Have you suffered the high air shipping cost and long time sea shipping time for large volume goods shipping from China to USA or Amazon FBA warehouse?Are you looking for fast sea shipping delivery for goods shipping from China to USA at cost effective price? We will list the sea shipping lines available shipping from China to USA, then we introduce the goods restrictions, volume restrictions and shipping rates for 15 to 18 days sea shipping from China to USA.

Matson sea shipping from China to USA

Matson mainly has three lines, namely CLX (main schedule), CLX+ (overtime) and CCX. The Mason CLX line is characterized by stable sailing time. The regular line CLX has an independent private dock, which can guarantee the unloading speed of ten years (fast enough). Therefore, the Mason regular ship is almost unaffected during the peak season and can maintain stability of the entire line.

Mason’s CLX+ are slightly slower than regular boats because they unload at public docks, but the sailing time is 11 days. The difference between regular work and overtime work is unloading at different dock. When the overtime boat is lucky, it may also dock at the private dock, but the condition that must be met is that the crew of this Mason overtime boat are all American.

Another major feature of Matson is that service efficiency is not calculated by days but by hours. Matson do not dock in Shenzhen. All the packages need to start from Ningbo or Shanghai when they choose Matson ship from China to USA.


CMA sea shipping from China to USA

CMA CGM’s EXX Clipper is APL’s Eagle Express X (EXX) line for goods sea shipping from China to USA, an 11-day direct flight to Los Angeles. This issue of CMA CGM Clippers is also very popular, and it is the first time that the shipping company has proposed not to increase the price for the time being. CMA CGM officially announced that it has decided to stop all spot price increases.

The CMA CGM EXX Clipper also has the reputation of Little Matson. The EXX Clipper is not inferior to the ZIM in terms of delivery time, and even comparable to the Matson Clipper. It is counted as an overtime boat for the Mason Clipper. In addition to its advantages in terms of timeliness, there is also an advantage that the CMA EXX Express will mark time-sensitive goods as “priority.” Goods” mark and is backed by a money-back guarantee.


WHL Express sea shipping line is a subsidiary of Wanhai Shipping Group. It is a large-scale, intensive voyage and complete service network in Asia.

1. WHL west USA Route Code: AA1

2. WHL west route route code: AA5 (first flight ETD SHA3/22)

WHL AA5 is the fastest route from Shenzhen to OAKLAND on the market, and it only takes 21 days for Shenzhen to OAKLAND directly.

Advantages of WHL

Perfectly avoid long beach and Los Angeles, which are always crowded, and directly ship to OAKLAND.


The ZIM ZEX is a direct China-U.S. express sea shipping line developed by Israel ZIM Shipping Company. It is one of the fastest shipping line from South China to Los Angeles in the United States. In June 2020, ZIM Star Shipping launched the inaugural voyage of the e-commerce express ship from Yantian, Shenzhen to Los Angeles, USA. It only takes 12 days for the direct ship to Los Angeles, USA. The ship is unloaded within 12 hours, and 10 working days after sailing Pickup, fast rail connections to other U.S. destinations such as: Chicago, Memphis, Dallas, Kansas, and New York. Once launched, it is a dark horse route for goods shipping from China to USA.

1.ZIM ZEX-It only takes 12 days from Shenzhen to LA directly;

2.ZIM ZX2-It only takes 12 days for Shenzhen toLA directly;

3. ZIM ZX3-It only takes 14/16 days from Ningbo/Shanghai to LA directly; it only takes 11/13 days for Ningbo/Shanghai to reach OAKLAND directly.

You can also check Matson VS ZIM which is better sea shipping from China to USA , it might able to help you check the advantages of each sea express shipping line. We will mainly introduce Matson 15 to 18 days sea shipping from China to USA, it is the best choice for mostly Amazon FBA sellers.

In 2005, Matson Shipping Company officially entered China and launched the clipper service, which was positioned as a high-priced and high-quality route. I think until e-commerce customers discover the timeliness of Matson and the natural matching genes of e-commerce goods, Matson’s major customers should be clothing-type customers.
In recent years, Matson has combined e-commerce goods especially Amazon FBA goods, whether it is picking up express delivery or picking up trucks, using timeliness to differentiate from ordinary shipping, especially under the epidemic, Mason’s consistent values and reputation for many years in the face of competitors Especially at ease.

First of all, let’s talk about the fast that Matson has been emphasizing. Matson’s ships are all loaded with a capacity of about 3000-4000T. In order to ensure the full load rate, Mason will refer to the historical data to place the space when placing the space to each customer. If there are many cases of over-booking and then withdrawing from customs, Mason will reduce the space on the next batch of ships. Therefore, every freight forwarder will cherish and care for historical data just like a seller operating an Amazon account.

Why can the Matson voyage be precisely controlled at 11 days shipping from China to USA?

The precise control of the sea voyage arrives in 11 days, because the fuel consumption power of the ship and the docks docked in the process of driving are designed and have formed a solidified pattern. After arriving at the destination port, the biggest advantage of Matson is the independent terminal and the independent storage yard. Although it may not be so large, it may not necessarily require a deep-water port berth, but it avoids the occurrence of congestion.

Since Matson arrives in Los Angeles, it will be loaded on the ship and continue to Hawaii immediately after unloading, and this is a domestic transportation, so the terminal will arrange enough manpower to let Matson’s ship unload as soon as possible after arriving at the port. and shipping process. In the US, the front and frame of the truck are separated, and Matson can ensure that each frame is matched with the box and waiting for the front truck to pull, At such a refined level of operation, every detail should be responsible for the final result. Therefore, the above is also an important reason for the Matson time guarantee.

Matson currently has two regular liner ships from China to USA. which leave Shanghai every Wednesday and every Thursday. What’s the difference?

The ship on Wednesday was required to carry the domestic segment from Los Angeles to Hawaii after arriving in the United States, while the ship on Thursday did not. Therefore, the ship will be unloaded relatively quickly on Wednesday, especially during the epidemic, the labor and work efficiency of the United States have been affected, and the unloading speed of the ship on Thursday will be even slower.

In the hot season, Matson has also launched overtime boats in succession, temporarily leaving Shanghai’s last port on Sunday. Because there still needs to be enough manpower to unload the ship after arriving at the port, and the capacity of Matson’s independent wharf and storage yard is also limited. Matson attaches great importance to word of mouth and service. If there is a problem with the backend in the United States, the market will react quickly.

Matson shipping rates

 Country/USA Shipping rates
Delivery time
West USA(post code start with 8,9) 22.0 19.0 19.0 Tracking update in 15-18 days after sailing,
USA 2-5 working days delivery
Middle USA(post code start with 4,5,6,7) 23.0 20.0 20.0
East USA(Post code start with 0,1,2,3) 24.0 21.0 21.0

The shipping rates is only for you as a reference since it changes every 1 to 2 weeks.

Matson shipping terms:

1> Double customs clearance, door to door delivery, none Amazon FBA address charges 2 yuan/kg delivery;

2>Orders will be closed on Friday every week (the orders will be closed in advance when the positions are full), and the ship will be launched on Wednesday the next week. It is expected that UPS will pick up and go online within 15 to 18 days after the ship starts (3 to 6 days after UPS picks up);

3>UPS delivery to door (Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Guam and other regions are not transported);

4>Volume weight calculation: If it belongs to volume goods, the volume and actual weight are compared to calculate the weight and freight according to the maximum value. Volume conversion: length × width × height ÷ 6000 = volume weight (bubble weight);

5>Weight resriction: The billing weight of each box needs to be within 12KG to 22KG (a single box with a real weight exceeding 22KG cannot be sent, and a single box with a volume weight exceeding 22KG but the size is not too long can be sent normally). At the same time, the longest side should not exceed 115CM, the second longest side should not exceed 70CM, and the perimeter should not exceed 260CM (UPS standard: one long side + two wide sides + two high sides);

6>Surcharges:  If you need a separate tax refund declaration, an additional 700 yuan/shipment will be charged. If the delivery address belongs to a UPS remote address, an additional 1 usd per KG will be charged, and the minimum charge is 100 usd per shipment;

7>Goods category restirction: imitation LOGO trademarks, perfumes, more than 5 product names in a single ticket, over-length and overweight items, anti-epidemic materials, pure batteries, mobile power supplies, food and drugs, large knives and daggers, gambling tools, adult products, medical equipment, Smoking props and other contraband goods;

8> If there are more than 5 product names in a single shipment, an additional 50 yuan / product name will be charged, and if the goods exceed 10 product names, an additional page renewal fee of 60 yuan / page will be charged;

9>Product tariff surcharge: If there are products with different tax rates in one shipment, the surcharge will be charged at the higher value of the tariff rate. Leather products, textiles +1/KG Finished clothes, shoes +2 yuan/KG.

10> Products that require CPSC certification add 300 yuan/square, among which toy products need to be cleared separately with separate bills and a customs clearance fee of $250/shipment.

Amazon FBA packaging requirements:

1>2 FBA labels per carton box and 1 “Made in china” label per carton box.  Each SKU product in the box requires a “Made in china” logo on each product. If the product does not have such a label, we need to label it on behalf of our company at $0.1/pcs, with a minimum charge of $10/shipments;

2>Declare the correct customs code, upload product pictures, and provide product links. If the customer’s declaration information is not complete, it will affect the shipping delivery time;

3>Goods require a billing weight per box more than 10KG;

4>Regular carton box (rectangular, square, shape unchanged)
A.10KG≤Single weight≤22KG; B.0CM≤Single side length≤120CM; C.0CM≤2*(short side + short side) + long side≤266CM.

B:large size volume goods:
The longest side is greater than or equal to 120CM, the second long side is greater than or equal to 75CM and the outer length is greater than 266CM and less than 330CM, an additional charge of 200 yuan/pcs; a single box larger than 22KG, an additional fee of 200 yuan/pcs;

5> Oversized goods: any side length exceeds 244 cm or length + 2* (height + width) exceeds 330 cm and less than 419 cm, an additional charge of 1000 yuan / box;

6> Packing in micro-wooden boxes, metal boxes, snakeskin bags, non-paper packaging, barrels, strips and other irregular shapes and special-shaped packaging will be charged an additional 100 yuan/pcs;

Compensation terms:

1>If the goods have been dispatched with the delivery tracking number or already in transit, if the sender needs to change the delivery address, an additional 2 yuan/KG will be charged and a minimum charge of $100/shipment will be charged. At the same time, our company will not compensate for the loss caused by the success of the change;

2>If the goods arrive at the overseas warehouse and the shipper requests to seize goods at the warehouse, or change the FBA label, or change the packing box, etc., our company will charge more according to the actual situation. At the same time, our company will not compensate for the loss caused by the success of the change;

3>When the UPS official website track completes the receipt, it is deemed that the ticket has completed the transportation task. No compensation will be made in the follow-up;

4>Where the goods have been picked up and transferred on the UPS official website but the official website has not been able to display the completed receipt, our company has the right to decide whether to accept compensation for the ticket, and the compensation amount is $100/shipment;

5>If the goods are not successfully delivered to the U.S. UPS Express official pick-up and online, 40 yuan/KG will be used as compensation and the freight will be returned (if the weight of the ticket is 100KG and the weight of the lost charge is 20KG, the compensation and refund of freight will only be accepted for 20KG);

6> If you paid shipping with limited time delivery, it is considered that UPS fails to pick up the Internet access within 22 natural days after the ship leaving China, and our company will reduce 1 yuan/KG for each overtime day (15 yuan/KG max). In case of force majeure, both parties agree to tacitly reduce the whole ticket by 5 yuan/KG (such as: wharf strike, customs inspection, war, earthquake, etc.).

ShipAnt sea shipping service

ShipAnt provides all in one sea shipping service from China to USA Amazon FBA warehouse or other business and personal address, our sea shipping service includes:

Sourcing service. If you dont have supplier in China, we can help you source quality supplier based on your requirements;

Purchasing service. If the Chinese supplier doesnt accept USD payment, we receive USD and help you pay CNY to the suppliers;

QC service. We can help you check product qualities and pick out the damage goods and flaws.

Label barcode service. If you are Amazon FBA seller, we can help you print prduct sku code and shipping label stick on the carton box;

Consolidate shipping. We can help you consolidate goods from different Chinese suppliers into one shipment to save shipping cost.

You are welcome to contact ShipAnt if you need goods shipping from China to USA Amazon FBA within 15 to 18 days, when you send sea shipping inquiry please include the goods name, photo, volume, weight and post code as well as your service requirements so that we can quote for you more accurate.