The best seller product is most profitable products for dropshipping business. It usually include 2 steps, find trending products and test ads if you dropship from Aliexpress. But why do I need to dropship best seller from 1688 instead of Aliexpress? As the main source of Aliexpress 1688 has lower price on the products which you can get 50% to 60% cheaper price than Aliexpress which could help you get better profits margin to support your marketing. How to dropship from Aliexpress? Why dropship best seller products from 1688? We will introduce in 2 parts.

How to dropship from Aliexpress

I believe there are already many many Aliexpress dropshipping tutorials available on dropshipping forums and groups, here we mainly introduce how to find trending products on Aliexpress. Firstly we may should launch a Shopify store and choose a niche product for dropshipping. Of course there are many trending products tools available, for example, you can check free or paid product selection tools like google trends, Amazon best sellers, buzzsumo, oberlo, Aliexpress data etc.

No matter which product selection tools we used, we are target to find the trending products on Aliexpress if we dropship from China. In addition, there are also some rules we should follow:

  1. Light weight products less than 1kg, better less than 0.7kg, the more heavy weight, the higher shipping cost;
  2. Higher value products, even we chose jewelry accessories we should choose more personalized products for high profit margin;
  3. No reps or fake brands, as the store easily being shut down if there has higher dispute rates;
  4. Free shipping strategy, sales quantities is higher than 300, score is higher than 4.5, the sales volume is ensure the products are trending products, the score is to ensure the quality suppier;
  5. Comments/sales should be higher than 0.5 or even higher;
  6. Nice product photos.

After we filter the trending products based on the niche products then we can import to Shopify via oberlo and start to test the ads, single product daily sales less than 5 pcs we can ship via Aliexpress supplier directly, once we found the best seller products with daily 10 to 20 orders or even more, we can start to find cheaper price supplier on 1688.

Why dropship best seller products from 1688

Price tells why we need to dropship best seller products from 1688 instead of Aliexpress. Let’s take the best seller fitness women leggings for example:

Aliexpress price $7.99 with $1.61 shipping delivery time 45 days. Let’s see the same leggings dropshipping price on 1688:

It costs 19 yuan, which is $2.95, compared to $7.99 how much more profits you can get if it is the best seller products in your store with 50 sales per day? Of course, there has extra cost if you want to dropship from 1688, but it still has higher profits for the best seller products than dropship from Aliexpress directly.

If you think the leggings doesnt tell too much different between Aliexpress and 1688, we can take a look at Children toys. Let’s take Montessori toys for example:

From the above two prices from Aliexpress and 1688 we can easily check the difference between $15.77 with 14.5 yuan. That’s why you need to dropship best seller products from 1688 instead of Aliexpress. However, how to dropship best seller products from 1688 as it is all in Chinese language.

How to dropship best seller products from 1688

Although 1688 has better price than Aliexpress, dropshipping from 1688 wont be easy enough as you may need to solve at least 4 issues include language, payment, shipping and aftersale.

Language. 1688 language is in Chinese, even you use google translate sometimes it isnt that accurate for you to understand, furthermore, you will need to communicate with suppliers to confirm the product price, material, stock delivery time, payment terms etc.; It takes time and energy especially we are in different time zone;

Payment. 1688 only accept Yuan in Chinese bank card or Alipay as well as USD from HK trading companies. Which means you cannot pay directly on 1688 even you have Alipay account with verified international credit card;

Shipping. 1688 platform doesnt support international shipping and 1688 dropshipping suppliers do not ship overseas;

Aftersale. 1688 platform only support 7 days return policy without any reason, but the domestic shipping delivery plus international shipping deliver time usually 10 to 15 days or even more, which means there’s no any guarantee if you dropship from 1688.

Sounds too sad for the 4 main issues, does it mean overseas dropshippers cannot dropship from 1688? Of course no, find a Chinese partner or cooperate with a reliable Chinese dropshipping agent will help you easily solve the problem.

ShipAnt dropshipping agent service include:



Quality inspection


Private label and Packaging

inventory warehousing

pick pack


tracking upload 


With ShipAnt dropshipping service, you can easily dropship best seller products from 1688 via faster shipping service at cost effective price, you and your team focus on trending product selection and marketing strategy, we will handle the order fulfillment jobs to help you save time and human resource.