There are more and more dropshippers cannot tolerate with Aliexpress free and standard shipping, as they usually takes 45 days or more which cause lots of problems for dropshipping business. Thus there are lots of similar posts on social networks, how to dropship from China to EU USA in 5 to 8 days? Where are the dropshipping suppliers could ship from China to EU, USA and South America countries in 10 days? What’s the fastest time dropship from China to UK, France, Germany and other countries? The answer is simply yes or no, but it is important to understand how the shipping courier affect dropshipping and what kind of shipping service we can offer for better user experience.

What’s the advantage and disadvantages with Aliexpress free and standard shipping dropship from China

Aliexpress free shipping and standard shipping mainly use unregistered and registered air mail.


Shipping rates calculated by gram;

Worldwide shipping;

Cheap shipping rates for light weight products;


Delivery time 40 days or above;

unregistered air mail cannot being tracked, registered air mail an be tracked, but status update very slow;

higher package lost rates, unregistered mail no compensation for lost packages.

Why Aliexpress free shipping service doesnt attractive to dropshippers

Free shipping is the best marketing strategy applied by Alibaba group, firstly Taobao then Aliexpress, it helps Aliexpress users rapidly growth in the past years as free shipping service usually get more traffics by its rule. Now 99% Taobao sellers offer free shipping service and nearly all Chinese are more willing to buy online with free shipping service. But why Aliexpress free shipping service doesnt attractive to dropshippers? It is easy to understand, in China Taobao free shipping service could deliver mostly packages in 2 to 4 days, while it takes more than 40 days for Aliexpress free shipping service to deliver.

Thus we can see the big difference of free shipping service between Taobao and Aliexpress. Why cannot Aliexpress free shipping service offer faster free shipping service? Why Alibaba supplier doesnt offer free shipping service? The answer is easy, although it called free shipping service the shipping cost isnt free at all. Mostly products offer free shipping service on Aliexpress are light weight products and the shipping cost can be covered in the product cost, Alibaba supplier do not include shipping cost inside product price to make their product more competitive price.

To mostly Aliexpress end users they still prefer free shipping for the cheap price product even wait for long time, however, for the Shopify dropshippers the product price on their stores are much more higher, thus it is bad experience for long time delivery especially in the pandamic period Aliexpress standard shipping might take 2 months, during the time period lots of human resource wasted in the aftersale.

How to dropship from China to EU USA in 5 to 8 days

Are there any other faster ways to dropship from China within 5 to 14 days? The answer is absolutely yes. There are many small package lines shipping from China to USA and EU countries within 5 to 14 days, which are more stable and cost effective. However, when you dropship from China, the delivery time not only affected by the courier, but also the supplier stock inventory and profits margin.

Stock inventory

When we dropship from Aliexpress if the supplier have no stock no matter how fast delivery courier you used it is in vain, you need wait the supplier to restock as you do not have stock, and this situation happened a lot especially during holidy period or hot sale season.

Profit margin

It isnt hard to understand the more profit margins you can get more faster courier for clients. Which means the products you sell should be higher price, for example, if you sell jewelry accessories at $9.99 then you do not have too much profit margin to choose faster courier service as generally the more faster delivery the more expensive shipping rates. If you sell low value products, deduct the transaction fee, ads fee there’s not too much for you to select better shipping service.

How to dropship from China to EU USA faster? As we analyzed above, the total time not only related to the courier we chose, but also related the supplier stock and profit margin. There are few tips for you to reduce dropshipping time for better user experience.

Stock inventory

The advantage of dropshipping is that we do not have to order stock inventory, which not only occupy less money but also reduce the stock risks, however, it is also the biggest disadvantage when there has stable sales in the store, once the supplier have no stock the order delivery takes long time.

How to solve the stock inventory problem?

It is easy, when you select products to test ads, you can source 2 to 3 different suppliers for the same product, if the ads tested high conversion rates then you can confirm stock with suppliers before you increase ad budget;

Once you have stable sales, you can contact supplier to wholesale the products at cheaper price, for example, you selling a t shirts 20 orders per day, then you can negotiate with supplier to wholesale 100 pcs or 150 pcs at cheaper cost, in this way, you can lock the stock at cheaper price and ship the next day when there have new orders.

But it is for best seller products only, you can wholesale best seller products to increase profit margin and reduce order fulfillment time.

Which shipping courier ship from China to EU USA in 7 to 14 days yet cheap enough?

All the small package lines shipping from China to EU and USA has a target courier which is ePacket, before Covid19, ePacket is the most cost effective way dropship from China with 7 to 20 days delivery, however, in 2020 pandemic period, ePacket delivery service crushed, the delivery time increased to 3 months or more, meanwhile, the shipping cost nearly 3 times as before. Thus there are lots of ePacket alternative service available, they rent airlines once a week, twice a week or even one flight per day based on their company financial strength, in this way they provide faster and stable shipping delivery service than ePacket. Among all the small package lines, 4PX Yunexpress are one of the most competitive one as they basically booked at least 3 to 4 flights airline per week from China to EU and USA.

Why the dropshipping delivery time related to profit margin?

For example, if you sell $9.99 small gadgets while you provide DHL FedEx shipping service for 3 to 5 delivery, will the client choose them by paying 3 times extra shipping fee? Conversely, your store products price average above $100 will the clients choose $4.99 shipping for 45 days delivery? The product price related to your profit margin directly.

How to provide 4PX Yunexpress as a free shipping service dropshipping from China?

Similar to Aliexpress, you can offer free shipping and paid shipping, all based on your product profit margin, you can apply 4PX Yunexpress standard shipping as a free shipping service in your store as long as you have enough profit margin. And apply FedEx DHL as paid shipping for fast delivery.

What if I dont have enough profit margin? You can set free shipping service for orders above $50 or $80, in this case multiple items have enough profits.

No matter free shipping or paid shipping you paid on Shopify store, the final target is to satisfy your clients, you can introduce both the free shipping and paid shipping delivery time as well as shipping rates, the more detail about the shipping the better understanding by clients when they choose courier service. In addition, you can also offer some delayed delivery discount or coupons for their next time purchase, in this way the clients wont complain too much about the shipping delivery.

In short, in order to improve better user experience for dropshipping business, we should not only select stable and faster courier service, but also focus on the best seller stock and profit margin in the store. As long as we have enough profits margin, we can gradually satisfy clients with different marketing strategies, in this period we can gradually build world of mouth and loyalty for the store.

ShipAnt dropshipping service

ShipAnt provide one stop order fulfillment service to help dropshippers reduce shipping delivery time and improve user experience, our dropshipping service include:

Sourcing/Sample service

Bargain and purchasing service


QC service

Goods returning service (goods returning from overseas to China)

Repacking service

Barcode service

Private label service

Order printing service

Consolidation shipping service

Tracking upload service

Flexible shipping methods (ePacket 4PX Yunexpress DHL FedEx)

Professional customs clearance service

With ShipAnt order fulfillment service, we can not only help you reduce order fulfillment cost, but also help you improve user experience and help you focus on more important things dropshipping from China.