTok, with 25.5 million video views. Under the viral spread of TikTok, the video exploded quickly, and a large amount of traffic was also diverted to the Amazon purchase page, which directly caused the product to be sold out of stock, and it still often shows that it is out of stock.

videos of cat interactive toys have frequently become popular on TikTok. It is not difficult to find that as the “cat economy” continues to heat up, the emotional sustenance of “shit shoveling officials” for cats is no longer limited to satisfying the basic needs. Physiological needs, and began to focus on their spiritual needs. Therefore, dropshippers can take more measures to capture this consumer demand and get the chance to make profits for dropshipping business if you are mainly sell pet supplies via Shopify.

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