Hip-hop style started out as a thorough street style popular in worldwide countries, the Hip-hop style clothing is characterized by over size. When it comes to popular streetwear brands you may know Nike, Addidas, Supreme, Vlone, Vetements,Stüssy,Off-White,Undercover, HUF, Obey, Kith, Undefeated, Gosha, A-Cold-Wall, Bape, Carhartt, WTAPS, Palace, Cav Empt, CDG Play, Patta etc. Streetwear clothing dropshipping has became a very profitable business but not with those famous streetwear brands, for one thing there has IP infringement issues for another thing those brands all sell hundreds of dollars. Is there a way to dropship quality streetwear clothing at cheaper price? Of course, ShipAnt will introduce how to dropship streetwear hiphop clothing from 1688 Taobao and we will also share quality Taobao streetwear clothing dropshipping supplier list for you as a reference.

  • What’s the most popular streetwear clothing accessories niche for dropshipping
  • How to source quality streetwear suppliers on Taobao
  • Top6 issues when dropship streetwear from Taobao
  • Top10 1688 Taobao streetwear hiphop clothing suppliers for dropshipping

What’s the most popular streetwear clothing accessories niche for dropshipping

Similar to general clothing and accessories, the streetwear clothing accessories are more personalized, the hotsale streetwear clothings include: T shirts, pants, jacket, sweater, coat, hoodie

streetwear accessories include: hat, ring, bracelet, necklace, earings, sunglasses, bags, shoes, belt, socks

Material: Titanium steel, stainless steel, Alloy,Silver, Gold, gem, Zircon


How to source quality streetwear suppliers on Taobao

Unlike Aliexpress, Taobao is in Chinese, thus you may need to search streetwear via keywords if do not know any streetwear suppliers on Taobao, the following are the list for keywords in both English and Chinese for you to search on Taobao:

Streetwear 街头风

hiphop 嘻哈


over size

T shirts  T恤

hoodie 卫衣

Jacket 夹克

Jeans 牛仔裤

shorts 短裤

pants 裤子

coat 外套

sweater 毛衣

vest 背心

suit 西服

windbreaker 风衣

that’s partly of the streetwear product name, in addition, if you know the streetwear supplier name or hip pop star name who wear the clothing, you can add the streetwear store name or hippop star name, you will get exactly the same style clothing you prefer. For example, I want buy a T shirts from Nelly but I dont know its store url, you can search T恤+Nelly(chinese name 小尼力), you will get the list of T shirt from Nelly Taobao store.

If you want to see Justin Bieber style T shirt, you can also search his chinese name贾斯汀比伯on taobao you will also get a list of streetwear styles he used to wear like the drew house T shirts and hoodie etc.

The above sourcing skills we mentioned is very restricted to the huge streetwear market, you can also try google translate product keywords from English to Chinese then search on Taobao website or app, it might take sometime to filter at the beginning, once you know more about how to use long keywords or hot searched keywords together with price, sales to filter suppliers, you can completely master the skills how to source on Taobao.

Top6 issues when dropship streetwear from Taobao

Although streetwear dropshipping is profitable, there are also many issues need to be solved if you want to dropship streetwear from Taobao. The following listed the top 6 issues:

The 1st issue is the language. We’ve already mentioned the Chinese keywords used to search the streetwear you may want, more important thing is to communicate with the streetwear seller about the product details like size, material, stock, delivery time, aftersale etc.;

The 2nd issue is payment. Although Alipay allow people overseas to register and activate with mobile phone number, we know lots of clients failed to register and pay via credit card;

The 3rd issue is quality. Streetwear clothing cost is usually higher than general clothing and the material workmanship is also better, however, it doesn’t mean it is 100% flawless especially t shirts hoodies need printing, hot drilling craft which often cause small flaws. Although Taobao offers 7 days free return and exchange policy, when the clients overseas received the goods it’s been 2 weeks or more.

The 4th issue is shipping. There are many forwarder shipping agent on Taobao available, however, mostly of them offer courier service like EMS, DHL, FedEx which is very expensive for shipping;

The 5th issue is stock. Since the streetwear is more personalized clothing, the taobao supplier usually manufacture in small batch which doesnt like general clothing factories produce hundreds of thousands pcs stock per time. Thus when it comes to hot sale season like September to January each year, the clothing often out of stock which need to wait for longer time for supplier to deliver which usually pending orders 2 to 3 weeks.

The 6th issue is the API. Since taobao doesnt offer API to Shopify or any other stores, you cannot import product info from Taobao directly via any plugins but import manually.

How to solve the top5 issues to dropship streetwear clothing from Taobao? ShipAnt provides one stop Taobao dropshipping service to help you dropship streetwear from Taobao.

Sourcing purchasing. We can help you source streetwear suppliers on 1688 Taobao based on the styles, you do not have to pay extra time and energy to learn how to search keywords on Taobao, how to source on Taobao, how to pay Taobao streetwear suppliers;

QC. All the streetwear clothing quality will be checked carefully in ShipAnt warehouse before shipping from China. The streetwear clothing with flaws will be shoot photos to confirm with Taobao sellers and returned for exchanging in 7 days;

Custom label packaging. Streetwear is more suitable to build brands, if you have stable sales and want to built your own streetwear brand for long term marketing plan, we can help you customize label and packaging, sticker, tags, thank you card, coupon card to assist your store marketing.

Barcode. There are usually hundreds of SKUs for streetwear dropshipping and it is easily to make mistake for the warehouse to distinguish similar streetwear styles during pick pack. ShipAnt warehouse print barcode for each streetwear product sku and stick on the packaging, thus each product can be recognized easily;

Inventory warehousing. All the streetwear clothing inventory will be imported to ERP system and record related warehouse shelf position for pick pack;

Pick pack. ShipAnt fulfill orders chronologically once the products inventory per order are ready to fulfill;

Cost effective shipping. In addition to DHL and FedEx, ShipAnt mainly offer 5 to 14 days shipping service from China to UK, EU and USA as well as the other developed countries at more stable and afford shipping rates.

With Shipant service, you can easily dropship streetwear hiphop clothing accessories from Taobao 1688. You are welcome to inquire ShipAnt for more details.

Top10 1688 Taobao streetwear hiphop clothing suppliers for dropshipping

There are more and more streetwear clothing accessories stores and brands available on Taobao 1688 along with the strong personalized requirements. the following are the Top 1688 Taobao streetwear hiphop clothing suppliers for you as a reference

FYI:the Taobao rating system from diamond, blue crown to golden crown, the higher sales the more higher grade.

JM HOMME – 8 years old golden crown streetwear supplier, product cost from 15 yuan to 350 yuan


GAOSTUDIOS –  5 years blue crown streetwear supplier, price range from 36 yuan to 1890 yuan.



WASSUP – 3 golden crown streetwear supplier, price range from 38 yuan to 538 yuan.


Crying center – 6 years golden crown streetwear supplier, price range from 69 yuan to 300 yuan


NOTHOMME – 10 years 3 golden crown streetwear seller, price range from 21 to 699 yuan.


UXEIS Studio – 3 golden crown streetwear seller, price range from 29 yuan to 200 yuan.

backsimple – 11 years 5 blue crown Japanese style streetwear seller, price from 58 yuan to 588 yuan.

BDCT STUDIO – 13 years 3-crown streetwear seller, price from 20 yuan to 500 yuan


MIXSEVEN – 11 years 4-blule crown streetwear store, price range from 40 yuan to 700 yuan.


KADAKADA – 9 years 2-blue crown streetwear seller, price range from 70 yuan to 1090 yuan.

CRISSREX – 9 years 2-golden crown streetwear store, price range from 20 yuan to 6399 yuan.

Jane original – 5 years 4-blue crown streetwear pants seller, price range from 4 yuan to 200 yuan.


港仔文艺男 – 8 years 5-golden crown streetwear seller, price range from 5 yuan to 240 yuan.

There are also many more personalized streetwear sellers on Taobao, we can list for you as a reference:

MPSTUDIO – 7 years 2-blue crown female streetwear seller, price range 18 to 300 yuan

HOS豪大原创 –  4 years blue crown streetwear seller, price range from 10 yuan to 300 yuan

iunum X inf – 3-blue crown streetwear store, pince range from 16 yuan to 249 yuan

true-bad – 10 years 4-blue crown streetwear store, price range from 12 yuan to 299 yuan

ZYACU – 7 years 5-blue crown streetwear store, price range from 14 yuan to 238 yuan

HARSH and CRUEL – 7 years 4-blue crown streetwear store, price range from 19.9 to 749 yuan

CUIBUJU – 6 years golden crown streetwear store, price range from 9 yuan to 888 yuan

Nelly – 12 years 5-golden crown streetwear store, price range from 5 yuan to 300 yuan

you can also do more research for even more personalized streetwear supplier on Taobao which fit your dropshipping business, please feel free to contact ShipAnt if you have any questions or service requirements for streetwear dropship from Taobao 1688.