What you think the most important thing about Shopify? Time is always the most important thing. The real efficient working time is only 3  to 4 hours per day even we work more than 8 hours on our Shopify store, there are lots of works can be solved by the automation tools or professional service which isnt necessary to pay more time and money to hire people. That is, how to automate Shopify dropshipping business with tools. Therefore, it is necessary to choose some automated tools which can free you from some trivial tasks and focus on more important things.

What’s the advantages of the automation tools

If you watch some dropshipping cases on Youtube videos, you will find that dropshippers will more or less introduce many excellent dropshipping tools.

In fact, excellent dropshippers outsource nearly all the dropshipping jobs which can be outsourced, the remaining ones who can use tools are also solved with tools. Their performance is also very good. There are many platforms on the market now have automated tools, and some can be directly tied to ERP system. The mainly advantages of the automation tools are:

Time saving

If you dont take advantage of the automation tools for Shopify dropshipping business those works need to be done manually, for example, product selection, import product information to Shopify, upload product photos to Shopify, find reliable resource and fulfill orders.

Just imagine if you want to upload 100 products or 1000+ product photos every day, that’s super boring and exhaust. However, those jobs are the most basical jobs but you spend a huge amount of time on that, while you have very little time on the core things. You see that many of us are doing such things. But if you install some automation tools, these things can be done automatically within a few minutes.


Although some tools are more expensive, sometimes a tool can be used as a team. Compared with the employee salaries you have to pay, it really saves a lot of money. In this way, the money you save can be used to develop new products and research new tools. When one day your company is so strong that it must recruit new people, you will feel a sense of accomplishment in an instant. Tools are more obedient and more efficient than people.

High precision

For example, when you manually record orders on Shopify, there are errors often occur, such as wrong customer addresses and unmatched shipment quantities which caused unnecessary complaints and refunds from shops. As for people, no matter how smart they are, they will make mistakes, but there will be fewer tools involved. More importantly, automated tools can also share data. For instance, the information provided by the customer when placing an order can be automatically sent to your supplier. In this way, work efficiency and accuracy are improved.

Reduce fatigue

Think about it,  if you do everything yourself, you might not take it seriously at the beginning, but if your store’s sales are getting better and better, can you continue to do those jobs manually?

Adjust product parameters
Write title
Modify description
Increase variant
Update inventory from time to time
Price adjustment

Those jobs are basical works on the Shopify dropshipping business and we shouldnt waste too much time on them.

Useful automation tools for Shopify dropshipping

A job that takes 30 minutes to complete, now it only takes 30 seconds to complete the automation tool after installing it.

Product introduction automation: Multichannel Importer  

With this tool you can synchronize the products on Amazon, AliExpress, eBay, Etsy, Wish to Shopify stores, you can also edit products in batches, and you can use Amazon’s FBA to ship to shopify store.

Product pricing automation: Oberlo

Price changes are normal for a store, but some people have been stuck in the era of manual price adjustment due to poor information. In fact, there are many tools that can help you set prices automatically. For example, after installing the Oberlo plug-in on Shopify, use its “global pricing rule”-global pricing rule for automatic pricing. As shown in the figure below, you only need to set the corresponding pricing model, and the system will modify the prices of all products in your shop in batches.

Product search automation: Product Filter & Search

This plugin has a relatively high score on shopify app store. It can filter and search for products, and it can also automatically correct the spelling of words on the page. there are more than 1 million products available which virtually saves you a lot of time.

Order fulfillment automation: Inventory Source

There are more and more dropshippers take the goods directly from 1688 after the order is issued and then send them away, and some will directly find a professional order fulfillment agent to be responsible for the packaging and delivery work. But this will also have some problems:

The actual product sent does not match the order information
If customers complain about product and delivery issues, communication costs are relatively high. (Because there are a lot of people involved)
Some hot items are in short supply, and the source of goods cannot be found in time.

Therefore, this tool is a fully automatic inventory management tool that can automatically synchronize your inventory, update websites, integrate orders, etc. It is really practical for people who do dropshipping. With this tool, your order will be automatically synchronized to your supplier. In other words, you do not need to do anything to complete the order fulfillment.

Order tracking automation: Aftership

Since China dropshipping usually takes longer time than local, clients who like to track their orders. Therefore, this is also the focus of improving customer stickiness and store ratings. AfterShip allows sellers to create their own order tracking web pages, and it also supports Ins to subscribe, which is very helpful for the SEO and conversion of the store.

Promotion automation: Privy

Privy is a very easy-to-use pop-up tool in the independent Shopify website, which can help you more efficiently collect customer email addresses for email marketing. This kind of promotion is a very useful tool to increase the conversion rate of the store. You can use the pop-up window to provide coupons to new customers, or send follow-up emails to those who abandoned the order. This App has a 15-day free trial period in the Shopify App Store.

Currency conversion automation: Auto Currency Switcher

If you dropship worldwide countries, you may encountered this situation. When some customers find that the store cannot be priced in their own currency, they start to wonder whether or not to buy. Some will ask the customer service for the price of the corresponding currency, and some will just consider it. Go directly to another home to buy it. If you don’t want to lose a large wave of customers because of this problem, choose this tool quickly. The system will automatically switch the currency according to the location of the visiting customer. For example, if the other party visits your online store from Australia, then the order will be calculated in Australian dollars when the order is placed.

Email marketing automation: Omnisend

The income generated by automated email marketing is the main source for most Shopify sellers. For example, if you have a Shopify store, your email marketing is mainly in the following directions:
Order confirmation email
Shipping confirmation email
Send follow-up emails to customers who have added products to the shopping cart but have not placed an order

Software like Omnisend can automate your marketing activities, so you don’t need to manually send emails one by one, you can use the time saved to build another store.

Omnisend can also being integrated with

Social media operation automation: Manychat

As a dropshipper, you should often be active on major social media, do you often interact with customers through online communication? There are many companies now have dedicated social media operations and promotion personnel, but they are basically full-time. If you can automate social media operations, you can pay one less person’s salary.

Then apps with chatbot functions are very helpful. Now many sellers are beginning to use tools like Manychat to improve the speed and quality of online consultations.

You can directly log in to your Facebook to register a Manychat account, and then bind your own shop in the Manychat background.

Customer Service Automation: Zendesk

Zendesk can help you collect the problems of multi-channel users collectively and list them one by one in the form of work orders, which greatly improves work efficiency. In terms of channels, work orders, knowledge bases, docking apps, reports, settings, etc., the customer service work can be completed efficiently, convenient for assessment, and promotion of improvement. The formation of a closed-loop ecosystem, in a colloquial term, is “one-stop service”. Because online consultation and order promotion are becoming more and more important for the conversion of the entire store, the customer service department has also become one of the key departments of many e-commerce companies.

E-commerce companies have peak seasons, especially during the big promotion period. Many online customer services are too busy and customers will not have the patience to wait so long, so chat bot tools come in handy. This can be achieved with tools such as ZenDesk and FreshDesk.

Workflow automation: Shopify Flow

Can you manage a store with more than 200 orders per day by one person? Can you edit and list 200 products in 5 minutes? Can you handle customer complaints and refund issues while shipping? If your answer is “no”, then you really have to consider workflow automation tools. Because this allows you to automate in a real sense and find the essence of making money. It can automate the daily workflow of your shop, and it can also manage inventory and automatic replenishment. You can use the Shopify Flow tool to automatically create a task. When the inventory reaches the data you set, the system will prompt you to replenish. Or, you can group and label customers (VIP customers, potential customers, etc.), so that you will find customer marketing and tracking easier.

Shopify’s flow, in fact, only applies to shopify plus, lower than this package can not be used, There are many tasks are compared with people, the tools are much more efficient and efficient. So today we listed those automation tools for Shopify dropshipping. I hope you can learn more about automation tools in your work.

As for order fulfillment automation, if you are looking for a professional Chinese order fulfillment agent to help you dropship from 1688 Taobao and make you focus on the store marketing for more important jobs, ShipAnt offers one stop dropshipping service include sourcing, purchasing, QC, barcode, repacking, private label and packaging, warehousing inventory, pick pack, order printing, shipping, tracking upload and aftersale etc. It will be a very good choice to help you automate order fulfillment and easily dropship from China.